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One of GRG's mechanics that I've felt iffy about since the interest check is very possibly being removed, unless you guys have a reason against it. I suggest everyone check out the recent OOC.
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Australia: Where you feel like you're in a desert even at 12:05 AM. Oh, wait, this 'is' a desert, isn't it?
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I mean, why would people even have a user profile if people weren't supposed to look at it?
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Shoryu Magami's Bio

Last Update: February 10, 2017 A.D. (Friday)

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The Introduction

Despite my username, I'm not Asian, though I get mistaken for Japanese a bit online thanks to that name and due to my skill/knowledge in fighting games.
In truth, 'Shoryu Magami' is actually the name of one of my primary characters, and it isn't even his real name; it's an alias he uses.
I won't be revealing the character's real name here for the time being, but mine's James -- I'll answer to that or to Shoryu.
I'm the mastermind writer behind a project called 'Guardian Ascension' (or 'GA' within my circle), which you'll learn a bit about in this bio.

Here's a basic profile:

Name: James Koutsoukis
Also Known As: Shoryu Magami, Sho, Sho of the Mind, Daigo Kusanagi, Boss, Mr. Serious (among other names)
Birthdate: November 17, 1983 A.D. (Thursday)
Astrological Sign: Scorpio (not that I follow astrology, but it mostly fits me)
Place of Origin: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Ethnicity: Greek/Scottish (possibly some Turkish mixed in too -- those who know are dead)
Gender: Male
Laterality: Left-handed
Blood Type: A+ (for all you wannabe vampires out there, though good luck getting it)
Marital Status: Engaged (long-distance relationship of 6+ years, and yes we've met in person a couple of times)
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Just as I planned, you've come to my user bio. So, you've stumbled onto my user bio, huh? Depending on who you are, that might be a good thing but it might also be a bad thing. Guess you'll learn that in time. Anyway, the name's James, but I'm known as 'Shoryu Magami' by most people who've met me, on the internet at least, but very few people actually know anything about who I really am, whether it be offline or online, which includes the people who've pretty much known me my entire life. That's not particularly because I've hidden who I am, but more that I spent a lot of my life legitimately forced to not be myself. I don't plan on giving my entire life story on this page, though I might give a lot of it in time, but I've got a rather complicated past; I've also overcome more psychological bullshit than most people will ever be able to imagine. I'm also stubborn and resilient, so don't expect me to go down easily or yield to anything or anyone. I should, on the other hand, point out that my stubbornness is not born from ignorance; you can guarantee I'll back everything I say up with a solid argument and plenty of insight (at least in the eyes of those smart enough to realize that a person's qualifications or education do not determine their wisdom); more than can be said for so many of the wannabe 'debaters' on and off the internet. I'll also understand both sides of a story; even if I have very extreme likes and dislikes, and openly oppose many standpoints and views, I don't believe my actions or words are driven by bias.

I'm also an extreme perfectionist, which is one of the reasons why I'm very detailed. I tend to be fully comprehensive, think everything out as well as I can, and I'll constantly deconstruct and reconstruct even my own views, insisting I understand both the subjective and objective of a matter. I've been cited by many as a person who thinks on a very different 'wavelength' to most people, so this does cause me to clash with the majority often. I'm also heavily (almost entirely) self-taught and have no tolerance for those who can't respect that, so don't be surprised if I seldom ever do things 'by the book'. I've got several fields of expertise, including philosophy, psychology, ontology, theology, metaphysics, and literary analysis, as well as the link between all these things with both culture and history. Generally speaking, I write as a philosopher, a psychologist, a social commentator, a teacher, and a storyteller. I never write just for escapism, so my work tends to have a lot of realism to it and would pretty much always be considered 'literary fiction' instead of 'genre fiction', even in unrealistic settings. So if someone's looking for escapism, I'd suggest they look elsewhere. I believe writers should be both storytellers and teachers at the same time. I'm also heavily into strategy, debating (only when done so maturely), and mystery solving. Basically, alongside my earlier fields I mentioned I'm into, I'm both a detective and a tactician/chess player. I also obsess over the things I'm passionate about, and tend to have zero interest in everything else. I'm one of those 'easily masters his passions but is completely cut off from things that don't interest him' types. I've also got what I call 'trigger memory', which is sort of hard to explain but it results in me having an exceptionally great memory and an abysmally terrible memory at the same time.

