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19 Jan 2017 0:34
Current Epic win! I got a milkshake!
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14 Jan 2017 19:57
I'm done with crazy weather, and I'm done with allergies.
3 Jan 2017 22:17
May the week of hell begin.
1 Jan 2017 3:25
I really love how some people think they know a person, try and tell them how to run their life, and actually know nothing. Please just stop, no one asked, no one cares.
30 Dec 2016 14:54
We are approaching Defcon five level anger today, please approach with caution... possibly cookies.
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"There was always a light in her that brought out the best in him... No matter how hard he wanted to fight it, he just couldn't... Not around her."

My name is Siren, I've been a role player now for 10+ years, but I have a crazy, crazy life. I tend to disappear a lot, I can take a while to reply, and sometimes I do just forget to reply. Forgive me, I'm human. I tend to write high casual to advanced, and CANNOT STAND one liners. Also, I prefer to double or play multiple charactera. I think it adds more necessary drama.

So umm... Hi! And welcome to my page!


"In so many ways, their love was beautiful, but it was always destined to be equally tragic. For while she was his light and he was her dark, the two couldn't always be together... Not the way they wanted to be..."

@Love DoveShe and I started role playing together a little over a year ago, but I love her to death. She's always there for me, on and off site. I couldn't ask for a better partner and friend. She and I are like peas in pod, and I love how she challenges me in our role plays and makes me laugh in our chats.

@El Taco Taco we may not talk all the time, but I love her. She gives me my necessary doses of Harry Potter goodness!! Love ya girl!

@paragloan She is one of my favorite people ever. She and I can be psychos together on site and off... enough said. Seriously tho, we have fun in our own psychotic way.

I know there's more of you, but only doing a top three for now.


"And when it came to the bitter end... The promise of forever vanished, but he still held on to the only thing he had left... And that was the light she left him when they were together."


The Siren's Call

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Dahlia: *nods* this is true.

Billie: *laughs* what can I say? I have a favorite. *watches as Darren writhes in more pain after Logan throws his* Dahl? Zach? Wanna throw one?

Dahlia: *thinks* meh, why not. *walks over and looms at the knives* why is this one's blade covered?

Billie: it's one of my soul knives, but you know, since he doesn't have a soul...
She has fun with it too.

Alex: *smiles and nods* this really is.
In Whispers in the Dark 22 Feb 2017 22:56 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
I like that evil giggle.

And good, they need to fuck off and die
Dahlia: *laughs* yeah, but hey, it makes me wonder how much truth is in it.

Randa: more pain is always good. *smiles a bit*

Billie: oh, he enjoyed himself. *looks through her knives* hmmm... *picks up one and smiles* *throws and hits him in the leg* *watches him convulse*
I'm shocked it didn't take me longer. Because it was in our messages, and then I reread from there. And needless to say, you and Rhi having little arguments is still hilarious.

Alex: I'm sure there was too. But, let's not think about that. *hands her paper plate* let's enjoy this.
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