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24 Apr 2017 0:30
Current I was lying in my previous status. I just wanted to dupe you suckers for likes ;)
23 Apr 2017 19:25
Like this status and I'll fart in a jar and mail it to my relatives.
20 Apr 2017 2:19
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20 Apr 2017 1:58
*Perpetually screaming into the abyss because postgraduate research is literally Satan*
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17 Apr 2017 22:19
Googling spiders was a bad idea I repeat GOOGLING SPIDERS WAS A BAD IDEA. OMG Im having awake-nightmares.


Quotes about Spud;

"Punchfist McDrinklots"

"Spud's a woman."

"Spud's just a giant fangirl."

"We're all big boys here, except for Spud"

"You gif crazy potato"

"If you're high you're a baked potato lol"

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Drew if you forgot my precious brainwashed Bucky-babe *shakes tiny spud-fists* heh
I'm doing interviews for my thesis and it's really emotionally and mentally draining ...

Do you guys mind skipping ahead I'm stuck with a bit of writers block but I'll try get something up soon!
Updated my CS's Cap, just filled in surnames and my NPCs (since no one will play Leith's little sis *sob* jk)

Lemme know if theres any problemos
Interacting with @mskennedy615

(Hope this is okay I'm on mobile)

"I'm angry," she said evenly, "And when I'm not angry, I'm sad. One day I'll get the strong urge to fight someone; anyone. The next, I'll cry nonstop for hours. One minute I'm crying to pictures from when we were kids, and the next I'm plotting revenge on God knows who".

Leith nodded. He understood exactly where she was coming from because he felt that way too. If it wasnt for his mom and little sister,who he needed to stay strong and brave for, he was certain he'd have lashed out at someone ... Probably his stepfather since he was always there and the relationship was already under strain. He kept composed however,even when he came close to screaming the house down.
" I feel the same Shaun "he agreed. "Mom insisted I stay at home after she told me the news .. Good thing she did or I'd have put a wrench through a windshield at work and that's just for starters" Leith knew Shaun's dad was a good guy,he took Leith under his wing for a little while, letting him have his moment to bond with a guy, a dad figure, who wasn't his stepfather. But even Mr Jenkins had his limits and Leith was certain he'd be fired if he went and trashed customers cars even given the extraordinary circumstances.

"How about you, Leith? How are you holding up?" She asked with a slight nod of her head. "I know how close you two were."

He shrugged .. A moment passed where he just thought ... Somewhat miserably.
"There's so much I had to tell her ... I ... I didn't even realise and now ... It just sucks yknow, I can't even tell her thank you ... Or say I'm sorry for all those times I musta annoyed the heck ouuta her. I also feel kinda guilty too yknow?" the question was on everyone's lips... Why her?
"It shouldn't have been her... I was a tyrant in highschool but she was always sweet as pie, she didn't do anything to deserve this and I did a whole buncha stuff ... Not enough for someone to go killin me but ... She deserved this so much less than everyone else in this dang village."

He'd have loved to say they would catch the killer but ... Would they?/so many murders were left unsolved and Olivia's was such a mystery. He didn't want to get his hopes up or lie to Shauna when they really couldn't tell ...
" I hope the police catch em, whoever did this ..."
I'm here... why hasn't anyone posted in almost 2 weeks?!
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