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I know it's later than women on Average. I'd say between 18-25, although I'm sure Aviendha has a more concrete answer. I recall Taim being 25 when he started to channel, and Rand I believe was 19-20.

EDIT: Apparently New Spring indicates "Men generally begin channeling between the ages of sixteen and twenty-six."
Hah, by the look of it the Shadow is going to be hungering for people, so I'd say your chances are high.
To everyone who wants to make a Warder: I've changed plans. So feel free to hit up Cara to pair with her Aes Sedai.
If you two are set on the Warder idea I'm fine with letting one of you step in for that role. It won't be essential to what I have planned for my character, but would be a nice bit of flavor.
@CaraI've been debating what exactly I plan to do with my character, one of which involved him as a Warder, so I think we may be able to work something out.
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