Those who've actually come to see a part of who I really am will be able to tell you that the most important thing to know is that I'm incredibly forthright and direct with people, so if you're uncomfortable with someone saying it exactly like it is when they see through something, or being rather open about their world view or past, you should probably get off this page. If you're cool with my honesty, then maybe we'll become friends. Who knows? I don't count many people as actual friends, not because I don't care about other people (I do, quite a lot), but because I'm not that easy going. According to a lot of people, I've got excellent leadership skills, so I'm apparently charismatic despite my tendency to be far from orthodox. Oh, I'm also known for typing walls of text (not planning on watering myself down - or dumbing myself down to be specific - for people either -- I already filter my massive stream of consciousness enough as is since I'm the type who has too many thoughts for their body to keep up with their mind), so if that's a problem I also recommend you go elsewhere. I'm rather sarcastic too (if you've ever heard of the trope 'Deadpan Snarker', you can probably have an idea what to expect from me based on that), but that's usually not something I express too well on text, at least not all the time; my sense of humour is also known to be quick-witted and clever. You really need to speak to me over voice chat, or directly in person, to fully pick up on that, though I don't really go out that much so voice chat is probably more likely (plus, you know, the whole long distance thing). Another appropriate trope for me would be 'Sophisticated As Hell', since my dialogue shifts significantly between speaking like an old-fashioned philosopher or a scholar to swearing my mouth off when my mood turns foul (which can happen pretty damn easily at times, though it depends). Sometimes I'll be insightful and articulate yet still toss out some bad language. Basically, I'm cultured but at the same time I'm not exactly the formal type at all. I've been called a 'rogue' by someone here too.

I'm also a very psychological person in nature, as I said before, so expect me to read into everything heavily. A lot of people've pointed out that I can read others like an open book, and I've been called psychic on numerous occasions. I care a lot about people, but I almost never give a shit what they think about me, so my confidence and tendency to never get intimidated by other people or their ideas often makes me seem unapproachable. Despite that, I'm actually a lot more friendly than I might come across if you take the time to get close to me. Really, I tend to care too much for people, even total strangers. I've been told I'm sort of the 'big brother' type, and I've been a father/teacher figure to several people despite not having kids myself. I guess all I can say is that I'm not as hostile as I come across as. I'm also the type who's very adamant about being true to their word and never being hypocritical. You're welcome to try and prove me wrong there, because plenty have tried and they've all failed. If you question my resolve, you've made a big mistake. Oh, and I guess I'll point this out, but even though I don't follow astrology at all I seem to fit my astrological sign quite fucking well, even so far as my specific birth date's astrological information fitting me quite damn accurately. Like I mentioned at the start of this thing, I'm a Scorpio, and I've got a massive affinity for water that one might expect to come from it (I love swimming and I shower constantly, even using these things to meditate, et cetera). I'm also heavily into a wide range of music, though I'm picky. I'll say now that I dislike a lot of heavy metal and rap. Also, I dislike people who confuse 'fan hype towards bands' as 'being passionate about music' -- sorry kids, but the former of those things is just getting hyped about celebrities, and has nothing to do with appreciating the art and beauty of music.

If you're still reading this mess 'stream of consciousness', I'll point out that I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't do drugs, and unlike most Australians I don't give a shit (did I mention that I swear a lot, because I do) about football. Yeah, that's right, you heard me, I'm one of those insane people who lives life drug-free (the closest thing I have to a bad habit of this type is I drink too much coke), because, if you weren't up to date on how society works in the modern era, there's apparently something wrong with you if you hate alcohol and don't want to be within a mile of anyone stuffing tobacco down their lungs (if you want to slowly kill yourself, at least don't take other people with you with the second-hand smoke). I'll admit this attitude people have is more common towards people who don't drink though (screw social conformity, I'll keep my brain cells and common sense thank you very much). Actually, I find talking with someone when they've been drinking pretty uncomfortable, and being anywhere near someone while they're smoking is really irritating. Oh, and I don't think drugs open people's minds either like a lot of addicts seem to think (I prefer to use my own mind to achieve higher states of thought, not delude myself with toxic influences); all they do is hurt people, and people really do underestimate how many lives have been ruined by them. So yeah, keep all that crap away from me. Of course, if you need something like that for medical reasons I'm not going to think there's something wrong with you, and I do believe if people can use something responsibly then it's okay; if they can use it responsibly, which I know barely anyone who do. Also, I have more respect for people who try to overcome their problems without drugs rather than depending on them; that's precisely how I've lived my entire life. If the person needs to do it slowly, I'm fine with it; the important thing is they actually fight.

