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21 Feb 2017 9:08
Current Game halfway done: but on pause
13 Sep 2016 22:34
Programming a Wasteland/Fallout 1&2 style game. Going so and so.


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So is this located in Houston or Galveston Texas? Or Mexico?
Free Society

Escaped slaves who roam the countryside of the CSA, committing murder, robbery, arson, on the slaveholders of the CSA. They are constantly on the move to escape the Confederate security services.

Hmm... I'm interested :D
So what are all the factions?
It was a coincidence. I hadn't known that page existed. The furthest my research has gone, was the Trolloc's Page to recall all of their little quirks and what they could and couldn't do (which at the time of reading mentioned the trolloc war but provided no link), the Dark One, The Myrdall, Dark lords, and -trying- to find some names on dark lords that existed during that period to see what their personalities and methodologies were.
@TangletailOh, so it's just coincidence that you happened upon Ba'alzamon's strategy to win the war? Read below:

It's discussed in one of the first few chapters of the first book.

EDIT: It's the 9th chapter of The Eye of the World, and Tetsuan's bit is relayed in the 5th chapter of The Great Hunt.

EDIT: "Manetheren blood was always stubborn, and more so after Aemon died and Eldrene's heart was shattered." - Moiraine, The Eye of the World

Call me a liar if you want, but I -hardly- call it forced labor for bridges an ingenious strategy. It's common sense.
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