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13 Mar 2017 5:24
Current Daylight Savings Time always kicks my butt. It will take me weeks to get used to the time change.
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12 Mar 2017 5:46
Will be offline on Sunday.
9 Mar 2017 19:36
Sooo I'm new here, but an experienced Rp'er. Lurking..checking stuff out. ALWAYS thinking up plots and character dev.


I'm female and have been role playing for about 5 years. I enjoy writing stories with a lot of emotion, and my posts tend to have a lot of internal dialogue to help share how my character feels or what she's thinking. I'm a little weak when it comes to writing action/fighting scenes, but would love to learn. I've created a lot of OC characters, but don't mind playing some canon. Mostly interested in 1x1 RP, and always interested in writing romance. Because of mature themes, I only RP with 18+. Pm me if you have an idea 😀

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Good to see another old, yet new, person here! I'm used to RP'ing on Twitter, with a character limit, so it's been a little trying for me, as well.
[Blows raspberries]
I'll take, "All of the above" for $800, Alex. >;)
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