The irony is the way I get stereotyped for how I look; despite everything I just told you I constantly have people assuming they can buy drugs off me, or police assuming I'm up to something. Can't walk into a chemist for pain medication without them assuming I'm a drug addict either. On a similar subject, the one time I ever travelled on a plane (to meet the aforementioned fiancΓ© I have), I actually got singled out and stopped at every checkpoint by security, pretty much solely based off my appearance; people are so cute when they're short-sighted. If you haven't been able to work out the obvious from all of this, I've got absolutely no respect or tolerance for people who assume they know shit about me without actually taking the time to know me, so if you're one of these people then you should probably get off this page as well. I won't put up with any sort of disrespect nor do I make a habit these days of giving a damn what other people think about my views, and if you talk down to me you will definitely get on my bad side hastily (believe me, you don't want to get on my bad side, you really don't), so think twice before underestimating me or having a superiority complex with me. I'm pretty easy to annoy, and once you've irritated me it's very likely I'll cut you off unless I think you're sorry. Save us both the headache if you can't be respectful and just leave. I really have no time for any of that internet drama, and trolls are pathetic in my eyes. You won't be able to intimidate me, so if you've got some issue with me I suggest you piss off.


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Interests & Disinterests

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Style of Role-playing

Since this is one of the focuses of the site, more will come here soon (including information about my history in role-playing and my style/genres/preferences). For the time being I'll just make a point that I'm a 'high advanced' role-player based off how we're classified on this site. I'm willing to write with people who're at other levels, to an extent -- I won't water down my own writing but as long as my partners offer quality then the quantity is meaningless, though a certain quantity is needed to achieve quality. I generally write in the third person and prefer others do the same, I'm known for writing a lot when I'm on a roll, and when all is said and done I place huge priority on detailed plot and in-depth internal characterization, and this introspection is one of several reasons why my posts tend to be long.

While I've made a point of my level as a role-player, the one weakness I believe I'm still working on is my punctuation and a few basic issues with grammar -- I never really had anything resembling a conventional education, so almost everything I know is entirely self-taught. When I joined this site, I made very little effort initially to maintain consistency in my OOC writing, but I've been making more of an effort since starting IC posts. I'm not going back to edit all my past OOC posts (I'll edit a few, such as the introduction posts of my OOC threads and things like character sheets), but I'll be more consistent now apart from some experimenting as I settle on my ideal style. I'm also a writer before a role-player, so my priority will always be solo writing and acting as a GM, rather than playing in other people's role-plays.

Before I go any further, I'd like to point out that I've pretty much got zero respect for people who call themselves writers or readers then operate under a 'TL;DR' mentality. This is a writing-focused website -- learn to fucking read. Essentially, while I'm definitely one of those people who believes that quality is more important then quantity, I also think a certain amount of quantity is required in order to achieve quality, and I find that a lot of writers just oversimplify their content far too much, causing it to lack depth. When all is said and done, depth is one of the most important things in storytelling to me. As I stated previously in this bio, if you have a problem with someone who writes walls of text in order to ensure that no stone is left unturned and no detail is neglected, then I highly recommend you get off this page and stay away from me, because we have completely opposing attitudes regarding what makes a writer high quality.

