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Current posts potentially on hold for the day, was awake all night and am now exhausted and unable to function properly ono
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Shout out to any UK dudes or dudettes around London/Westminister...stay safe! ;-;
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Hint: if you feel the need to open a PM to somebody with "this probably isn't what you need rn" then maybe you shouldn't send it in the first place because no its not helpful T_T
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Life is putting me through the ringer, excuse longer times between posts as my muse is not cooperating right now despite my best efforts to keep it going
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can my motivation just stay constant pls? that'd be's not nice to get halfway through an RP response and run out of steam so you have to leave it for the rest of the day T_T


Well hey! I'm The Elvenqueen and I guess this is my little corner of this place? xD I prefer to be referred to as Elven on the internet, so I guess that's what you can call me

I was recently diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, which is the reason that I find communicating very difficult a lot of the time. I struggle to word things right sometimes and I get really nervous around people I don't know, but I do try my best and it's a lot easier if we have similar interests! On occasion my depression makes a reappearance and I just don't feel like talking but if that's the case I'll do my best to let you know and I will try to get back to it as soon as I can. Sometimes I am better able to answer certain posts because it's easier for my brain to see a 'next' scene depending on what is written out in previous posts or whether we've planned out stuff in advance, so if I ask you for a bit more to work with please be patient with me. If I could answer you properly as is I wouldn't ask c: likewise, if you ever can't understand or work with something I have written PLEASE tell me! I won't be able to correct it if you don't! O.o

I've been roleplaying for roughly 10 years now, so I guess I'm considered pretty "experienced"? I wouldn't call myself either a pro or a newbie though so not sure where I fall there.

I should probably also mention that I'm shipping trash and I start shipping things pretty easily XD Doesn't take me long to get attached to a ship and I often have multiple ships for different characters :P

I draw, occasionally, so you may find if the inspiration strikes me I'll draw a doodle or two from our roleplay! You can follow my art and stuff on my deviantart account: The-Elvenqueen, or my Art Dump Thread here in The Gallery section of the Guild! :D

my 1x1 interest check

My fandoms (in order of how much I like them) include:
Star Wars!! (Especially anything KOTOR I/II based ;w;)
Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
Warrior Cats (Erin Hunter)
Other Fantasy (e.g. elves/dwarves/dragons etc.) based/original plot roleplays
Eragon (though I confess it has been a few years since I've read the series!)
Harry Potter (again, been a few years since I've last read the books)
Wolf pack roleplays (either "realistic" or warrior cats style, I don't mind!)
Any other original created roleplays based on or around any of the same or similar topics already mentioned.
I'm also a writer and an artist and am currently scripting my own comic which I hope to publish one day, if I get into the characters and plot, you may find I will surprise you with some art of our characters from time to time!

I have no problem with gore/fighting/action in RPs and I'm pretty chill when it comes to romance too, I can work with FxF, MxM, or FxM comfortably depending on what you want to work with! I don't mind 18+ themes within another plot but won't base it entirely on the acts, and won't go into uber detail (but I don't think that's allowed here anyway, so! ^^), I think that's simple enough!
I prefer 1x1 roleplays, but would be willing to give maybe a 3 or 4 way roleplay a go, if the other posters are relaxed and patient enough since it has been upwards of 4 years since I have roleplayed anything but 1x1

If we have similar interests and you'd like to get to know me, or talk about/strike up a roleplay or roleplay idea, feel free to message me! I will reply as soon as I can get to it, I am pretty regularly active on the interwebs right now since I have not much better to do due to severe health issues, so I'm almost always around to chat or roleplay lately!

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Running round like a headless chicken, so not sure if I will have this next one done in time before we're off for the weekend.

