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Hello everyone, feel free to call me Shadow. I've been Roleplaying for at least 15 years now. I have been out the loop for a year or two so I'm currently looking for 1 x 1. I have an array of characters both male and female of both sexualities. I have listed below a few styles of RP I am currently interested in. This is not limited and I am open to RPing other styles/characters at request :)

RP Genres: Post-Apocolyptic - Survival/Zombie/Wasteland, Fantasy - Medieval/Historic/Magical/Mythical, Sci-fi, Horror.
Inspiration: The Last of Us, The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Dragon Age, Game of Thrones, Mad Max, Vikings, Bioshock, Star Wars, X-men (To name a few)

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Hey all,

I'm looking to do a Fantasy, Sci-fi or Survival/Post-Apocalypse storyline. Check out my bio for an idea of what interests and inspires me.

About me
-I've been RPing for 10+ years.
-I prefer FxF
-I RP on a give-take basis. I like a story to evolve naturally though both parties contributing and building on their own ideas to make something unique.
-I know we all have hectic life's (myself included) so I don't demand 20 posts a day. Frequency can be discussed on an individual basis. If you are unable to post for awhile just let me know, I'm flexible. It just helps me know who to expect posts from.

Looking forward to hearing from people so PM me if you're interested :)
Looking to do 1 X 1 fantasy, sci-fi or post apocalyptic survival RP.

I don't want to restrict it too much by setting it in an existing world however taking elements of different films, games or tv series as inspiration would definitely work and make for an interesting setting.

I prefer to RP female characters and should there be a romantic storyline then I like it to be with another female character.

PM me if you're interested and we can work out a storyline. I'm open to suggestions or if you let me know your genre preference we can throw ideas around.

"Not at all. I just am not use to so much attention." She smiled and signalled for the man to sit.

"It is good to meet a student of the academy. I have travelled far in search of the academy. Are you here to recruit new students?"
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