Most of my passion for writing/role-playing stems from my passion for my 'Guardian Ascension' project (meaning you won't see me role-playing very often at all outside of it unless some particular idea comes into my mind that I want to play with or use as an experiment, or a specific idea I'm interested in - that doesn't work in my setting - presents itself). I usually dislike fandom role-playing (I also think it takes a lot more skill to get people interested in an original role-play than it does to do so in a fandom role-play that will naturally attract flocks of fans automatically), and tend not to like writing other people's characters (or having other people write mine) or characters from licensed works (it isn't that I can't write them, but I don't consider it a good practice), but I'll make certain exceptions to writing in fandom role-plays at times if I've got nothing better to do. There's a lot of fictional works that I dislike or have no interest in at all.

While it's true that there's plenty of works of fiction that I enjoy quite a lot, I've never really been able to call myself a 'die-hard' fan of things. There's some arguable exceptions, but even those don't connect with me at the same level that my own project does, so even my favourites come second to it. That, alongside my tendency to prefer playing my own characters and not feel limited by someone else's ideas (one of several reasons why I prefer to GM), would be why fandom role-playing is rare for me. I'm also not into fanfiction at all, as you could probably imagine. I'm far more likely to get involved in a role-play that's 'inspired' by an existing work instead of actually based around it completely.

Role-playing isn't my priority as a writer, but I'll still be engaging in it a bit on this site. You won't see me join other people's role-plays often, though I might make exceptions with that like the fandom role-play rule. I'm ultimately a GM at heart and rarely a player (for several reasons -- one of which is I'm a leader at heart and never a follower) - subsequently having many ideas in mind for role-plays I could host on this site - and my extremely heavy workload with my main project means I'll need to keep the amount of role-plays I'm involved in limited, especially when they invest a lot of my time. I could be willing to Co-GM if someone has an idea that interests me.

Generally speaking, I don't trust other people to get the job done as a GM, and I also find that my creativity and possible contributions can be too overwhelming for most GMs, making it problematic and unenjoyable for me to simply be a player (I can't tell you how many times I had to pull out of a role-play because the moment I came up with a character a flood of NPCs/settings/concepts/plots/et cetera came into existence at the same time). I also find my characters tend to be 'too powerful' or 'too complex' (I use these terms because something being powerful or complex is entirely subjective) for most conventional role-plays, since I usually work with very in-depth and complex ideas instead something that would be considered more mainstream.

With that said, my interest in writing is more connection to 'literary fiction' as opposed to 'genre fiction' -- I ultimately prefer writing and role-playing that puts a heavier emphasis on realism instead of escapism. Most of my works and ideas involve very mature themes and are rooted heavily in philosophy, psychology, social commentary, and analysis of the human condition. Generally speaking, my writing/discussions, whether fictional or non-fictional, tend to be intellectual in nature, but I don't believe 'book smarts' define wisdom or insight, so don't expect my knowledge to be all that 'by the book' or conventional. As for fictional genres themselves, I don't have a problem with fantasy; in fact, most of my writing has at least a touch of it, but I use fantasy elements as a metaphor to make the literary ideas I want to present more engaging, rather than writing fantasy just for the sake of fantasy. While I can work with other settings, I tend to prefer writing in the real world and in a modern-ish setting, so my work is probably best described as 'contemporary fantasy' if I had to blatantly tack a genre onto it, but I generally dislike doing so.

I'm not particularly interested in medieval fantasy nor am I really interested in science fiction at all. There's exceptions where I'll find works with these genres interesting, but I don't have an interest in the genres themselves, so the idea itself has to be compelling in its own right to get me on board. Similarly, my interest in historical role-play also largely depends on whether the idea itself will interest me. Also, I'm not really interest in slice of life when it's entirely on its own. I do enjoy a good romance, but it needs to have more to it. Overall, it's very difficult for me to find a role-play I'm interested in.


