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Awesome, I gave you a decent set up!
Atsuma felt like a lost dog following around the closest human he had found as he walked through the building with her. Suddenly surrounded by people, he kept himself close to her as he really didn’t know what to do with himself. Should he stand in a corner? Should he run outside? Should he just follow her around? Should he pose? WHAT DO YOU DO?!

As he mentally panicked, feeling completely lost and the receptionist didn’t seem too pleased that he was there, then of course he received more of a cold shoulder from the tall manicured man. His coldness towards Atsuma caused the young man to cross his arms over his chest and raise a questioning eyebrow to him. Why was he being such a jerk? Let along drooling over Misako-san which was rather creepy; however it could just be admiration but Atsuma didn’t know. All he knew was that he wasn’t one hundred percent welcomed here.

It was almost like a choreographed dance, watching everything happen. He stood there, somewhat in the way for a few people watching all this happen. Misako emerged from the dressing room in a beautiful dress that made him swallow hard. Whoa, that was a change. Then he watched her move to woman who began to change the blonde’s hair color to a vibrant blue. Personally he liked the blonde more but it must be something to do with the photo shoot. He seemed to remember the uproar she caused when she began at the school and people were passing around a photo shoot of her which reflected the blue hair he was seeing.

Lastly was a portly gentleman who began to do her make up. She seemed to know how to hold her face so they could do her make up properly. And soon she was done before she turned to him. Now, something to know about Atsuma is that he wasn’t good at controlling his emotions. But normally the emotions he showed were anger or laughter but fairly he dealt with shock. So when she turned to him, his jaw was open, his eyes were wide and his face was red, “I… Uh… Um…” He said, stammering and tripping over his words as he finally composed himself. He slid his hands into his pocket and pushed his arms against his body almost trying to make himself small as possible as he pulled his gaze from her and attempted to look anywhere else but at her. “You… You look…” CoughCoughCough. He was having a lot of trouble keeping himself composed as his golden gaze would still flick over to her as if attempting to take her in without being ‘caught’ even though she was looking directly at him. Suddenly the brave blunt Atsuma looked meek, shy and embarrassed.

He followed them into the shooting room before she was taking away to begin the shoot. He found himself almost hypnotized watching her. She was incredibly graceful and beautiful as she danced in a smooth fashion. It wasn’t until a voice pulled him into reality and before he could answer Joshua, someone else spoke to him.

Muttering a thanks to Gabriella and a nod he looked back at Joshua, “We’re classmates and her car broke down so I’m helping her rides until it’s back in working order.” He said with a nod as he turned his attention back to her.

“She’s really something, I bet she’s like this at school too.”

To that, Atsuma’s shoulder’s shrugged, “Don’t really know her all that well.” He said simply, “But she’s very well liked. But this is the first amount of time we’ve spent together.” Before Joshua could talk his ear off anymore, he excused himself to grab a drink from the refreshment table as Gabriella rushed passed him to the photographer and said something about a missing male model.
So my thought was this –
Valentine’s Day in Japan is the day when women express their feelings towards men and White Day is when Men express their feelings towards women.
I think it would be interesting if Huki and Mio both ask him to the Valentine’s Day dance and he has to make his choice on which he goes with. Other intervenes and a scene breaks out because that’s when Kenton comes to realize he’s been dooped and that’s when the situation changes in front of the whole student body and Kenton picks Mio over Huki to spend Valentine’s Day with and go to the dance with.
She flinched as he touched her and he quickly pulled his hand back, his face bright red in embarrassment as he used the hand he had touched her with to rub the back of his neck. “Sorry…” He said shyly more towards the ground then to her face. “I didn’t mean to frighten you.” Kenton said softly as he slowly turned his teal golden gaze back up to her as he watched her face, wondering what her response would be. Of course if she said no, he could always go and ask Huki-san.

However, much to his surprise and joy, she said yes. As a matter of fact, she said ‘of course’ which meant it wasn’t even much of a question. Instantly his thin lips curved into a bright smile showing his straight white teeth. “Oh great!” His voice was filled with more excitement that he had originally intended to let her know how he felt. It was too late for that as she locked arms with him. This was quite an exciting experience and he felt his face grow hot with embarrassment as he slightly locked arm in his hand placed his hand onto hers.

“If you don’t mind venturing off campus for our hour lunch, there’s a small café next to the library I enjoy. Would you be interested in going there? I can drive us.”

When she agreed, much to Kenton’s surprise and joy, he led her outside and gestured in a direction away from the school. “I… I don’t park on campus.” He admitted softly, “I’m a bit concerned of what might happen to my car if I did.” With that he led her down the street and around the corner to where his car was parked.

The yellow convertible Ferrari 458 looked very out of place compared to the rest of the school’s cars so it would make sense that he wouldn’t park it there. That and it was common knowledge that the Kyo family as well off with Atsuma’s powerful bike and Rayne’s bright red car; that wasn’t what Kenton wanted to be known for and instead, he’d rather be that ‘weird sibling who never got anything from his parents’; which wasn’t true. Like all the other Kyo kids, his 16th birthday was a car of his choice and, being completely sure his parents wouldn’t do it; he picked this car. Imagine the young man’s surprise when he woke up in the morning and found it.

Despite his parents being really well off, he worked and had his own income. But he loved his car which is why there wasn’t a scratch on it and hardly any dirt. And you would never guess he had been in possession of the thing for over a year because it still had the ‘new car’ smell and was nearly spotless inside.

Unlocking the car with the key fob he opened the passenger’s side door for her. “Make yourself comfortable.” He said with a bright attempting-to-be-charming-but-ending-up-awkward smile. Hopefully she didn’t regret her ‘yes’.
Poor Axel. His head was pounding, his heart as thumping in his chest and now his back hurt. Something from a distance called out but he was too head-spinning to hear it. His large hand rose from his side and placed against his head as he let out a loud groan. “Uuuuggghhhhh……” The young man groaned again as he rubbed his head before the sound of crunching echoed in his ear. “Huh?”

His silver uniform, with black arm bands reflected in the fallen sun as he listened to the footsteps getting closer his location. Body tensing the young man slowly turned towards the noise to see a girl stumbling towards him. It wasn’t until she arrived to him that he realized he was found out. Oh Alexander was going to be mad at him for getting spotted by a human right away.

Her panic was understandable. Most humans wouldn’t fully understand what just happened and he could empathize with their shock. After all, he really liked humans despite his position and how the other gods in his line of work feel about humans. “Hey.” He said softly, his large hand moving from his face to her hand, gently placing it on hers. “Hey I’m okay, please calm down. I just fell.” Fell, that’s good enough right. “Now I have a massive headache and an achy back.” Doing his best to give a small laugh to the situation he slowly sat up.

A small groan left him as he did so but soon they were level with one another, “I’m sorry I disturbed your evening.” He said blinking a couple times as he pulled his hand from her and rubbed his face. His gaze turned to her before he stopped, freezing as he stared at her wondering hazel eyes. Stars… stars… STARS! He can see STARS in her eyes!! The king’s voice echoed in his mind, “ The answers you seek lie in the eyes of the goddess.”

“Your eyes are incredible…” He found himself saying as he stared at her before his face turned red with embarrassment and he looked away, the air around him changing to one of shyness and embarrassment. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to stare.”
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