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8 Jan 2017 6:20
Current SMT4... Good times



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@Lady Athena
I probably should do so as well, shouldn't I? Or was there anything you wanted me to change?
@Darkmoon Angel
I'll have something up within 12 hours, until then please spare me :p
In Card Game Beta Battle 23 Mar 2017 18:37 Forum: Arena Roleplay
Surprised at his/her opponent not throwing the chakrams straight at him/her, Ronald/Ranca gladly took the opportunity given to him/her. He/She jumped from the pillar, playing Jack's Cutlass while falling down, using the combined momentum of the fall and his/her swing to pack a mean punch. Not quite satisfied with just this, Ronald also played Spiked Knuckles attempting a gutshot followed by an uppercut. Playing yet another Spiked Knuckles to keep the beat-up going, Ronald/Ranca smirked. He/She took a step back and then charged forward with the Captain's Flail, looking to end the battle then and there.
In Konosuba: Resurrection 22 Mar 2017 21:54 Forum: Free Roleplay
Not judging or anything, but why do do you want that? :3
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