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4 Jan 2017 0:30
Current Alright, alright! Enough slacking! Happy New Year! ❤️ Back.
25 Dec 2016 15:13
Merry Christmas! Holidays have me 'wrapped up', HA. But I am a bit behind on replying I'll get around to it soon.
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19 Dec 2016 6:35
I BELIEVE I'm caught up with replied. I'm going through my PMs and it looks as though I am. I could have oveloomed something. If that's the case, give me a bump.
16 Dec 2016 8:05
Catching up with posts. I think, as of now I only have two more to respond to! Phew. I haven't forgotten you.
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16 Dec 2016 1:52
Busy w/Christmas shopping. :) Working on replies now!


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Wondering if anyone may be interested in a mental asylum role play? I was going through old roleplays and messages on my email and came across one roleplay I had going on last year. I don't know what happened- but it was pretty good. If anyone would be interested, I'll elaborate and update on the first post. Though, in short, I would like to recylce and maybe revamp the character I had used:

In this roleplay in particular, the asylum had a sort of caste system. Patients were 'labeled' with different colored bands which determined the mental state and general permissions and freedoms. Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange Red. Those wearing green bands having the most freedoms and were 'fully functional' were nearly brainwashed to submission. Yellow is the middle ground- most fluctuate between blue and yellow. Red being out of control and requiring stabilization.

Levi is homosexual, so this would be a MxM/yaoi roleplay if we include romance. In the roleplay, there was a new patient that Levi took interest in and volunteered to show around. Though, this patient (also mentally ill) was tense around and suspicious of Levi. This was the love interest. Levi over time tried to befriend him, and (unbeknownst to the other boy) was consistently stirring trouble. If someone took too much interest in him, or hurt him or was rude (even if Levi only perceived it) he would seek revenge and soon enough the newcomer has a bit of a reputation and becomes a bit of an outcast.

Two mentally ill patients in an asylum.

We can throw in some twists and turns, we can make the asylum actually greedy and evil and counterproductive.

Any way. That's that. Any interest or questions feel free to PM. I'm just think one opening fkr the moment. I have got my hands full, so I need patience.
Just the tiniest of bumps. Looking for one more, perhaps. A little slow on my end. Maybe one more?
Also added Fantasy Idea. :3
It's official.

I have a problem.

I am trash.

And lately, I have been obsessed with taking on roleplays. I was gone for some time, maybe I'm overcompensating... although I think, I've been doing an pretty good job juggling what I've got going on.

I have come to accept my issues. And I do hope, that you will too.

So, I like Naruto. Obviously.

I have had this idea for quite some time. I would love to try creating our own village. We can include canon characters if you would like. It doesn't matter, but I would also like some focus on original characters and their growth and development.

I do enjoy romance. I enjoy the world and action. We can decide our focus.

I am also willing to make this a small group RP, but I give warning: I've never done something like that before.

I have a few ideas. I would really like our characters to have interactions (if applicable).

I have an idea:

Of a small 'underdog' village trying to raise the reputation. We can throw in a twist and have the village actually pretty twisted (maybe the abandon it/disband, or overthrow it to create new allies).

Of allies of the Akatsuki, working alongside the members.

Or we could get something totally original whipped up!

And questions or suggestions give me a holler, PMs prefered!

Here you can find some info of my first idea.

I'm work on elaborating on some more ideas to add. Though, for, I'll leave this. Check in for updates!

I encourage patients partners only to inquire. I've got my hands full, so it may take me a week to reply. Not usually. But it is possible.

Hope to hear back!

Telepathy? Not much else is springing to mind.

The type of connection you are talking about generally seems to be linked to Telepathic communication - telepathy (mutual empethy apparently being key to such a connection, if you believe in such things).

That it?

Hmmm... that's the MEANING of it, I think. Lol. Definitely explains the word better.
This is killing me! XD
@Super Duper Affinity

Hmmmm, is that it???
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