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22 Mar 2017 15:39
Current Why aren't there any Megaman Rps ;-;
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31 Dec 2016 8:06
Done trying to host group RPs with more than 3 people. FML
16 Oct 2016 19:10
Doin the daily posting round like: 'AHAHAHAHAHA MY FINGERS ARE LIGHTNING'
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15 Oct 2016 1:41
Scattered Shades is Back. High Fantasy Fans, come on down to the interest check!
1 Sep 2016 18:46
Sometimes it feels like I got a lot on my shoulders, other times it just feels like I'm really goddamn sexy.
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I may not apply myself a lot of the time, but let's just say that I fall far above the median, yea?

I've been role playing for 8 years, writing since I was a wee-bab. I love fantasy-based roleplays with action, drama, and interesting characters of course.

I GM role plays more than I join in on them though, check my signature for the stuff I'm part of.

I'm pretty chill, but don't get on my bad side! I primarily role-play fantasy, but like to branch out occasionally. If you have ideas, I'm open to 1x1's, and small group RPs.

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In A Hero Tale 30 Mar 2017 22:37 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Sera launched a wave of forceful power towards Jenso, but missed as he darted away. For a moment, he swapped his attention over to Jeff, who'd already begun flinging the chandelier about, but a gigantic burst of Ki alerted him towards Jenso once again. His eyes narrowed at the flash of burning light, and the torrent of flames that followed. Sera swung his arms back, bearing his chest, and then flung them forwards in a crossing motion, sending two crossing gusts of force towards the torrent. The two attacks collided, but Sera's force prevailed as Jenso's attack ended. However, by the time it reached Jenso, it was no more than a gust of wind, barely strong enough to even upset Jenso's balance.

"What!?" Sera hissed. He looked up as the whipping winds from Jeff's tornado pull began slashing towards him, and he raised his arms in a reactive manner as the chandelier cam crashing down on him. The wind burst outwards and the metal crunched as it hit him dead-on.

A few moment passed, and as the wind cleared and the wreckage was visible, Sera was gone, crushed underneath the giant piece of metal. Or so Jenso and Jeff may have thought. A cracking noise sounded, and the metal split in two, revealing Sera as he busted through the top and landed on top of the wrecked heap of scrap. His blue skin was slightly cracked around his shoulders. A single shard less than a centimetre in width fell off to reveal his true skin, still in tact, underneath. He was covered in a protective coating the entire time! Sera stretched his right arm for a moment and cracked his neck before looking up at Jeff angrily.

"I'll show you what true royalty looks like."

~ End Of Chapter 79 ~
In A Hero Tale 29 Mar 2017 22:14 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Before Jenso could get a chance to move out of Sera's range, the half-elf's foot slammed against his Jaw. Jenso's fireball had stalled him long enough for Sera to land a hit. It still struck him, however, exploding against his right-most abdominal area. It didn't seem to do much damage at all though. Sera landed on his left foot as Jenso was launched off balance by his kick, and used a force wave to re position himself underneath Jenso in the blink of an eye. In another quick motion, Sera launched his fist towards Jenso's back, and struck him with immense force, launching him once again, towards the ceiling where Jeff was perched. His power showed a phenomenal improvement. His hits felt as strong as Ross', with his initial speed and agility which Sera amped up with his force-manipulation. The fusion of arcane mastery, and a power level that on its own, dwarfed Jenso's, was rearing its ugly head as more formidable than any foe he'd faced before. Sera rose his hands and aimed at Jeff and Jenso as he flew through the sky.

"Crystal Cross!"

Two spikes jutted out of the ceiling above Jeff and severed the dangling light source, making it fall towards Jenso as he was launched upwards.
In A Hero Tale 29 Mar 2017 17:43 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Sera leant to the left of Jenso's punch, and spun around after a short hop, aiming a force-propelled roundhouse kick for Jenso's head.
In A Hero Tale 29 Mar 2017 2:39 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Sera waited patiently for the fireball, and as it sped up, he stood resolute, waiting for it. Again, as he'd done before, he curled his arm around and struck the flame saw directly at its centre with a force-empowered piercing blow, dissipating the move instantly. Residual flames danced across his chest, but he was unharmed. Sera chuckled and shook his head. Sera looked back down at his hand and flexed his hand a few times, before dispelling the force-energy around it.

"Not a long effect," Sera commented, clenching his fist. "A formidable technique, that saw-like attack of yours. Penetrating power far beyond your body's limit, but at a dire cost. It can be easily dismantled if anyone strikes its epic-enter with magical precision. You can't hurt me with that," Sera taunted, "But now, I'll show you what I've created with the help of that strange man's Ki.."

Sera rose both his hands, but nothing happened for a moment. Then, suddenly, the ground underneath both Jenso and Jeff shook, and two crystalline spikes popped up from the ground, aimed to split them in half.

"Crystal Cross!"
In Petrichor 28 Mar 2017 22:54 Forum: Casual Roleplay
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