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12 Mar 2017 15:49
Current @Bishop: Check out any RP you want. It's a public forum. If they don't want anyone to read it, they can do it in pm.
10 Mar 2017 19:24
1 Mar 2017 0:38
Cringing off the planet with that image, Buddha. Currently orbiting Earth...
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9 Feb 2017 23:48
@AOPS - Story of my life.
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31 Jan 2017 7:58
The Queen has returned...~
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I gotta be swift as a coursing river and all that good shit. I'll try xD
When you're not plotting to kill someone like Ginny xD

Let me change it tomorrow. I can't be fucked tonight. I'm tired. I'm dreading the return to my fic. Lol you ever wake up and question if you ever had talent? God.
Ours is a life of disappointment.

Dude no lie, people like that pisses me off too sometimes. Not Hermione's fault, she just wanted to prove herself, but some people are really obnoxious about it.

I caught it, I liked it, and yeah I would guess that Botans mood made it feel blegh xD
I wish you luck that you can get one page in. That other asswipe that abandoned you because you wrote a lot is irksome; kinda reminds me of some people that did that to me here. Hope they're doomed to never see a page of their rp's progress. A curse upon thee.

Hm, did Hermione have any girls for friends? Was it really just Ron and Harry???
Oh yeah, I remember you finally got your 9th Doctor. Been like two years you've tried finding one xD I'll let you know if I need you to take a look at certain passages.

Hermione seems like a black sheep because she's so intelligent and I never got the impression she enjoys sitting around discussing boys all day. But you know, as we say all this, we both realize... anything is better than what we got.
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