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LeeRoy, haven't forgotten. Beta reading/editing someone's 88k ms. It is taking a lot of my time currently
That's fine but you are open to a vicious number of counters and your sweep fundamentally is flawed, you should be going for a leg hook not sweep.
I am having a few problems with your move. Mainly your body movements and your actions. You are grabbing my left with your right? How does your left hand pull my arm in? You are going for a leg sweep from an awkward position which I am having trouble visualizing.

Also the awkward position you are in leaves you open to a very quick, nasty counter. Why didn't you just avoid the upper and reset the fight?

A side note. I never said he was left hand dominate. I just said I was fighting southpaw.
In Arena Chat Thread 17 Aug 2016 20:36 Forum: Arena Roleplay
Yup yup. I want to see him when your done if you don't mind.
In Arena Chat Thread 17 Aug 2016 20:31 Forum: Arena Roleplay
All guns can jam or misfire. Thats why we clean them incessently lol
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