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Work's been hell, I've been sick and nothings seems to want to 'stop' for a while. Expect slower posts. Sorry :,( :,(
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Helping friends through emotional situations. Might not be on until later tonight.
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Crazy two weeks, plus bought FF15 and it is eating my soul! Munchkin weekend, will get some responses out today tomorrow and Monday :) Thanks for waiting <3 you all!
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Feelling a lot better! Playing catch up. Happy Turkey-Day for those who celebrate it!
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Bump. Craving the above things!
Working on another character as well!!
The movie ended with a satisfying feeling which made James nod with approval. As she moved from his arms, he let her go and stretched himself. However, before he could sit up, his body was pushed back down onto the couch and she loomed over him. Swallowing hard he stared up at her as she said something about payback. What?? Even his internal voice stuttered in surprise and he opened his fine lips to protest; only to find her leaning down and pressing a kiss to his neck.

His large hands gripped the couch cushion beneath him as her soft lips hit his skin. Hoping it was done after she pulled back; he felt her lips trail down to his collarbone. A small soft groan left his lips before she pulled back. When she finally did, he let out the air he had been holding back, his face was on fire and he was nearly white knuckled on the cushion. A long breath left his chest as she turned away from him. Oooohhhh god what was that?!

He slowly let go of the cushion and climbed to his feet. His face bright red and his body shaking slightly, “Yes, yes let’s go.” With that he gently took her hand and let her out the door.
Her question about his family made him smile. She was always someone who seemed to care about others more than herself and while he admired that, he always found it rather saddening that she wouldn’t think of herself more often. “Atsuma’s still at the shop. When he graduates, he will most likely move into the little studio apartment above the shop and hopefully dad will retired.” He said with a nod as he took a drink before continuing. “He met a girl though, which is surprising for him. It’s odd that she liked him because he hasn’t changed much. I don’t know; maybe he’s different around her but, I don’t know. He seems happy and that’s all that matters to me.”

Then he went on to talk about Kenton. “Kenton’s been getting better. He’s trying to be more social and he made a friend!” His head rose and fell with a nod as he munched away on his food. “I’ve met her; she’s real nice and seems to actually care about him. It’s nice to see people are giving him a chance. I wasn’t sure at first with her but she seems to be dedicated to getting to know him. And I think people seeing him with more than just his brothers have begun to realize that he’s not a demon.”

“Oh and my food’s good. School’s going alright. Much better now that you’re back.” His pointed his fork towards her food. “How’s yours?”
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