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I'm pretty sure I read that Link is Zelda's knight at the start of the game. So I thought this comment was fitting. Let me know if I was off at all. ^^;

Link had sat down, beginning to cut off a piece of his egg as Zelda explained their plan. It made sense to start there and gather what supplies they might need to ensure the safety of the rest of the land. He ate a piece of the eggs, smiling in delight despite the slightly overcooked taste. She'd need to work on her cooking, but he was sure he could help with that during their trek. He was about to compliment her on her first time when she asked another question, stopping him in his tracks. "You will be coming with me, right?"

"Was that ever a question?" he asked, raising an eyebrow in curiosity. "There are still monsters about. I wouldn't want you to go off alone like that. Besides, I'm your knight. Where else do I belong if not with you?" With that said, he cut off and devoured another piece of his egg, smiling at her happily again. "The food is great, by the way. Thank you."
Link simply smiled at her brashness, glancing down at the food. "Well, you went through the trouble of making me breakfast. Of course I'll eat it," he replied. He could tell from the smell and from the look that they were not made properly. It would be rude to say otherwise, though. Besides, he enjoyed the fact that the princess had at least tried to make him this meal for when he awoke.

He went past her, into the kitchen to get a fork and knife for himself. "So, where will we be heading off first?" he asked her. "We need to make sure the other villages are doing good now, right?" He wasn't quite sure what that would entail. Zelda seemed to have a pretty good idea of what was needed for the other villages. He just fought off monsters and he knew they were still an issue, with or without Ganon. He would need to help keep them clear of civilization, but he was sure that was not all that was needed at this point.
That sounds like it'd be fun. Still trying to figure out how I should play Link myself.
The first sound to disturb him was the loud crack as the egg was broken into the pan. This only served to make him groan, though, rolling over and burying his face into the pillow.

However, it didn't end there. He continued to hear her setting up the meal, the faint stench of burnt meat filling his house as he slept. Normally, he would be far more attentive, having ventured through the land and faced many creatures. With the events through, he had taken full advantage of the first good night's rest. Thus, he didn't stir in the sanctity of his own home, despite the noise and smell that shouldn't be coming from his otherwise empty home.

He finally did stir, the smell getting to him. He winced as he took it in. A moment passed as he tried to settle in, but then his eyes snapped open, his mind catching up with what he was registering. Trained to be on edge from the weeks of adventure, he instantly tensed himself to battle, realizing that this should not be happening if his house was empty.

Rolling out of bed, he reached out for the one weapon that stayed by his side. Leaning against the wall beside his bed, he grasped the purple hilt of the Master Sword. Turning back towards the stairs, he edged forward, preparing to be faced with some form of monsters, still on the prowl even after he had defeated Ganon.

What he saw made him relax instantly, though. Zelda, frowning over the meal she had just finished. Link's shoulders relaxed and he took a step back, returning the blade to its spot against the wall. He walked back to the stairs and began his descent to meet her. "I'm sorry, were you waiting long?" he asked, yawning lightly as he fought off the last few dregs of weariness.
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