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- About Me -
First year university student, studying molecular biology and microbiology
Obsessed with clarinet
Mildly obsessed with Roman history
Fledgeling gamer
Avid bookworm
Current admin of RPGC, assistant judge for The Twelve Labours, assistant editor of RPGN.

- Current Games and Characters -
Not currently seeking new roleplays.
The Westminster League of Extraordinary Individuals - Kazimiera Andrysiak
A Prized Bride, Version Three - Aymiria Cassiel, Siadamkiru Beneni, Sorici Amberra, Liana Kasmussen
When Royalty Collides - Liviana Traianus, Andronikos Telesphorides
Adam Philip's Totally Legit Laboratory For The Science - Eliana Elatir

Most Recent Posts

Just letting everyone know that the next RPGC will begin upon conclusion of the Final Hazard. No rush on you all, of course, just trying to keep everyone informed.
@The Grey Dust I'm still willing to do reviews, just not in the formal official capacity with formal official deadlines. I will also be staying on as RPGC admin. You're not losing me entirely, fear not.
As much as it pains me to say this, I'm resigning my post as assistant judge. With school and my other real-life obligations I simply don't have time, as is likely evidenced by the fact that nearly a week after the review deadline I don't even have mine half-finished. I wish everyone the best of luck in future Labours and in all other endeavors. @Terminal
@Terminal yes hi I'm still here just buried in essays and exams but I will do my damnedest to get the things done tomorrow. Thank you all for your patience. (This whole "university" thing is far more time-consuming than I thought...)
Wooo, this looks like a fun batch of entries! Can't wait to get reviewing.
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