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@Shoryu MagamiI don't really have an interest in moving off site, even if I'm interested in the roleplay and have no issues with you personally Sho. So I would consider this my friendly resignation if you do indeed go through with that, no hard feelings on my end.
I don't have any long winded arguments one way or the other regarding the voting system, I don't really have a preference.

You have always said the murder game is a secondary element of the story, not the primary element, so I trust you can write around the problems that come up if we're not as pressured to murder as you initially anticipated.
I know it's later than women on Average. I'd say between 18-25, although I'm sure Aviendha has a more concrete answer. I recall Taim being 25 when he started to channel, and Rand I believe was 19-20.

EDIT: Apparently New Spring indicates "Men generally begin channeling between the ages of sixteen and twenty-six."
Hah, by the look of it the Shadow is going to be hungering for people, so I'd say your chances are high.
To everyone who wants to make a Warder: I've changed plans. So feel free to hit up Cara to pair with her Aes Sedai.
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