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I have been actively roleplaying for just over 13 years now, since age 15. Which, as you might have guessed, makes me 28. I've done most of my rping on forums, averaging 2 to 4 paragraphs. Though I also LARP, and have played D&D for about 9 years. Real life has become a larger part of my life though, so my activity has lessened somewhat. Even so, I don't think I'll ever stop rping. :)

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Taunie started leading the way into the machine. Though there were still traps to deal with. A magical turret was mounted on a wall, and immediately started shooting at them when they went around a corner. Luckily Taunie was quick to take a step back, and use her chains to destroy it. It was a bit surprising that that was the only opposition they encountered though. Anzel had expected that there would be some people defending their main weapon, or that there would at least be several times more traps. Maybe the 'monkey brains' comment wasn't just an insult but an observation. As they didn't look to be too smart with their defences.

Finally they reached the large machine. An enormous sphere with a huge barrel attached to it. The barrel going outside through a hatch. Anzel wondered where the mana came from to fire it, but that didn't matter as long as the cannon itself was destroyed. "Smash it." Taunie told him, at which the man grinned widely. "Finally..." He put his first to the floor as a magic circle appeared below it. "I guess they didn't expect someone with my magic to come along. Putting me in a building made mostly of stone is like putting me in an enormous weapon for me to use!" As he pulled back his first again, the rock below it was pulled along. And out of the magic circle came a huge fist mage of stone, with Anzel's own fist as a base. "Time to wreck this gun!" The man ran towards the turret, dragging the huge fist made of stone with him. Then he jumped up, readying his strike to hit right at the center of the giant sphere. "Earth Dragon's two ton crash!" His father could strike with 15 tons if he was serious. Some day, Anzel wanted to be able to do that too.
The dungeon was fairly easily found. Alakai already knew where to look after all, and once they were in the area and knew what they were looking for it was easy to find. Once there, Kali wanted to double check if everything and everyone was ready. At which Alakai paused and opened his inventory. "Not ready just yet...I made food that gives us a small stat bonus. +5 to your class' main stat. So intellect for the casters, agility for me, and strength for Joan." He handed everyone a shaved pork meat sandwich with a slight smile. "So, eat up and then we're ready to go." Everyone greedily ate the food. After having only eaten food that tasted like salty crackers for quite a while, they all appreciated proper tasting food all the more. And Alakai's cooking was quite good as well, with a combination of his cooking skill level and his real life cooking skills.

Once everyone was finished it was time to go. "Okay..." Alakai spoke, moving to stand in front. It was the tank's job to go in during fights after all. "We'll take it slow at first, pulling as little enemies as possible at a time. If I feel confident we can take on more I'll say so beforehand." With that he stepped into the cave. And everyone else followed behind him.

Inside they were greeted by a long tunnel that seemed to get wider at the end. Though it went downwards and around a corner so it was hard to tell what was there. However as soon as they arrived at the corner they were greeted by a beautiful sight. A large open cave, with it's ceiling covered in a blueish green moss that glowed a light blue colour. Large stalactites and stalagmites formed partial pillars here and there. And the floor was broken up by mostly shallow, and some deep pools of water, which reflected the light of the ceiling. The walls had patches of green, purple and red plants and also the blue glowing moss. And in the back there was another cave opening with some broken ruins surrounding it. It had probably been some kind of beautifully handcrafted entrance in the past. The scene had quite the fantasy feel to it overall.

Even so, there wasn't too much time to take in the sights. As the cave wasn't empty. Huge crabs just like on the beach scuttled around the area, and they didn't look as friendly as the ones outside. Here and there there was even a fishman looking creature near the deeper pools. They seemed to be directing the crabs in a fairly primitive way. "Time to get moving. Once we've cleared out the this first part we can take it easy and look around a little." With that Alakai moved forwards. After getting a bit closer to two crabs, the man picked up a stone and threw it towards one of them. It hit, which immediately caused both crabs to chitter angrily and scuttle towards the group of adventurers. "Here we go." Alakai mused with a grin. "Focus the one I hit with the rock first." Even though things were getting exciting the monk kept his voice on the softer side, as he was worried that they might pull more crabs if they made their presence known by making too much noise.
Apparently Ansel wasn't even allowed going on a rampage. As Taunie grabbed him and immediately started pulling him towards the large robot that was sitting in the water. "H-hey! Wait! I want to beat these guys over here first! Hey!" But the woman wasn't listening, so all he could do was reluctantly follow along with her.

And before Answel fully understood what was going on they already landed on the machine with a thud. "Ugh! There's better ways to get here you know!" He grumbled, sounding a bit annoyed. He could have made a walkway as well. Granted it wouldn't have been as stable, and it would have taken longer. But at least then they didn't have to make such a rough landing.

Taunie quickly explained the plan as best as she could, but the dragonslayer didn't really get what she meant. "Cannon? How're we going to destroy something like that? This sounds complicated and bothersome..." He spoke, scratching his head as he looked at the barrel that stuck out of the machine. "Tell you what, you lead the way and point me in the right direction, and I'll do the smashing things. Sound good?" Ansel worked best when others just told him to go somewhere and beat someone or destroy something. So right now that job was left with Taunie, willing or not. As if it was up to him he'd probably just break through every wall he encountered to find whatever they were looking for, and get lost in the process.

Luckily Taunie was already taking the lead. So Ansel quickly followed behind. Valier in the mean time decided to stay outside. "You two go! I'll watch the entrance and stop anyone that tries to go after you!" The little cat spoke bravely. Whether his bite was as strong as his bark, though, remained to be seen.
Damn, that really sucks... =x But real life is always more important. I'll probably still be here when you come back. :)
Already been over a week again... ^^;;
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