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These are the people on the site who are close to me or have some sort of connection to me:

{Those I've known before joining RPGuild, and subsequently wouldn't be here if I hadn't joined.}

@Ailyn Evensen
Amanda Christensen; my fiancΓ© and soul mate. Still enduring a long-distance relationship (she's from America, you do the math), and we've been doing so since early 2011, as I've already mentioned, which actually makes our relationship stronger than most relationships that don't have to deal with being oceans apart, or those who do for that matter, or most married couples of countless years. We've met twice in person and subsequently spent a few months living together. I met her through role-play forums, which is one of the reasons I still think so highly of them despite the rather mixed experiences I've had over the years since I started involving myself with them. She's been writing and role-playing with me since we met (something I truly miss whenever it isn't happening since the connection between us is special; she's one of the two most enriching people I've written with), and is essentially the only person whose currently allowed to really collaborate with me on the official workings of my 'Guardian Ascension' project, mostly providing a muse and by having influence on some of the female characters in the story; she might also be adding some characters in eventually. Since I'm more or less the 'genius with countless ideas every moment but an inability to organize them since his body cannot keep up with his thoughts' type, she also assists me with the more methodical aspects of my project in terms of managing some of the information sorting and note storing (we're currently working on a database, but it's a long journey).

She also has an online store, which I'm going to advertise here: The Crafty Cosplayer

I didn't actually meet this guy through role-play forums, but instead we met over an online server for a fighting game on the PS3; Soul Calibur V (easily the best 3D fighting game out there and leaps above its predecessors, though I'm a 2D fighting game player at heart) to be specific. That happened roughly several months to a year or so after the game's initial release at the start of 2012 A.D., and he quickly became a part of my circle soon after. We've discussed a lot of philosophy and other intellectual topics since then, and he's one of the supporters of my 'Guardian Ascension' project, and also one of the people most privy to knowledge about it over roughly the last five years. Does a little bit of writing too from what I can tell, but we haven't role-played in any depth. He's the only person (to my knowledge) on this site besides Amanda who I've met in person too, so I guess that's worth mentioning here.

We've known each other online for just a little over a decade ago (several months after I started my text-based role-playing career), and they've been a part of the circle of people who role-play using my 'Guardian Ascension' setting for roughly that same length of time, though it's been on and off due to various issues with technology forcing me to need to take periodic hiatuses from the role-play scene. A lot of talk has gone on between us about the project as well, although admittedly they're not really up to date about the developments that got fleshed out and revealed in the last six years or so. Still, they're a supporter my work and we've had plenty of discussions over the years. Chances are they'll get updated about all the fleshed out information sometime in the near enough future.

Some asshat I don't know at all. She's my sister (literally, not just some metaphor), so obviously we know each other not just off of the site but also in person. One of the people who I used to GM stories for back in my younger days, and she naturally knows a bit about my 'Guardian Ascension' project too (though we haven't spoken about it in any great depth for several years). We have a tendency to talk complete bullshit at each other a lot of the time, and we've got a lot of inside jokes; however, it's usually best to assume we're joking with each other instead of having a genuine argument -- most of the time anyway. She's completely new to online role-playing, but she's taken part in stories I've created in the past (as stated previously). She draws too, like me (though I haven't drawn in ages), and plans to do video game streaming in the near future.

@Special Mention
There's another guy I'd have really liked to include here with the people in this area, but he's not part of this site. Pretty much a very good friend and associate who I met pretty soon after registering to the first role-play forum I ever joined ('The Light Within', which I registered at over a decade ago), and one of the main people who helped me when I created my own role-playing forums. A lot of collaboration and discussion has gone on between us, and he's role-played using my 'Guardian Ascension' project (and been a big supporter of my work) more than anyone besides arguably Amanda, and he understands my project and concepts on a deep level that allows him to role-play and collaborate with my setting in ways that very few people could ever hope to match. In many senses, this guy is my soul brother -- we've had many great chats and grown together, and the role-playing and discussions between us have been amongst the most enriching and meaningful in my entire life. He's been through a lot of tough times like I have, and it's due to one of those tough times that we barely even send emails to each other these days (he has periods where he vanishes for large amounts of time) let alone get back into the good old times (something me - and Amanda since meeting him - miss a lot). There's several other people I could bring up from my circle, but this guy has a special place to me. Perhaps one day he'll get an official entry here, but for the time being this is the best I can do to commemorate our bond. If you read this, wherever you are and whatever you're up to, Francis Vaillancourt (a.k.a. Drake Akeron), my long-standing tovarish... this post is for you and our brotherhood, mate. I hope to hear from you again sometime soon, bro.