If not, have a good one and it'll be up waiting for you on Monday! XD
-Excellent! I shall work on that then haha

-Well, I wasn't imagining the fanny packs originally when I thought of it, but that put a HILARIOUS image in my head now that you've said that, my goodness XD I may or may not feel a doodle coming on for that haha

-Might be nice to leave them a bit of a longer gap and at least let them get married first, or that'd be a bit not cool for them to be planning their wedding and then have "BAM WE NEED YOU TO SAVE THE GALAXY AGAIN". Ari certainly would NOT be amused haha XD

But we could play it by ear I guess and see how it goes? c:
Ari and I are certainly happy to give Bol the honours this time around, since he kinda deserves it (and she already got the satisfaction being the majority force in finishing off Bracknell, seems only fair Bol gets the second "boss" XD), so go for it! :D

Here, here to the relaxing and doing fun stuff for sure! I'm super excited to find out exactly what Neta has left for them too *flaps hands excitedly*
This all sounds good in terms of ending Act II as well, I'd guess it makes sense to have them married off in between II and III? o.o In terms of moving forward there's still Soto as an unknown variable I guess (don't think we touched on what happened to her in super-detail after they stopped watching her at the end of Act I/start of Act II? correct me if I'm wrong haha) so she could potentially be a driving force behind a new problem for Act III? Not entirely sure how just yet but I guess we can discuss that in more detail a little later :P

-I guess they could just go, as Bol once put it, "normal couple things" for a while (request for a possible visit to our dear redheaded pilot mom because I miss her? XD with the excuse that they'd want to thank her personally for said gift she left, and also because she did hint that they should come and visit at one point)
-I'd assume they'd spend time sightseeing or some such which could eventually lead into the idea of them being married off
-After they seem to have had enough "relaxing time" perhaps the Elders could bring to their attention that Soto has gone 'AWOL' as such and they're worried she's up to something, which could lead to them seeking her out to find that out?

and I guess we'd need to talk more about Soto to decide what (if anything) is gonna happen there? XD
Soooo Ari kind of ran away with this post and decided she was gonna do her own thing.... (protip: not the best lady to be fighting over a man with, Illesia hahaha) *reels her back in* down, girl XD feel free to have Illesia do with that what she will and take the fight in either direction xD

Alsooo mood music? O_O (which is aptly titled, as well! =P)

And I can't believe we're nearly at the end of Act II! *fangirly noises*
Their shared meditation helped, and in a way Yerbol's philosophical musings also lent the pair strength. They had overcome those narrowed viewpoints on the Force and it's properties, and even changed the views of many of the Elders who currently worked with them (which, at the time, had also seemed impossible), they could stop Illesia too. They spent the rest of the journey meditating again, even the hounds oddly quiet as they seemed to sense the gravity of the situation they were about to go into.

As they began to skim over the planet’s surface, her partner shot her a glare and she instantly knew what he was referring to, but offered little more than a thin smile which didn't come close to filling her face in response, too focused on their intended task and its possible outcomes to make Wampa jokes. Instead, she sat further forward to squint at the glaciers as Yerbol brought the vision Renso had sent them months before back to their attention. Spotting the odd formation mere seconds before Yerbol did himself, Aria had raised an arm to point it out when the other Champion spoke and veered towards it.
Upon leaving the confines of the ship, the duo and their beastly companions found the surface of Chufion Prime to be even colder than it first appeared. Pulling her cloak tighter around her shoulders, Aria exchanged a glance with Yerbol and pressed forward. The further they advanced into the hallway, the more familiar it seemed. This was definitely the place from Renso's visions. At the end of the hallway, they were greeted with a set of pods that were also recognisable, out of which emerged their quarry.

