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Current Helping friends through emotional situations. Might not be on until later tonight.
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Crazy two weeks, plus bought FF15 and it is eating my soul! Munchkin weekend, will get some responses out today tomorrow and Monday :) Thanks for waiting <3 you all!
25 Nov 2016 0:11
Feelling a lot better! Playing catch up. Happy Turkey-Day for those who celebrate it!
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Became suddenly and incredibly ill. Not sure when I'll be able to respond to anything I'm sorry!
2 Nov 2016 21:59
Dealing with a family crisis, might not be on for a few days


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You scared me. His expression dropped and he found that after she took the book from him that he naturally backed up giving her more space than normal. Kenton took things that people said pretty hard, which would explain why his brothers worked hard to keep people’s comments away from him. Kenton was a sensitive guy and really good at reading people’s emotions. In fact he would be a good person to have whispering things to do in your ear while you were on a date. Not that he has ever done that before for his eldest brother…

Her add, however, pulled his teal and golden gaze pulled back to her when she added more to her sentence. To his surprise she was referencing to him speaking in the library. “Well, not many people drop two inch thick books on the ground.” When she asked about the librarian, his eyes expanded. “No I haven’t seen her. But if you drop the books at the counter she’ll return them. She tends to be good about it. Here…” He said offering her hand but keeping the distance between them. “I can help you if you’d like.” At hearing her name, he gave her a kind close lipped smile. “I’m Kenton, Kenton Kyo. It’s nice to meet you.” He then noticed the spin of the book. "Ancient China I see." He said with a smile, "Personally the most I know about Ancient China is the story of Journey to the West and some other folklore. May I ask what your favorite part of is of Ancient China?" Look at him, attempting to make small talk with someone who didn't run away. Rayne would be so proud.
“So dad…” Atsuma said as he arrived at his father and he read off his notes. Soon the two were under the hood of the car, checking with flash lights and pulling on things to make sure everything was okay or to check if things were bad. Mister Kyo had been a mechanic ever since he was a child, following in his dad and grandfather’s footsteps. As you can imagine, he was thrilled when his eldest boy wondered into the garage and began to ask questions based around the cars. Sooner than he had expected, the little blonde boy expressed a desire to learn his father’s craft and Mister Kyo was instantly taken to teaching his done everything he knew and showing his son where he could learn more.

Despite his hatred, a sincere hatred for school, he did a lot of research on the side to learn more and more about cars. Including but not limited to the newer models that were coming out. The same general principal was applied but everything was different. In his mind, the working of a vehicle was a lot like painting a picture; ever car was different and all cars are unique.

“No…” Atsuma said, his voice filled with protest as the two men started back towards the waiting room. “No, no way.”

“Too bad son, it was your idea to sell the spare car so you need to take care of the customer. If you didn’t learn that now you will never learn it when you inherit the garage.” Of course his father feeds him the line of inheriting the garage making the young man groan in annoyance and, in defeat.

Entering the room was a smiling Mister Kyo and a grumpy looking Atsuma. “Hello Miss Misako, thank you for waiting.” He moved the chair to sit near her in a comfortable manner. Mister Kyo had always been good with delivering bad news, at least that’s how most people felt. “There is a lot wrong with your car and it’s wonderful that you’re okay. However your car will be out of commission for about 2 weeks. That being said we have something that can help you get around to any appointments or reasons you would need a ride.” He then gestured with his head towards Atsuma who couldn’t even look in her direction. “Atsuma has volunteered to help you with your transportation needs until the car has resumed. Isn’t he great?” The beaming father said before he coughed lightly and continued.

After about a half hour of going over the paperwork, explaining what they had to do for the car and when each thing will be completed, he handed her a business card after she signed the documents. “Here,” He said with a gentle smile; “This is the number for the shop and on the back is Atsuma’s cell phone number and my number. Please call Atsuma if you need any ride and if you can’t get a hold of him just call me.” Then he looked over at his son, “Why don’t you take this young lady home, she’s had a rough day.”

Atsuma nodded softly towards his father and said to her, “I’ll meet you out front.” He said with a nod as he disappeared from the waiting room.

“He really is a good kid.” Mister Kyo said as he stood up and held the door open for her. “Rough, but a good kid.” Soon he led her outside, “I’ll be in touch when I know more. I’m sorry again Miss Misako.”

By the time that his father had left her out front, Atsuma wiped around the corner on his bike. Keeping his helmet on he offered her the second one just, well just wanting to get this over with.
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Sorry for the shortness, I hope it's still good!
The books falling caused him to jump, but not jump away; instead he jumped forward and grabbed one of the thick books from the floor after it had hit. The library was one of his favorite places in the schools. Mainly because the rude individuals rarely found their way inside; Rayne’s joke was always because they couldn’t read but Kenton really didn’t mind. He just enjoyed literature. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is where he enjoyed himself more.

“Please be careful.” He said with a gentle smile to her. Though her response of ‘wow’ made him chuckle. “Yes that did make a loud noise.” Thinking that she was referring to the fall of the books instead of his eyes. Many people shared stories of how the middle Kyo son was cursed by a demon or the devil indicated for different eye colors. Either he was meant to do something horrible or he had some form of evil demon powers. It was a scary thought to some people but even scarier for Kenton because he lacked a lot of social experience and understanding. If it wasn’t for his brother Atsuma was telling people off and Rayne kindly threatening people, he probably would be worse for wear. He considered himself lucky to have the siblings that he did and the school quickly learned that if you mess with Kenton, you better not do it while his brothers were around because you will be ended either physically or socially.

“Are you alright?”
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