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25 Jun 2016 2:55
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16 Apr 2016 14:49
I feel like I've entered a Korean BBQ restaurant... o.O
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Lurk Mode Activated.

Because cheese.

And peas.

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In Mahz's Dev Journal 29 Apr 2017 15:44 Forum: News
<Snipped quote by SilverRain>

I'm in the Netherlands, so my hours are roughly 6-10 hours from USA. Issues came up later in the afternoon but, really, it shouldn't be a matter of time since servers are online day and night.

I noticed that when the US wakes up, that's when a lot of my game connections go down. My only guess is that my Firefox handles the error differently on my machine.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 29 Apr 2017 14:17 Forum: News
<Snipped quote by Mahz>

Has it been the host that causes these 502's? They're very frequent for me personally (like, every time I click a subforum, PM's tab, profile tab) where as others report having it once in a while. Maybe some ISP's have more trouble communicating with our current host than others. I'm not that savvy with this stuff so perhaps this is a stupid thing to ask. But I've not had any real problems with 502's before yesterday so I wonder how big the problem was, since it seemed to be serverside, but temporary.

Could it be a region or bandwidth issue? I haven't seen the Bad Gateway message for the past month. I'm located in Australia. My online hours are the inverse of the US.
A user on reddit has posted this and I want to help by spreading the word. I didn't know where to post this on RPG, but figured this place gets lots of attention. Hope you guys don't mind. :)

The story I got was a mother came in mad about something her son did, threw these cards on the donation table, then walked out.

Some kid loved these cards, they are separated into decks and types and editions.... The folder and black box are full of alpha through third editions. I can't imagine a kid doing something bad enough for his mom to toss his collection. I'm hoping that the owner is a redditor who frequents this sub.

If these are your cards I want you to have them back.

Here is how you get them back: In one of those boxes are two very valuable cards, you know which cards I'm talking about... Tell me how they are stored and I will give the set back to you.

Thats it.

Edit: location is around St. Augustine, Fl
Would it be a good idea for users to go around and start saving local copies of their RPs? I've backed up mine.
How about removing the status panel from the front page, but still letting RPers post statuses? Or adding a hide/collapse button to the front page?

I believe that statuses are meant for an RP's friends to read as opposed to the entire forum. The genuine ones are "I'm busy/away" or "I've returned" messages. These messages would be useful only to the RP's circle of friends or those who are interested in finding out more about them (e.g. GM's).

If the forum was only a tight knit group of around 50 - 100 people, then yes, the status bar would be a very useful tool to keep everyone informed. But here, we're seeing statuses from many people we dont't know about. As long as it's there, it will be used as a chat panel.

Statuses are sometimes quirky and fun and of course RPers can put in whatever they want to amuse themselves or their buddies - that I understand. I also understand how some like to post meaningful or deep messages. Or you know, just want to be expressive. That's fine too, because I think we've all written poetry at some point.

But it seems some are just want to talk or posting something popular among the masses to gain likes and recognition. This could be the ulterior motive.

I mean, the simplest solution would be to simply ignore the panel. But I'm nosy and if it's there, I'll look at it. :P

So in summary...

Statuses are currently used for:
* "I'm back/away" messages
* Thoughts/feelings about me
* I want likes!
* I want chat!

* A hider for the status panel on the front page
* Remove the status panel completely, whilst keeping statuses on profile pages

* Mods can post statuses to announce things like the forum is overrun by furniture and Korean spambots.
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