Aria narrowed her eyes warily at Illesia, choosing her words very carefully.
“Renso made a mistake with the way he treated you, he realised that before he died.” she knew it would do little to change the Xiis leader’s ways, but perhaps it would bring her some manner of closure before she met her end. “But what he learned...the teachings he gave you, they were the right ones.”
The Champion shook her head sadly. “You know what's sad is, you don't even see that anymore. That real strength and power comes from the balance of knowing when to kill and when to show compassion and mercy, not from hatred and fear.”
Drawing her lightsabers, Aria's muscles tensed in preparation for the confrontation, her eyes never leaving Illesia. It was difficult to judge the level of power in this place, and thus difficult to judge whether they could successfully overload Illesia's abilities by feeding TOO much energy into her. They risked draining too much of their own energy in the process too, which didn't seem viable.
I think we've got a better chance trying to cut her off than overloading her… she pointed out to Yerbol, shifting her weight warily. Or at least trying to wear her down a bit first seems like a good idea. It nearly worked last time, right?
Illesia had no other Xiis, so far as they could tell currently, which would make the task easier...more like a one on one fight. We'll keep goading her, maybe if I can irritate her enough she won't notice what you're doing this time.
If all else failed they could attempt to overload her instead. Giving her partner one final nod, Aria went on the offensive, Chwuq flanked her while Taral hung back at Yerbol's side to give the Champion some form of protection. The Xiis leader’s teeth flashed again as she dodged sideways to avoid Aria's blade, Chwuq’s teeth snapping shut inches off their mark as Illesia avoided her too. And thus the deadly game of feint-and-dodge began, though Illesia wasn't entirely invested, too much of her attention was still fixed on Yerbol, making the Champion’s task of stripping her Force connection that much harder. They would have to fix that.
With a flummoxed snort, Chwuq shook her coat as she glanced between Aria and the Xiis.
This prey is difficult. Much hurt for us if it hits back.
Aria avoided another swipe to her shoulder and nodded, grasping for the tendrils she recognised as the beast’s mind.
I know. We're the distraction. She needs to be weaker, then we kill her. It was a dangerous game to be playing, but a few broken bones or battle wounds could be mended, compared to the alternative of allowing Illesia to recover her strength fully and launch another attack on an Alliance world.

That, Chwuq understood. With renewed understanding, the pair closed in on Illesia again. Chwuq turned out to be surprisingly agile for her size, twisting and leaping to deflect some of Illesia's more savage blows away from Aria, for which the Champion was grateful the longer the dance went on. For all their efforts, they seemed to be in a stalemate, every blow Aria landed or deflected was mirrored in kind by the Xiis leader, only one in every three lunges of tooth and claw from Chwuq landing their mark (though Aria suspected the Tuk’ata intended this to be so, each wound was not enough to bring them the endgame opportunity, but deep enough to bleed and gradually sap the Xiis’ strength). Keep hounding her, keep her attention off Yerbol and Taral, who was doing a good job of snapping and lunging to force Illesia back towards the other two whenever the Xiis came too close. This time it was a more even match of strength and stamina between them thanks to the few weeks of sparring, strength training and meditation the duo had partaken in at the academy, and that seemed to put Illesia's caution on high alert. Her lunges were more cautious, her muscles always tensed to leap away as she avoided getting too close.
Holding her blade aloft, Aria's features quirked into a smirk as she pointed it directly at Illesia and proclaimed between slightly shaky breaths:
“It's not like a Xiis to try and run from a fight.”
A snarl. “What's the matter, afraid of a bit of competition?” she rolled to the left to avoid a projectile of broken glass which Illesia plucked from the broken edges of the stasis pod behind them and hurled at her in retort, hiding her wince as some of the shards nicked her shoulder.
The Champion popped back up on Illesia’s right side, features spreading into a smug grin as the taunts continued, since they appeared to be having the desired effect.
“For all your efforts, you know he’s never going to want you. Not while I’m here.”
She had perhaps, underestimated the force with which Illesia would launch her next attack due to her anger at the Champion’s constant prodding, Aria’s eyes widening a little as she was hurtled clean over Illesia’s head and back into the pods behind the Xiis. She was sure the glass might have cracked on the impact, though thankfully it seemed to cave inwards and thus meant very little injury to Aria other than being momentarily dazed, which the Champion played to her full advantage by feigning a stumble and inability to hold her weight underneath her in the hopes of drawing the Xiis in closer, if Yerbol could cut off her Force abilities, Chwuq could come at her from behind and prevent her escape, so the duo could finish this…
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