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Current Don't say that. Pleaseee don't say that another Guild crash will happen D: I don't want to experience my first Guild death ;w;
10 Jan 2017 14:44
@Dewey: +1 to the "smol and I can't do the cold" squad. I also grew up in a part of Africa where it was always hot so I EXTRA HATE the standard coldness of winter here in the UK *sobs*
30 Dec 2016 0:10
@Gowi: definitely! Even better with the restored content mod tho ouo
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Now Richard Adams too?! D: For fuck's sake 2016! *sobs forever*
27 Dec 2016 19:21
Alright 2016, that's enough now! You can fuck off now or isthe I'll take Lady A's suggestion and Force Choke you into oblivion ,>:L


Well hey! I'm The Elvenqueen and I guess this is my little corner of this place? xD I prefer to be referred to as Elven on the internet, so I guess that's what you can call me

I was recently diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, which is the reason that I find communicating very difficult a lot of the time. I struggle to word things right sometimes and I get really nervous around people I don't know, but I do try my best and it's a lot easier if we have similar interests! On occasion my depression makes a reappearance and I just don't feel like talking but if that's the case I'll do my best to let you know and I will try to get back to it as soon as I can. Sometimes I am better able to answer certain posts because it's easier for my brain to see a 'next' scene depending on what is written out in previous posts or whether we've planned out stuff in advance, so if I ask you for a bit more to work with please be patient with me. If I could answer you properly as is I wouldn't ask c: likewise, if you ever can't understand or work with something I have written PLEASE tell me! I won't be able to correct it if you don't! O.o

I've been roleplaying for roughly 10 years now, so I guess I'm considered pretty "experienced"? I wouldn't call myself either a pro or a newbie though so not sure where I fall there.

I should probably also mention that I'm shipping trash and I start shipping things pretty easily XD Doesn't take me long to get attached to a ship and I often have multiple ships for different characters :P

I draw, occasionally, so you may find if the inspiration strikes me I'll draw a doodle or two from our roleplay! You can follow my art and stuff on my deviantart account: The-Elvenqueen, or my Art Dump Thread here in The Gallery section of the Guild! :D

my 1x1 interest check

My fandoms (in order of how much I like them) include:
Star Wars!! (Especially anything KOTOR I/II based ;w;)
Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
Warrior Cats (Erin Hunter)
Other Fantasy (e.g. elves/dwarves/dragons etc.) based/original plot roleplays
Eragon (though I confess it has been a few years since I've read the series!)
Harry Potter (again, been a few years since I've last read the books)
Wolf pack roleplays (either "realistic" or warrior cats style, I don't mind!)
Any other original created roleplays based on or around any of the same or similar topics already mentioned.
I'm also a writer and an artist and am currently scripting my own comic which I hope to publish one day, if I get into the characters and plot, you may find I will surprise you with some art of our characters from time to time!

I have no problem with gore/fighting/action in RPs and I'm pretty chill when it comes to romance too, I can work with FxF, MxM, or FxM comfortably depending on what you want to work with! I don't mind 18+ themes within another plot but won't base it entirely on the acts, and won't go into uber detail (but I don't think that's allowed here anyway, so! ^^), I think that's simple enough!
I prefer 1x1 roleplays, but would be willing to give maybe a 3 or 4 way roleplay a go, if the other posters are relaxed and patient enough since it has been upwards of 4 years since I have roleplayed anything but 1x1

If we have similar interests and you'd like to get to know me, or talk about/strike up a roleplay or roleplay idea, feel free to message me! I will reply as soon as I can get to it, I am pretty regularly active on the interwebs right now since I have not much better to do due to severe health issues, so I'm almost always around to chat or roleplay lately!

