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Well... everybody left huh? Sorry....... I guess I'll take my leave as well. Sorry.
Senera follows the rest of the Imortale Prelitors onto the Feronia, and obtains his Katana; on which the words "七転び八起き (nanakorobi yaoki)" are engraved, and PX3 rifle from the weapons locker. "Everybody seems too bloody eager to get into the fighting. I wonder if they find death appealing." He thinks. He then finds a quiet corner and begins to check on the details of the mission on his data slate; Estimated enemy strength and numbers, defenses, loyalist strength, and numbers, etc...
"Gaius Invictus. I wonder why he rebelled. Idiot....."
@Howler Lol. That seems to be a common occurrence
Senera, whose daydreaming sent him to sleep quickly awoke at a mysterious sound and blinding light. Senera quickly got up and brought up his shield to protect his eyes from the light, and cursed himself for not buying a pair of sunglasses.
The light began to talk. "Welcome, my warriors... Your presence pleases me.", it said.

Senera then took a deep breath and poked his head from behind the shield to gaze directly a the blinding light. It was bright and caused a great deal of damage to his retina, but he easily regenerated it.
It was a magnificent sight. There, a great figure sat on the throne; undoubtedly the emperor. Senera was mesmerized by him. He had heard much about the Emperor, his heroics, kindness, power. Yet, seeing him, and feeling his power in person was a world of a difference. Senera stood there for a while gazing at him.
After a while, Senera was able to tear his eyes off the Emperor and look at the men surrounding him.
His guard stood around him, along with Zepheus and a few others near him. However, most of them were frowning at him. Senera didn't understand. What were they so upset about. He was just standing there and admiring the Emperor.
Then the coin dropped. Standing! A quick look around the hall told Senera told his that he was the only one standing while everyone was kneeling with reverence to the Emperor. What's worse, he was still holding his shield at the Emperor.
Senera quickly wore his shield on his back again, and kneeled, facing the dusty ground.
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