{Those I've known since joining RPGuild, some of which now know me off the site.}

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Contact Details

For those of you who'd like to get in touch with me off the site, I'm leaving some of my details here; however, if you don't tell me who you are on this site when you try to add me then I probably won't accept the invitation, so keep that in mind. This isn't all my possible contact information, but it's what I'm listing for now. Anyway, here does:

PSN: Shoryu_Magami
(I'm fairly easy to contact through here)

Skype: solitaryangel1983
(usually always running on my phone, so it's easy to find me)

Yahoo IM: shoryu_magami
(I'll be on this more often once I've got my new PC)

Facebook: James Koutsoukis
(barely ever on this, but it exists)

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My IC Threads

This is a list of the threads where I'm part of the IC. Any threads that I joined or took part in the OOC with (even got characters posted/accepted for) but never actually stuck around for the IC to happen (or decided to leave eventually) won't be included here. I'll probably include a graveyard for dead threads as well. Here's goes:

{Role-plays where I'm the GM.}
My first officially hosted role-play on this site, which has a lot of themes and genres (Mystery, Psychological, Thriller, Drama, Horror, Supernatural, Contemporary Fantasy). Like most of my best works, it's actually connected to my 'Guardian Ascension' project, though only by virtue of being a spin-off and part of its multiverse -- I don't plan for either story to directly interfere with each other, even if they share some lore and concepts. Making them connected ensured I'd give the role-play my all, and it shares the 'literary fiction' nature that my main project - my work universally, to be honest - has. The story follows a group of individuals who've been invited to the Chateau of a mysterious and reclusive philanthropist named Lucifer Van Bonaparte. They'll participate in a gathering, with those who come apparently having the chance to get a wish granted.

{Role-plays where I'm a player or it's a 1x1.}

Dissidia Dreams: A Final Fantasy Adventure
A 1x1 that turned three-way between me, @Raddum, and @Gohan. It's basically a Dissidia Final Fantasy spin-off sequel, set around an alternate timeline where the Warriors of Cosmos failed to win the Thirteenth Cycle and another one had to take place. Things got complicated from there, and due to some of the concepts I've introduced - a lot of which're being kept hinted at but not fully revealed yet, even to the others - I expect it to get really crazy down the line. I've got enough creative liberty in this thread to essentially be a GM, which is - alongside the fandom, since Final Fantasy's one of the few I actually sometimes role-play with - one of the reasons I've gotten into it and let loose.

Subjects Outraged! King Fails to Protect the Realm!
This is an Unranked Arena Battle, so it's obviously a 1x1. More or less just a bit of sparring I decided to do, since @ELGainsborough was looking for someone to have a match with and I figured I could use the exercise given that it'd been well over five years since I'd done much forum role-playing at all. According to those who've been reading it, the match's of high quality and we've been impressive both IC and OOC. The character I made for the match was new (he did take some concepts from previous characters of mine though), but I've already created a setting built around him and could easily turn it into a thing of its own eventually.

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Noteworthy OOC Threads

Library of Souls {Character Sheets}
This is a list of character sheets I've used on this site. Assume that I won't be putting up the characters from my 'Guardian Ascension' project into this thread -- it's exclusively for other characters I introduce into one of the role-plays on RPGuild, whether I ever actually took part in the IC or not. Unless specified I'm using the format and templates they were accepted with in their respective role-plays, but chances are I'll upgrade them and add more of my own details since I could easily see myself migrating characters from one role-play to another, with likely edits including information more appropriate to whatever setting I'd imagine them being native to. Some characters here will likely also be connected, since I'll add sheets for related characters; whether these related characters were ever accepted into a role-play (or even revealed, for that matter) or not. This is mostly due to my penchant for extensive detail and complexity, meaning I seldom make a character sheet without building an entire world around them. Subsequently, I could easily imagine myself running a role-play centred around each of these characters and their concepts.

