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3 Oct 2016 19:37
Current I guess I'm back.....
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18 May 2016 4:17
*Explodes into confetti* O(≧∇≦)O Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2!!!!!!
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15 May 2016 17:30
Some people say J stars Victory Vs. Is a spam game XD well if you fight a spammer and loose become yourself or maybe, just maybe become better at the game so you can wreck the spammer :o *gasp*
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5 Apr 2016 11:05
D: Sims 4!!!!!!
9 Jul 2015 23:27
Holy shit no one ever told me Persona was gonna be hectic and awesome as fuck!


HAPPY 2000 TO ME!!!!!!!! O(≧∇≦)O

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An extra hand would be useful now that Simon fully thought about it. It usually did take him a few hours to get a task done around the mansion but now that can probably be shortened. While he was admiring Raspberry's body in the maiden clothes he did notice some very familiar looking books in her closet. Though before he could get a better look she rushed and closed the closet. He smiled and made his way to her door. "I hope to get to know you better too Ms.Raspberry and for our first chore we will be fixing the roof. This mansion is a bit old and I don't need it collapsing on itself from these Looney toon characters antics." He waits till she's ready to leave and started to walk down the hall to the entrance to the roof. As he walked he was thinking of letting her walk up the ladder to the roof first. Any chance at a panty shot is a perfect one.

Simon gulped before he slowly walked over to Raspberry. "This is not sexual harassment" he whispered to himself repeatedly as the distance between him and Raspberry decreased. When he was close enough he gently applied his hands on to the back of Raspberry's corset and tightened it slowly. "Tell me when to stop." Simon said. He blushed a bit by how badly that sentence could be taken out of context.

His heart almost stopped from disbelief. Simon's eyes were noticably wider from the shock. He was still unsure if he heard her right. "Yes! I'm perfectly find with waiting here! I am a butler after all so if you need help putting on something I'm here!" Simon tried to smile while in his head he was mentally cursing at himself. Out of all the times to not order a camera telling himself he wouldn't need one a moment like this happens. He truly was mad at himself but he kept a calm face and patiently waited for Raspberry's reply.

Simon kept a calm attitude as Raspberry unlocked the door to her room. Well on the outside he was unfazed but when he stepped foot into the young woman's room his eyes where stabbed by the sheer multiple colors. The poor man's eyes were in pain but yet he remained strong and used panties and potential maid photos to motivate him to continue through this obstacle. When he closed the door he leaned against it and watched Raspberry move around her room. "No no take your time there's no rush...." He only said this because she was on her hands and knees and yes he was thinking a non PG 13 thought at the moment. "Once you find your clothes.... You're gonna change into them right..." Simon sorta knew the answer to his question but he wanted to see if this time it wasn't a trap to have him frame for being the perv he was.

"Don't worry I won't get lost with a view like this to guide me." Simon replied in a gentleman like way even though what he was actually talking about was on the perverted side. He couldn't show how excited he was to go into such a beautiful woman's room. Simon had to play his part after all.
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