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Hey everyone. First of all, I'd like to say thank you for the interest. I'm glad this found some people who thought it was enticing. I received quite a few of questions about the world, and the setting, and such things. I ended up realizing that this isn't as thought out as I believe it needs to be. While I definitely intend to keep the collaborative world-building dynamic in the final product, I think I need to strengthen the framework, so that players will have an accessible and consistent playingfield.

@FantasyChic You're right, they tend to die quickly. I will definitely use a narrative-heavy approach once I finalized it.

For now, I apologize for the sort-of-kind-of cancelling right now, especially to those who have already put work into sheets. If you are not too angry at me, I'd like to offer a sort of pre-access thingy once it's up and running, so that you are notified and can decide if you're still interested when I reopen it.

Soley Gibson

Hao'li City Outskirts @Arty Fox

As Soley turned her head towards the outskirts, where sand fizzled into the lush green of the environment, she suddenly felt something small bump into her with quite a bit of force. "What the-" she gulped out, before the momentum of the little Pokemon tipped her exhausted body over. Lying on her back, she rubbed her temples and stared up at the little Shinx, which vigorously moved around. Soley wondered what kind of Pokemon that was, as she put her flat hands on the ground and propped herself into a seating position again. "Huh? Oh, uh, yeah, it's okay." she assured the incoming trainer, who appeared concerned, which made Soley assume the Pokemon tackling her belonged to him. "That's a pretty energetic Pokemon, huh?" she asked, perhaps a little grumpier-sounding than she intended, as her eyes scanned the little blue creature.

Ophelia cackled in the background, hovering around Soley, as if make to sure she noticed the little ghost. Deciding to ignore the Shuppet's attempts to tease her, Soley instead eyed the trainer and his Shinx. "What kind of Pokemon is that? I've never seen one like that before", she asked, and carefully extended her hand, trying to stroke the Pokemon's back.
The lab is outside the town.
I let my character enter Mele Mele from the Marina, hope that's alright. Also, I apologize if my post was sucky. I haven't properly roleplayed in months, and I'm so out of it. :( I'm sure I'll get into the swing of things quick though, just bear with me for now, haha.

Soley Gibson


The smell of salt slowly subsided from her senses as she stepped off the Rider Sharpedo, and set foot on Mele Mele Island for the first time. Her hand ruffled through her hair in an attempt to get out the remains of water that had splashed up, as she looked up at the ferry terminal, and, eventually, let her gaze wander around the surroundings. It's so warm, she thought, and quickly slithered out of her leather jacket, revealing a black tank top and rather pale arms. Soley let out a sigh of relief as a gentle breeze brushed against her now uncovered skin, and cooled the Ore-native down a little bit. She carefully knotted the jacket's arms around her waist, kneeled down, pulled her bag in front of her, and pulled out a pair of headphones, and grinned happily. As the first notes of music hit her ears, she felt reenergized, and began to wander up the ramp, towards one of Hao'oli City's many shops and facilities. "Oh, right..." she mumbled, and tugged at her jacket. On the inside, a Pokeball waited for her. With a casual motion, she flicked her wrist and revealed her partner.

Ophelia, the Shuppet, squealed happily, as the ghost-type was free'd once more, though its expression changed quickly in the harsh sunlight. Ophelia scanned her new environment with squinted eyes, and began to circle Soley's head excitedly. "Calm down, you goof. This is Mele Mele island. We're finally gonna do it, you know?" The Shuppet had a confused expression on its face, tilting its head. The two made their way past a Malasada shop, which Ophelia eyed with great interest, but remained hovering close by Soley's side. "Alola has a Pokemon League. And trials. We're gonna finally beat some super strong trainers. And fight to become champions." Soley's face, previously neutral, if not vaguely grumpy, lit up, and a toothy smirk and wide eyes showed up. Ophelia smiled widely herself. For a while, the couple silently rode out the euphoria, making their way through Hao'oli City, towards the outskirts of the town.

"The Ride lady said new challengers should speak to the professor first, right?" she huffed after over an hour of exploration. The two had sprinted the streets up and down, and though Hao'oli City was a large town, the girl had expected the lab to be a prominent fixture."Shoot... Ahhh, I'm winded..." Soley mumbled, taking deep breaths. While physical excercise was no issue for her, the warmth made things a little more complicated than she had expected. She tumbled towards a grassy patch at the end of the city, and let herself collapse, leaning against the street sign. Ophelia descended, and hovered next to her trainer.

"Where is that darn lab?"
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