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3 Apr 2017 2:11
Prepared for nothing, ready for anything.
8 Jan 2017 6:20
SMT4... Good times



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Here we go, my character app.

Alright then, I'll work it like that. Thanks!
Roku stepped outside, but not before thanking the professor one final time, he was raised to be polite after all. Once outside, he noticed the fight was drawing to an end. Might as well stick around for the ending, no?
Will make a character, after reading previous sheets I would like to know what E/C is, though.
"Haha, thanks, mr. Pine! And thanks again for the goodies, I can't wait to finally get around!" Roku said as he eagerly grabbed the pokeballs and the pokedex after taking a moment to wait for Professor Pine to retract his hands.
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