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21 Apr 2017 11:33
If bumping Tentacion equals instability, then I'm happy to be a crazy motherfucker.
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19 Apr 2017 5:27
Dinh, the fuck are you on about?
18 Apr 2017 18:26
18 Apr 2017 16:32
Wish I could turn the fuck up in some roleplays but I'm in a bunch of emotional slice-of-life situations lmao
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17 Apr 2017 4:30
Except that shit happens in anime plenty soooooooo????


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@SoleAccord I deemed Ten Ten the strongest Kunoichi of Konoha 12 in Part 1 tbh, anyone who has the guts to face Temari in the early days has my respect. Not even the likes of Sakura, Hinata and Ino can lit a candle to her and so she's default the strongest girl in the K12 in this RP.

I'm glad we can agree on something. Tenten is the baddest bitch of them all.
I'm interested in this, wouldn't mind trying Tenten or a reimagined Hinata.
Shikaku on a mission? Hmm, did I... I think I might've said that, but I think it was Asuma who was on the mission. I can't be fucked looking right now so we'll play it by ear. Shikamaru has love for his teammates and will find genuine love for Sakura, but she's perhaps the most intelligent shinobi of their generation. So I'd mix confidence with anxiety about her condition. He's the type to believe in people who no one else would, like Choji; NO ONE believed in Choji back during the Sasuke Rescue arc, but Shikamaru had faith in him. I'd say he'd be concerned, definitely, but if he were to see her in poor condition it could trigger him entering a lethal state of mind if mission parameters didn't say that they had to live. I dunno, he's not a bloodlust character. Sasuke would kill them for Hinata <333 xD

LMFAO Shikamaru does it because THEY were gonna make out there, hm?
If we have a moment down the line that can justify the rage of one of the most non-aggressive men in the series, believe that I'll make it happen ;3 and roof is nice on a cool night, we'll play by ear. I don't think his father is that nosy, but his mother might be impressed that Shikamaru finally -- FINALLY -- brought a girl home.

Jesus, that's something Naruto would do. Lmfao I wonder if when he gets back and hits it off with Ino, they'll both just pop up in Shikamaru's window, and they WOULD catch those two making out. The ONE TIME he didn't shut the window and close the curtains!
So the consoling leads into the practice after Shikamaru helps calm her down? They'll close the door 'cause god knows Shikamaru doesn't want to explain shit to ANYONE xD And yeah, something might push him to that point, but his anger is so focused... it's hard to explain. He hasn't lost focus because he's been angry before, he has a grasp on it and it just makes him more lethal since he's not trying to subdue you.

X.X WELL it's more Sakura's problem than Shikamaru's~~~
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