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6 Mar 2017 0:02
The Internet: Where people with no balls can resort to trolling people anonymously so they don't get their asses kicked.
5 Mar 2017 21:35
A friend of mine once told me that 'it's only ego if you can't back it up'. Too many people like to confuse confidence for arrogance -- there's a big difference.
27 Feb 2017 6:59
Not to get all psychological, but some people are actually just 'wired' to take things people say literally. I'm like that to an extent, but I've learned that people here are usually just shitposting.
17 Feb 2017 6:07
Happy Anniversary, Ailyn. Six years ago, you gave me a kindred soul, and brought light into a life which for all intents and purposes had been mostly nothing but darkness.
11 Feb 2017 16:32
Valentine's Day's bittersweet when you've endured a long-distance relationship for over five years. Here's to celebrating the strength of a meaningful bond, instead of taking a shallow and easy path.


Undergoing reconstruction since I'm leaving the site. Come back later.

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Tell me who you are on the site or I won't accept the request.
Yes, people who rarely or never spoke to me while I was still here are welcome.
No, those who disrespected me while I was here or are trolls in general aren't welcome.

PSN: Shoryu_Magami
(I'm fairly easy to contact through here, though I'm not really gaming much due to my main project's workload.)

Skype: solitaryangel1983
(Usually running on my phone, mostly so I can talk to my fiancΓ©, so it's easy to find me. Until I get my new PC, I mostly only voice chat on it.)

Discord: Shoryu Magami#4323
(Unlike Skype, I primarily text chat on this instead of voice chat. I'll be on this more often once I've got my new PC, since it's causing my current PC a lot of problems.)

Yahoo IM: shoryu_magami
(I'll be on this more often once I've got my new PC, unless there ends up being no use for it.)

Facebook: Shoryu Magami
(Name'll come up as James Koutsoukis. Barely ever on this, but it exists. Mostly exists so Amanda can list me as her fiancΓ©.)

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Still collecting my data and giving people the opportunity to contact me off the site, so I'm still around, but not for too long.
@Primal Conundrum

I appreciate the comments, and I'm actually curious what personality type you're referring to. Does it have something to do with Leonard being adopted? I'm assuming that's who you're talking about, since I posted for him more than anyone else.

Regarding the sites you mentioned, I've never heard of those sites, but cheers in advance for the warning. I've got no illusions about the fact that worse sites likely exist, but having names is useful. I've had a few people recommend some good sites to me over PM so far, but I haven't committed to the idea of role-playing again outside of my own sites currently. There's a small part of me that keeps considering remaining here, but it's the part of me that's trying to ignore all the discomfort I have. Honestly though, I only stuck around for friends (who I can communicate with elsewhere) and for this thread (which honestly wasn't appreciated enough in my eyes, and considering those who don't take it for granted can continue it elsewhere there's really no problem closing it here).

Anyway, I'll be around the site in the background for another month or so, collecting my data.

>Still collecting data, and likely will be for a month or so.

Actually, Neko contacted me over PM not too long ago (as in a day or so roughly) to ask how regularly he should update this, so I don't think this has anything to do with him currently. It's mostly an issue with there not being enough people interested yet. After all, we've had slow periods in the past. I wouldn't be surprised if a few people lose interest now that I'm gone too, but we'll see.
In Hangman {Game} 15 Mar 2017 20:36 Forum: Spam Forum

>Still collecting data, and likely will be for roughly another month.

Yeah, I honestly didn't make this thread expecting it to last too long, but I figured it was worth a shot. It's an entertaining way for people to pass time if there's nothing better to do, but you really do need to have a few interested people for it to remain interesting.

Anyway, back to work for me. I'll likely post in my hang-out thread to officially close up once I'm ready to leave proper.
In It's my birthday 9 Mar 2017 17:26 Forum: Spam Forum

Happy Birthday.
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