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Yay, no worries, glad I could get the general gist across, feel free to add anything if you feel it necessary XD

Awww that is a real shame D: well I look forward to meeting her! Ari shall be preparing herself as I think it's certainly going to be a bit of a culture shock for her compared to what she's used to lol
@Lucian well you already took the yandere comment so I had to come up with something else:P

Jailed for levitating in a public forum
Yerbol echoed her own doubts, which surprised Aria a bit at first but after she had taken time to think it through (of course he hadn't seen them in that long, had she completely forgotten how he had told her he didn't have the time to return to Taris before receiving Lysa’s message?) she found it was slightly liberating that she wasn't the only one on edge about the meeting that lay before them. She flashed a nervous smile of her own back at her companion and nodded. “Yeah, fine.”

For a moment, she had been worried they wouldn't even FIND the base in the first place, since she had absolutely no inkling of the Republic outposts on the planet and Yerbol couldn't seem to remember where it was either. Thankfully, there were people on duty in the relay towers that were able to direct them to a safe docking area, and from there they simply had to ask a few questions to find out where they should be headed.
Aria implored with the two Tuk'ata to stay with the ship. This would be difficult enough already without potentially frightening Yerbol's parents to death if they were to lay eyes on the two hounds. They had been less than keen, grumbling and whining in protest about ‘danger’ this and ‘not safe’ that, though were eventually coerced under premise that the duo would be nowhere near any Rakghouls.
“Thank you.” Aria had smirked as she scratched both behind an ear. “...guess I gotta come up with better names than ‘Stinkface’, huh?” she had teased them as she wracked her brains trying to remember the names Roan had given to them (they were odd words, difficult to enunciate...with some effort and help from Yerbol she had concluded the male’s name was Taral and the female’s Chwuq. Try saying those in a hurry.)

As they stepped out into the spaceport of base Echo, not only were they greeted personally by the base commander (who grinned like a buffoon after spotting the signature weapons clipped to their belts), but were also presented with an image of Chancellor Saresh occupying every large screen in the port as she made some kind of announcement over the HoloNet. Behind her, images of Zinuthra, the Alliance fleet, Soto, Bracknell, and some of the key instigators of the Rebellion (including herself and Yerbol, the other Masters and so on) flashed up periodically to illustrate Saresh's topic of speech. The older Twi’lek was attempting to offer a public address since the pair had left her with the diplomats on Zinuthra, apparently to try and salvage whatever remained of the reputations of the rebel leaders after Bracknell had made sure to stamp their names into the mud.
“....and so I must be the one to admit that, regretfully, we misjudged the actions of these so-called rebels in favour of Lord Bracknell's lies. Once again I must reiterate my deepest apologies on behalf of all that remains of the Alliance government, to these people who have been working so tirelessly towards true peace in the galaxy, and to their families who have been separated from them and unable to reconcile. We understand that a simple apology will in no way make up for our former actions but hope that the sanctuary program can begin to mend the rifts that have been caused between Force users and the rest of us, and give you the opportunity to return to your families in the near future.” Saresh was finishing as they completed their exchange with Mylo and made their way to the settlement.

Aria couldn't help but grin in return at Yerbol's sentiment as they left the speeders at the entrance and made their way inside.
“Well, must be having some effect,” she remarked as she let Yerbol take the lead. “I don't see any Rakghouls around right now.” for which she was glad, she remembered the spindly-framed, diseased creatures with their sickly white complexion and razor sharp black talons. Almost reminiscent of the Ice demon creatures native to Quensu, she thought suddenly, and was extra glad that there appeared to be none nearby. As they rounded the corner to where Yerbol said he had remembered his house being, it wasn't difficult for her to see the resemblance between the broad-shouldered man and Yerbol. She had been going to offer some form of comfort and encouragement to Yerbol, but was forced to inch backwards as his father approached and immediately drew the young man into a hug so tight it made Aria wince sympathetically. Though she was of course relieved that Yerbol's dad seemed to be making light of the whole ‘terrorists bent on destroying our hard won peace’ fiasco, perhaps they hadn't lost faith in him like he had feared. As Vol released his son and addressed Aria instead, she smiled and returned the embrace as best she could, that explained where Yerbol got what she liked to call his ‘death-grip hugs’ from. Thankfully she was used to the being lifted off the ground in such a manner that Vol’s hug did little more than momentarily knock the breath out of her lungs.
“Yessir.” she chuckled nervously, tucking a stray strand of hair back into place behind her ear. “It's an honour to finally meet you, Yerbol talks about you a lot.” the young Knight appeared to be embarrassed enough by his father's teasing, she figured she could do no worse but that she should also attempt to defend his honour a little:
“Although I have to admit he's been very good company, I'd be in far worse shape if I didn't have him looking out for me.”
She tried not to stutter, or laugh too often, anything that would give her nerves away. She had never noticed it before, perhaps because she had always been in the company of others like Roan, Vano and Elara whose accents were just as heavy as her own, but FORCE did she drawl like an Imperial. Surrounded by an entire base full of Republic citizens, she was painfully aware of the abrasive edge to her voice and tried to minimise it in the least awkward-looking (and sounding) way possible. Already she was wishing a massive hole would open underneath her feet and swallow her whole. Great start, Ari. Drawl at them like a complete bantha-brain, great start. She hoped her face wasn't as red as it felt.