<Insert Name; Will Edit Once Not Busy> {Hang-out Thread}
The PM system and C-box on this site are less convenient (in some ways) than those on the role-playing forums I've run before, so I've decided to create this thread as a way for my contacts to get in touch with me easier when what they have to say isn't something private. It's also a place where those who know me can meet each other, although several of you already seem to know one another from before I came along. The thread is for people who know me, or people who'd like to. If you come in just to cause problems, I'll deal with you without hesitation (so keep the internet drama/trolling out of there and go get a life). Oh, and I'm probably leaving the title as it is (since I'm always busy). Serious and casual discussions will happen here, and possibly some talk about my 'Guardian Ascension' project.

Who is the Murderer? {Game}
Basically, this is a game I've made a tradition of including in all of the role-playing forums that I've ever run. Since this place lacked the thread, I took it upon myself to change that -- now I'm the official overlord host of 'Who is the Murderer?'. You're welcome to join up here whenever you want if there's an open slot in the current or follow-up game, so come and entertain me with your psychological peril have fun. Just make sure you read the rules in the introduction post first or I will fucking murder you. The open slot counter in the opening post only applies to the first game, so look for the start of the current game by reading the thread, or just ask me if there's a slot open still (preferably using the thread itself, rather than sending me a PM -- the PM system on this site is a bit too cluttered). I'm only going to allow people to register for the game currently in place at the time and the one preceding it, not the ones that come next.

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Guardian Ascension

'Guardian Ascension' is an original work that's Β© of me (James Koutsoukis), including all of its characters/plots/concepts/setting/et cetera.

For those of you who come to my page, you should consider this what I probably view as the most important entry of this bio. That's one of the reasons why it's going to take a long time to finally put information up here. This project is my life's work, and the source of most of my inspiration and passion for writing (and subsequently role-playing as well), but I'm not going to write anything about it here until I'm in a little bit better of a mind state. It's not an easy project to summarize, but it's at heart a major 'literary fiction' as opposed to simply being 'genre fiction', since how it's heavily rooted in my own philosophy, experiences, beliefs, views, insights, life, et cetera. In a very real sense, I consider this project to be the embodiment of my soul. I'm known for being fiercely passionate and protective of it, and it's difficult to know me as a person at all without coming to know my story too.

Expect more here in the future, but it'll take a while for me to be satisfied with this section and I probably won't fill it in until I have time to give this whole bio a nice overhaul. My fiancΓ© actually has, in her own words, 'a hell of a time explaining it' whenever her friends ask about this project, despite the fact that she's been involved with it for over five years now. If that doesn't give you an idea of how complex this project is, I don't know how to help you.

There are plans being made to create a discussion channel dedicated to the project in the future, possibly using Discord.


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Significant Quotes

I like keeping a collection of quotes that I find relevant to my life, my world views, and my 'Guardian Ascension' project. I'll be putting a list of some of them here, at least until I get around to putting up some fitting quotes from my own story, which would be my preference. For the time being, I'll just be putting up the ones from my signature, especially since I'm planning to eventually have a signature centred more around my work, but the quotes I put up here might change or I might add more of them.

"The souls that God has given us, our spirits.
Our spirits, which found a way to swim through the immense network and live in the infinity of space.
Is not the human body a mere shell, a form of existence all too small and weak for consciousness with such vast reach and potential?"
Dr. Londes (Cowboy Bebop)

"When you're in the darkness, you only sink deeper into it. Keep the light shining."
Kenzo Tenma (Naoki Urasawa's Monster)

"But you must always remember that the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."
Alucard (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)

"Is there an indelible line dividing sanity from insanity, or do they change, one into the other, at the slightest turn of events?
We'll find out, soon enough, that the world itself is insane."
Vincent Volaju (Cowboy Bebop: The Movie)

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Suddenly it all makes sense.
Having the involved players talk among themselves and determine the outcome is usually the best solution. It keeps a fight scene from dragging out from a lot of repetitive back and forth and it can lead to an honest assessment of the character skills and their advantages and disadvantages. By walking through the scene and what would likely happen via PM or IM, you can streamline the process and make it into a collab that reads excellently and the outcome is unknown by the rest of the RP.

This is (when used in combination with some real time simulation tests to gauge unpredictable elements in the characters' IC tendencies), in my opinion, the most ideal way to write combat when it's not strictly Arena; in fact, it's how I usually go about dealing with battle scenes in my story-driven role-plays (especially since I've done a lot of role-playing over IM in my 'career'), and I plan on doing exactly the same thing in the role-play I'm currently running on this site now (with an additionally little gimmick that should make things quite intense for the players and readers).

