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9 Sep 2015 13:35
Current The Empire Strikes Back
27 Mar 2015 7:21
Off to visit the little sister. Shall be back by Sun/Monday.
23 Mar 2015 21:34
Trying to wrap my head around the new tools and bits of the site. Well done, Mahz.


Née 1991. I feel old already.

Been roleplaying from the age of 15, write on solo projects in my spare time. I heartily encourage interaction when it comes to writing and creative efforts. Like to think I'm an understanding but stern and solid GM when I host games, and a collaborative and creative individual. Used to draw. Write in advanced section.

While I might not be as omni-present a some of you are on RP:G, I have been a part of it since 2009-2010 (if my memory serves me right). However, I must admit that post Guildfall, my activity also dropped. Slowly getting back into things.

I currently attend university to acquire my master's degree (potentially doctor) in history. I already have an educational degree for history and English, and have taught both in secondary school. Prior to pursuing a pedagogical degree, I served with my country's army for two years.

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(Note: May or may not be replaced with a single Blackwood kid depending on the existence of a player controlled House Stark.)

Why not both?
Barring changes made to cater to other participants, the Lannister sheet should be done.
It may take me some time to meet that CS with a House Tyrell application that isn't awful. Damn it all.

It's not your first application. You know what we've come to expect and such. Don't feel the need to mirror mine. Emphasis will be on IC writing, the OOC stuff is a preparation and basis to work from.

But thank you for that passive aggressive compliment :P
Hey @Ruby, didn't expect you to reply so soon. I guess you will be making a version of your usual Lannister-turns-Pirate Queen character?

From what I've heard Ruby is making a different Lannister.
Lannies of the Rock are up.
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