If Vol thought anything of it he made no mention as such and simply beckoned them inside to meet up with Yerbol's mother as well. She caught Yerbol's concerned gaze out of the corner of her eye as the duo trailed in after Vol and smiled back at him, managing a quick thumbs up gesture that would hopefully convey their previous assertions before they had disembarked from Ne-...their ship.
Everything’s going to be fine….we can do this.
Apologies for my delay in posting, I had a bit of a rough weekend (it's been really cold and I've been a bit miserable because of it haha) and had trouble finishing it.

Let's kick some Mando butt! xD
Merak Shenly

Location: Dantooine, approaching the ruined enclave
Interacting With: @DirtyDingo's Alessia, @Delta44's Aether

With the briefing out of the way, they could part ways with Blitz Crew and focus on their part of the mission. As they approached the enclave, the trio took cover behind a large stack of crates before making an initial move into the courtyard out front, which was just as well for at that moment a patrol of about fifteen or so Mandalorians appeared. Craske and the rest of his men had already disappeared from view. They were on their own.
It made Merak nervous. He had been hoping for a ‘creep in, creep out’ approach where they completely escaped notice from their enemies. Of course, fate, or the Force as his Jedi companions might have said, had other ideas…
He should have of course been used to their mysterious ways by now, but it still caught him off guard slightly to hear their voices in his head, especially for the pair to exchange words as casually as if they were having a verbal conversation. The smuggler would sit there for a while as Alessia and Aether both proposed strategies for moving forward.

He realised that they couldn’t just sit there and wait for the Mandalorians to pass them, and that the Jedi were waiting expectantly to hear his input. Blinking at them both, Merak shook his head and, with some difficulty (he never did understand exactly how to do this whole ‘talk inside other people’s heads’ thing the Jedi had going on), managed to put forward his own thoughts without speaking and just hope that they could hear him.
Well...we can’t risk them doubling back and finding us while Blitz is busy, can we? he pointed out. So Alessia’s right, we’ve got to put them down or we’ll be in for more trouble later. Using the crates as cover sounds like a good idea, and we do have the element of surprise on our side. of course none of the trio had considered the possibility of backup being sent once the fifteen-man patrol never returned to their leaders to deliver their report; but that wasn’t their chief concern in the moment. The patrol was getting closer, a moment longer and their window of opportunity would pass.

Hefting his vibroknife into a better grip position, Merak nodded again. I’m ready when you are.
Whether they chose to use the crates or not, they would have to move quickly once they revealed their position to the Mandalorians in order to dispose of them before they could make enough noise to alert any more of their allies. Though he was less skilled with a knife than with ranged weapons, it would be easier to get past the heavy-duty armour the Mandalorians wore with a blade that could slip through the gaps in the plating than it would be trying to blast straight through the thickest parts with gunfire. He’d learned that during the war and hadn’t forgotten it.
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