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20 Oct 2016 10:16
I have never been more amazed by a group of roleplayers than those I have the honour of Gming in No Turning Back.
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19 Oct 2016 21:43
So I just used a real life romantic event from my past to write a post. I may or may not have got emotional.
5 Oct 2016 18:18
No Turning Back. The Roleplay where there is No Turning Back, which means we can't turn back but that doesn't matter as all y'all guys are awesome.
27 Aug 2016 18:29
Came back after a summer full of working at a summer camp to become insanely busy back home! No rest for the wicked.
22 Mar 2016 10:37
I'm never gonna let you down


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March 12th, 2017 - 3:47 PM | Outside Central City General

"You're late." Barry winced at the worlds, practically physically recoiled. "How is it, that you're always late?" It was a truth, it was part of the reason Barry had asked Wally to step down as a member of the Titans to guard over Keystone, so that he'd theoretically have less to do to be able to spend more time with this woman.

Iris Allen, unless you saw her on the news or read her articles in which case she went by 'West-Allen'. He had been married to her for ten years, and she was argueably the best thing about him. She had been the one to guide him through using his powers and making him the best hero he could possibly be, she had introduced him to Wally and now she was pregnant. "You know how it is Iris-" He leaned down and gave her a brief kiss, before reaching out and taking her hand as they walked down the street. "-There's always something else. I am trying though, really I am."

She squeezed his hand. "I know, I'm just teasing." He smiled, he knew that she was all along. Though part of him still felt guilty, he wasn't there for his mother when she died. His father absent until he died in prison for her murder, something Barry had never been able to change no matter how much research he did. "I know you'll always be there for me."

As she said that there was a KA-THOOOOM, instinctivly Barry turned to put his body between the explosion and Iris. He looked at her, concern on his face. "Don't worry about me, go." He kissed her on the cheek before he turned around into a nearby alley. Iris always understood that this was something he needed to do, that Central City needed The Flash. As he ran down the alleyway he raised his right hand, upon one of his fingers was an ornate ring with a lightning bolt upon it. Reaching over he tapped a stud on the side of his ring, a red suit was launched on front of him. Lightning flowing through him he ran into the suit, vibrating his molecules he literally ran into the suit. Speeding off in a red and yellow blur towards the scene of the explosion. He could already see the explosion, whatever happened had taken a sizeable chunk out of an appartment building.

He couldn't see the culprit now, but what he could see was a fire that needed put out. He ran into the building with the burning heat, though his healing and suit itself helped protect him from the heat. His lungs repairing themselves from the smoke as soon as he took a breath. Barry could see people all around the room, but knew that the first thing he had to do was put out the fires. In the first room he began to spin his arms around, creating a vortex starving the fires of air. Lightning trailing him he grabbed the people in the room and deposited them just outside the building.

Turning around he ran back into the building, though this time he noticed as the building shook as he ran up the stairs. The building was becoming unstable, and that meant that he had even less time than he thought he had. He moved in and out of the blur, becoming increasingly aware that each time he ran back into the building it shook more and more.

The man in yellow stood out of sight, he made sure that the explosive device didn't kill anyone. He didn't want to kill the Flash. All he had ever wanted was to be the Flash, to help the Flash. He was his biggest fan, his entire life had revolved around him. He'd make the Flash realize he needed him. He couldn't do this alone, not since the pretender Kid Flash had left him. No, Professor Zoom and the Flash would go down in history through the ages, there was no doubt about that.

They complimented eachother.

Barry ran out of the room with the last person from inside the building. "Flash!"


"My house!"

"My Dollyyy!!!"

"What just happened?"

"I think I'm gonna be sick-" He listened to all the complaints as the fire engines came closer and closer. He wasn't really listening to them however, he was observing. Using all the skills he had ever accumulated as a CSI and the Flash he was looking for the smallest signs of discomfort or pain. It was part of his job to make sure everyone was okay.

When he was satisfied that everyone was okay he spoke up. "You're all safe now, the authorities will be here soon to inspect the building-" There was a crack as the building collapsed in on itself showever everyone in a layer of dust. "-Or not."

"What are we going to do now?"

"Where are we going to live!"


In these instances Barry would normally use the Speedforce to cram his short term memory full of information on construction - information that would quickly fade - before building a new building. Though before he could even get a chance there was a yellow blur, as it shot passed him running back and forth. For him he could actually see the individual running back and forth building it, everyone else would see a building appearing with a flash of yellow. As the building was complete the figure in yellow stood waiting in the doorway, holding the little girls doll. She ran over to the man in yellow and took the doll.

"Thanks Mr....?"

"The names Professor Zoom. I'm with the Flash." Barry paused, at least he seemed to be on the side of the angels. Wait, what was this about him being with the Flash?
@Hexaflexagon As I said before, I am just waiting as I have literally nothing to add to a brief.
Look @GreenGrenade! Another Dark and Brooding Character!

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Just a heads up for everyone, I am doing a work placement on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8am to 5pm EST and as I would like to make a good impression (and secure a job) I won't be around often during that time outside of my lunch hour.

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