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23 Apr 2017 17:33
Current Going on an actual date with the husband for the first time since the baby was born. *Le gasp!*
21 Mar 2017 22:15
When you want to write, but you don't all at the same time. The struggle is real.
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2 Mar 2017 14:45
Feeling moderately productive! Let's see how well it works out!
19 Jan 2017 0:34
Epic win! I got a milkshake!
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14 Jan 2017 19:57
I'm done with crazy weather, and I'm done with allergies.


"There was a certain beauty in the way she looked at him. As if she could see past what everyone else did as if she could actually see who he really was..."

My name is Siren, I've been a role player now for 10+ years, but I have a crazy, crazy life. I tend to disappear a lot, I can take a while to reply, and sometimes I do just forget to reply. Forgive me, I'm human. I tend to write high casual to advanced, and CANNOT STAND one liners. Also, I prefer to double or play multiple charactera. I think it adds more necessary drama.

So umm... Hi! And welcome to my page!


"At first, he didn't want to love her, but the more time they spent together, the harder it became. It wasn't always obvious because the change she made for him was extreme, but he had changed for her as well..."

@Love DoveShe and I started role playing together a little over a year ago, but I love her to death. She's always there for me, on and off site. I couldn't ask for a better partner and friend. She and I are like peas in pod, and I love how she challenges me in our role plays and makes me laugh in our chats.

@El Taco Taco we may not talk all the time, but I love her. She gives me my necessary doses of Harry Potter goodness!! Love ya girl!

@paragloan She is one of my favorite people ever. She and I can be psychos together on site and off... enough said. Seriously tho, we have fun in our own psychotic way.

I know there's more of you, but only doing a top three for now.


"It was hard to understand, how they became such a force when it came from nothing, but there was something no one seemed to understand. There's a certain madness to being in love, and though theirs was far from perfect, it was just that for them."


The Siren's Call

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Probably. Ha ha

Yeah. It was forever ago. And yeah. He's so dreamy.

I've been thinking about changing Cole's, Aless's, Ez's, and possibly Lia's.
Randa: *thinks* the only thing I may,need help with is hanging it in my dark room to develop. It's almost ready for that, if you wanted to come with

Oh lord. And Justin will just give her a look. "Hey, I'm not cast out, so I can still get some from inside the demon group."
Darren would chuckle, "Calm down man, it's just how Molly is."
I would not have blamed you. Ha ha

Holy fuck... um... I was like 14, and me and a church group went to go see Jeremy Camp. That guy was gorgeous.

Yeah. I've been tempted to change a couple of pictures I have up, but have been lazy.
In It Has Begun 23 Apr 2017 15:02 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Shayne: I'm glad you guys are. It is sort of entertaining.

Elise: yeah. I mean I'm technically part of a coven, but I'm not all the same. It's really weird.

I like that. It would really stir the pot too. Ha ha
Randa: okay, good.

Ha ha. And Adrian will just kind of nod and say, "no, not joking."
And Justin would just be like, "what's that supposed to mean?"
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