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@ClocktowerEchos It's ok, kinda knew :P

@Ozerath Regarding Sanctuary and space colonies in general, I won't put any set of restrictions. They're generally huge. And I trust people not to be too excessive with them :)

@JaceBeleren Also been meaning to ask, with the Empire taking all of Terra, would you object to some of our worlds having a human population due to the inevitable refugee crisis that was to follow?
@Holy Grail Either sounds good with me, although the first one sounds real fun :)

Keep thinking on your ideas while we wait for input from @Oraculum.
@Holy Grail
If you want, you could ask just to be sure, although most of us would be alright with you using some of our species. As for a sub-species, that seems fine with me.

Although I've thought of something, a sort of loophole if you really want your own species. Some of our Garden Worlds do not have a full species roster, two with just two(Erelvath and Terra) and another with only one(Joord), although technically they no longer are on said planet, chased away by their creations, the Schäferkin. So if either of the three players of the garden worlds are willing, maybe you can construct a history of a missing race or two that fled these worlds enmass for whatever reason.
@Holy Grail Glad to have you aboard!

Regarding your first question. Check the OP for the species list, all of which are player made and see the character tabs for more info(sadly mine is lacking, my sheet is still very much a work in progress, but some of the basics are there)

Regarding the second question, sorry to say that are no intelligent non-garden species, there was one exception, but the player in question has since disappeared and went over the two week mark, so we are back to just the Garden Worlds providing the inhabitants of the setting. Sorry about that.
@Klomster Sounds good with me.
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