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28 Apr 2017 1:41
Current Good thing I have the guild status bar folks here to lead me down a path of healthy, righteous living. Oh, wait... I'm already a ghost. Does health matter then? *strokes chin*
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28 Apr 2017 1:03
"Manipulate. Play with my insides. Splash around in my blood. Take what you want... take what you want from me. This is love."
20 Apr 2017 23:43
What kind of nasty drinks Starbucks /coffee/? It tastes like wet ashes and costs approximately half a million dollars. You're better off getting the caramel whatever for that price.
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20 Apr 2017 23:11
Anyone had one of those unicorn diarrhea lookin' Starbucks drinks yet? Memes aside, it does look kind of good... bring me one.
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20 Apr 2017 2:18
"My heart breaks for the artist, because it wears me out. Living life caught in the cross hairs of your own self doubt."


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Hello, lovies! Silent here, but you can call me Kayla if you please. I'm the resident emo, talk to me if you want to be friends! C:
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I am fantasy/supernatural/lore-based/angst/romance/slice-of-life roleplay TRASH. I am also the 'Silent' in 'Silent UniPlex Entertainment' - 'SUP' for short - which is pretty cool, because it means that I get to collaboratively GM roleplays with my two insanely creative best friends on this site. Anyway, here are the things that I am currently involved in:

SUP Entertainment RPs

Free Pass; Season 1: Beginning of the End {GM} ✴️ The Coalition {GM}
✴️ AWE {GM} ~ Coming Soon! ✴️ Dread {GM} ~ Coming Soon!
1x1 RPs

Game Changers 💕 From Pencils to Paradise 💕 Frets and Falsies {semi-active}

RP Graveyard - aka: DEAD!


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In Silent Voices 26 Apr 2017 20:32 Forum: Character Sheets

In The Coalition 18 Apr 2017 23:25 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Hey everyone, sorry I went dark, got crazy sick and couldn't do much of anything aside from cough and sleep. Should have a post up by the end of the week :)

Sorry to hear about your illness, but glad to have you back! Looking forward to your post. ^^
In The Coalition 13 Apr 2017 0:18 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Sodomite and @Jacobite

Thank you for your concern, but Vicious had permission to use the test subject (Ren) mentioned in their post. I believe they also modified their post to keep it from hinting that all members of the Coalition have been experimented on in the past. In the future, if you have concerns for our role play, please PM the GM team, and we will handle the situation as we see fit. The OOC is no place for drama and calling out other role players. Keep the OOC atmosphere lighthearted, happy, and free of accusatory tones.

Thanks friends!
~ GM Silent
In The Coalition 11 Apr 2017 0:57 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Hello Friends,

If you ever have a question related to the roleplay that you wish to address a GM about privately, please privately message all three of us - @lovely complex, @Universorum, and myself. We are a GM team, and we like to make all RP-related decisions together. PM'ing us all at once takes out the middle man of us having to reach out to each other for confirmation before replying, it is easier and quicker for us to reply if we are all included initially. We appreciate your questions and love answering them, please do not feel deterred or intimidated by having to message all of us. We are super nice, I promise! If your questions are about individual character relations only, feel free to only message the one of us that writes that character, of course. Thank you again for your interest, participation, and cooperation.

Much <3 homies,
~ GM Silent

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