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10 Jan 2017 8:12
Current So I have a photo shoot planned for tomorrow. Im not going to sleep because I'm catching a train at 2AM to then sit and wait for a few hours for the sun to rise. Its all about the perfect shot though!
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29 Nov 2016 3:46
Finishing uni for the year and looking at a break till late Febuary. What the hell am I meant to do for 5 months? The answer is a looooooot more RP
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8 Nov 2016 6:03
I am somewhat bored, and also a little more bored. So yup, someone entertain me.
13 Oct 2016 4:05
New RP has just started. Really excited :P
8 Oct 2016 14:59
No idea whats going on, my brain is pretty frazzled right now. But if anyone remembered me from the old days message me, I like meeting old friends :P


Im 19, a university student who keeps switching his degree, a guy, I live next to my uni, I'm in Australia, I play a lot of video games, and I forget everything else about me :P

Oh yea, and I sleep a lot, like 12 hours a day.

Oh yeeea, and I do stupid things like take a train at 3 in the morning to take photos of the sunrise.

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Location: Alleyway
Interacting With: Sala & Vala, Guthrie, Capitan Nevan

“Thank you” Vamon added as the woman offered to go to the garrison. He found it interesting that he would be going back there so soon, it was an odd feeling to remember just how much had happened in a single day. He funds the mentions of vampires rather interesting though. He hadn’t met a vampire during his travels, but he had always been interested in the idea of them. He had heard all the stories but hoped one day to speak with one about their ‘affliction’ face to face. But the idea of them serving in the church was… odd. It seemed such an affront to the church that it was almost comical. It made him more mad than amused, but he could see the irony in the situation. He let out a sigh before he spoke.

“It seems things were in a far worse state then I imagined. I guess we got out at the right time then” He said in a jovial but tired tone. He couldn’t help but feel a little disparaged as all his suspicious as a young man were confirmed. His thoughts turned to his father for a moment. It pained him to think that his own father might be among those corrupted by power, but it could very well be the case. He thought for a moment whether it would be good to ask her, to ask if he was among her information, but decided to leave it be.

“Well it looks like you have a rather interesting beast in your sights, Guthrie” Vamon said, trying to not zone out in thought again. “Once we find out more I might be able to compare with my own notes. Perhaps I have read of it somewhere.” He felt it only natural to show interest in his companion’s goals. Not to mention a beast strong enough to simply evade an encounter from the head guard was nothing to scoff at. Something that strong would make an interesting specimen if they were to eventually find it. He glanced back to the Capitan and smiled, though it was hidden by his mask.

“Yes, I do plan to return eventually. Perhaps even to Belizarius one day, if things eventually change” He said with a hopeful tone. He really did miss the city, but he mostly missed his family. His mother, and even after all he had been through, he still missed his father. After all, he owed his life to his father in more ways than one. Their next meeting seemed so far off, but he couldn’t help looking forward to it with anticipation and anxiety.
Right! After a few assignments (and some Breath of the Wild ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) I will work on a post in like an hour. Sorry for the double fake out.

EDIT: POST IS UP! Sorry again for the delay :3
Sorry for the delay, I will write a post as soon as possible :D

Location: Alleyway
Interacting With: Sala & Vala, Guthrie, Group of Guards

Vamon was relieved to see the woman was rather reasonable about the situation. He was a somewhat suspicious looking person so it was good to hear that they weren’t going to have a hard time from the whole situation. But he found himself somewhat rattled as the woman mentioned being a part of the guard in Belizarius. But something that had been gnawing away at the back of his mind all day had finally made sense.

“The twins…” He found himself muttering quietly. He had heard stories about a mysterious pair of girls that spoke together during his childhood at the church. He even had a faint memory of seeing them as a young boy, but it had been so long ago that he couldn’t remember details. But his thoughts were shaken away as the Capitan turned to address him. If she was a guard from Belizarius then it was totally possible she knew who he was. After all, his name was somewhat infamous within the walls of the city. But since she didn’t seem aggressive, he let the thought slip from his mind so that me could focus on the details. He felt his stomach drop as she mentioned the priest.

“To think someone in the church would…” He started, a disgusted look crossing his face. He might have been a blasphemer himself but he still respected the teachings of the church. He didn’t agree with their methods and their lack of drive to learn, but people had faith in the church. For someone to take that faith and use it for something like this was nothing short of despicable. He glanced back to the woman as she mentioned the Order of The Black Sun. He could only assume that would be related to the woman they had spotted before, considering her attire and tattoos of the sun. Vamon found himself with a strong urge to do something as she mentioned war, but he had to take a moment to think. He wasn’t a fighter, their recent encounter made that quite clear and he feared his attempts to help would simply make him a liability. He let out a sigh before nodding in agreement with Guthrie.

“I am no fighter myself so I think I will avoid this war. The church and I have a rocky enough relationship as is, I feel any more provocation and they might start to take it personally” He said with a shrug. Guthrie’s comment caught him a little off guard though, but he found himself oddly flattered by it. People often spoke of him well, but he assumed it was to get some form of discount on a sale, so it was refreshing to hear a comment from someone like this. He glanced over to the girls for a moment as the man addressed them. He felt a little pang of shame as his mind thought back. Of course, there wasn’t anything he could have done to help them. He was a child, younger even than they were, but that didn’t make it feel any better. To think that men and women like his father would have treated children so young that badly was almost sickening, but he didn’t feel like saying anything right away. He would leave that for a less volatile time.
Awesome!! After a crazy few days I strap on my writing cap :D I will have a post up post haste! (I'm sorry for the pun but like I thought of it and I couldn't not use it)

Edit: Post is up! Sorry if I rambled a bit, my brain is all over the place recently :P
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