Ideally, people simply being good sports should be the priority in Arena -- it's what determines a good Arena player. That said, I can understand why rolling dice might be needed to people who can't be mature about this sort of thing. I can acknowledge that, since for some people the desire to win overrides the desire to win logically. Tossing in RPG mechanics just isn't something I like to do, because I feel like it takes from the realism/depth/immersion. As @ArenaSnow said, picking your opponent is the key to having an enjoyable battle role-play. Honestly, it's the same as not playing against people in fighting games who've got a reputation for rage quitting or lag abusing.

The idea you gave about doing it as a collaboration is, in my eyes, the best method. It doesn't feel as 'pointlessly long', but it's still run in 'real time' and therefore feels realistic and doesn't suffer from the OOC problems created by predetermining the outcome. I find myself pretty good at running battle simulations without even needing to write the battle, so that sometimes helps the outcome move forward smoother.
Hotel, Inside | April 14, 2012 (02:19 PM)

β™« Baccano! OST - Manhattan Bridge ni Kakeru Yume

`She looks Arabian, but she sounds Russian... Interesting.` the Eurasian man thought to himself, `Well, that's not so far-fetched really. People immigrate all the time -- her parents could've been immigrants if she isn't.`

With a casual expression on his face, the man listened to the woman explaining that she was feeding her baby. He looked like he might have been about to say something, or at least like his mind was contemplating for a moment, but then the baby interrupted his thought process and the mother introduced her child. While his facial expression remained friendly as the boy reached out at him, he once again looked like thoughts were going through his head.

`'Mitya'...? So, 'Dmitri' then...?` he thought to himself, recalling information.

Actually, this particular man - though sometimes coming across as an airhead to others - had an extraordinarily good memory when it came to collecting info, so he only needed to hear about 'Mitya' being a nickname for 'Dmitri' once in his life and that was pretty much it -- embedding in the database of his brain. Sure, the computer in his head was hardly flawless, so he kept data on his laptop too, but he often found he could access information without using it. Only a vague afterthought went into his mind about how the boy was wearing a helmet, but a mental note was made regardless.

Once again, he had something he intended to say -- introducing himself to the baby, to be specific. Before he could do it though, the young mother had apparently realized that she needed to respond to the initial question he asked her, and she confirmed that she was fine -- just lost. The way she explained it caused the Eurasian man to look surprised for just a moment though. Of all of the possible moments for this to happen... He had only just been thinking about how none of the guests of Monsieur Bonaparte seemed to be at this hotel, and now one of them was in front of him. Really, there was no mistaking that envelop, since he was carrying one exactly like it in his luggage. The man just stood there calmly as the young woman looked at her baby playing with the envelop, and then the man slowly placed his luggage bags down.

"My name's Sven, Dmitri -- Sven Lund." the man said with a friendly expression on his face, sitting down and seemingly opening one of his bags, "And you are...?" Sven asked the boy's mother.

After a brief moment to let the woman introduce herself - if she did, that is - the man continued.

"First off, public breastfeeding's legal in France, so you can relax -- it's widely accepted here." Sven explained, "Secondly," he continued, pulling out an envelop identical to the woman's and showing it, "it looks like we're heading to the same place. Actually, there's an escort picking everyone up at this hotel in a few hours, but I plan to head out sooner."

Sven was not entirely sure if this young mother even planned on taking the escort, or if she had come into this hotel knowing it was the location for the escort -- while the escort meeting point was explained clearly in Sven's own language in the information provided to him, this woman was unable to read the signs and more or less had just implied she was lost. Either way, if they were heading to the same place, all she needed to do was wait here or say 'Monsieur Bonaparte's estate' to any cab driver and she would get there fine.
Honestly, the spam forum crew seems to be getting somewhat desperate for ideas lately, because they're getting more random. I haven't been on this site for all that long, but it's just the vibe I'm getting. The threads we've had opened up since 2017 start seem a lot weirder than usual.
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