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I dunno if it's too late to express interest in this, buuuuuut...
I'm down to clown if it's still open
Ayyy I love persona. Let's go boyyys
Name: Warren Ledden

Appearance: Warren is a Bulky man with curly auburn hair, and a thick beard covering his face. He is commonly seen wearing a black shirt with the words "GAME OVER" in white pixelated writing. Over, he wears a black and grey flannel over, with jeans and basic gym shoes. Upon closer inspection, he has two different socks on.

Age: 21

Major: Warren is setting his sights on becoming a voice actor.

Part Time Job: Warren works at a Video Game store, just outside Springdale.

Money: about 300 dollars at the moment.

Residence: Warren lives on campus, and gets around by car.

Family: Warren Ledden Sr, father- Detective. Linda Ledden, mother- Accountant. Ashley Ledden, sister- Student

Hobbies: Mainly playing video games and watching TV. he makes and edits videos for fun as well.

Aspirations: Warren wants to become a famous and successful voice actor in video games and tv shows. From there, he wants to settle down and maybe have some kids.

Fears: Warren HATES bugs. All kinds of bugs are terrifying to him.

Positive Traits:
Charming, Strong, positive, compassionate
Negative Traits:
Quick to anger, Slow
I'll put up a CS tomorrow. I have some stuff going on, but I promise to work on it tomorrow.
Agreed, this is cool :) I was wondering if I could use a well written description of my character for now, and then sometime later post up a drawing of them? I can't really find a picture that I like. But also, I don't like using other people's art for my CSs lol

I second the description thing, I cannot draw, nor do I have a picture of my character, so I've always gotten by with a really well written description.
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