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Programming a Wasteland/Fallout 1&2 style game. Going so and so.


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Aw come on, we need a commander shepherd, or Inquisitor, or a warden! He already fits the part the way he's flirtin with Lis.

I've been playing a bit of Mass Effect recently, and I can't help but to amuse myself with the thought of Kayden going through some Loyalty missions for his crew.
Well, usually I'd say find out IC but running water is abhorrent to them. Doesn't mean it hurts. Invitations is not a thing here though. Or even if it hard is it to be invited if the manservant opening the door is temporarily under the Vamp's control?

... How do they bathe?
<Snipped quote by Jollan>
Maybe if there's an overwhelming amount of volley fire. For a smaller team though, good luck hitting a Vampire with a crossbow or bow.

Well... they don't have a rogue's uncanny dodge... so you can catch them flat footed. :P

But you forgot about your gnomes! They can turn a bunch of silver arrows or bullets into one hell of a trap!

Actually... do Vampires in this universe have that trait where they can't enter an owned residence without an invitation or harmed by running water?
While certainly there was an amount of respect to be given to anyone who’d make an offering to those who are less fortunate… Jackal couldn’t help himself in seeing the little girl as either weak, or in having some ulterior motive behind the approach. And he was half tempted on personally running her off if he hadn’t restrained himself. Perhaps it was him being at a similar position as the little girl that left him with such a jaded look in his eyes as he saw the interaction, only she did not appear ready to rip someone’s throat out. He knew first hand that in any city, a little girl who begs daily would not even last to see this age. Children can be worse than demons.

But those were just off thoughts. A more pressing matter was evaluating the mental states of whom he has to work with. It was both a hobby, and to get an idea of the type of how the people he will work with will behave. And while, he certainly would refrain himself from making an absolute conclusion so early… he could say one thing about the half-and-half.

She’s a real piece of work. The type of hard boiled woman who lets age and experience do the talking, though whether that is experience from witnessing or practical application is unknown. She’s got a heart… somewhere in that black piss-buck that surrounds eons worth of pure bitchery in the making. And she’s definitely got that old grizzled war veteran vibe going on. So she’s seen some real fun stuff alright, though she’s quick to assume the least from others. 'What happened to you,' is definitely the first personal question Jackal would ask a girl like that. After all, she's acting far more jaded and grim than the criminal who spent a life committing all sorts of morally indisputable atrocities.

Conclusion? Like a walk down memory lane. She’s like one of the crews he had to work with for a heist a Rogue Guild ran on one of the palaces. Only in the shape of a half-n-half with the teeth of a viper and the attitude of an ass. At least she knew her stuff… but lacked creative insight.

Jackal chuckled softly after the lady went off on him. He dropped his hands after a shuffle, and out of habit kept them at is front by having one loosely grab the other by the wrist. A strange habit for a thief to keep his hands where others can see them. He looked to her with a big smile.
“Well well~ applying a light coat of oil to the blade is basic maintenance, otherwise the weapon will rot of rust and be worthless as water, humidity, and blood is exposed to the steel.” The thief then tapped the long sword strapped to his hip with one hand. The scabbard wasn’t a full one, and it definitely wasn’t a hard shell. It was more like a leather folded loop with a clasp to quickly release the blade by unfolding and dropping it. Most of the blade is exposed. It was the thief’s way of saying ‘it’s something I needs to do regularly.’ He would have also said something about the woman’s impractical suggestion for armor… but something else called for his attention.

His gaze then turned to look to the man known as Allard… and couldn’t help but to feel impressed. Not only was he a rough looking sod, but he was a wise one at that. Also a man who knew how to ask the right questions. Forge him a new weapon made with a rare metal? Why stop there, give him some new armor to turtle around in because you want a guy like that to stay alive!

Regardless the thief allowed his gaze to turn back to their faithful leader. “Excuse the digression, but if you may humor me. This might seem like a suggestion you’d rather not hear from my character, but do you mind sending me ahead to gather information before your arrival if it we will be awhile? I intend to interview the owner, servants, get descriptions and names of those whom are supposed to be there, background about pissy folks, as well as chart the overall layout… including passages kept away from scrutiny.”

The thief then moved a hand to scratch the back of his head, “It might seem like a bit much, but information is very powerful in any situation. A valuable lesson I learned. So, if you do approve… might I suggest a writ to the client? I doubt he’ll know who I am as I just arrived today~”

The thief paused for a moment and looked around when he heard a voice. After a second of thought he looked down to see… a gnome no… multiple gnomes. All of them chasing a dog. The man’s body fidgeted as his lips pursed. The hand that had scratched his head slowly lowered to point to the group. He was wondering if what he saw was just a case of madness that decided to materialize out of no where.

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