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23 Apr 2017 12:39
Current if there could be more hours of the day and I could not need to sleep so I could just do things till they were done that'd be nice XD haven't got the time to do everything needed of me right now D:
21 Apr 2017 8:39
I am now 21....I do not feel 21. Make it stop I don't like this adult thing :(
18 Apr 2017 21:22
@Kalas: Be careful you don't do it for the epicness and then regret killing him off later...can confirm. Does not feel good xD
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17 Apr 2017 21:23
Hooray for all the good drawing ideas when you know you're supposed to be up early for an appointment in the morning! :'D Dangit, muse!
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15 Apr 2017 15:09
Soooo pumped for Episode 8 Is it Christmas yet dammit?!?
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PROFILE UNDERGOING A REVAMP. Excuse the mess for now o.o

I draw, occasionally, so you may find if the inspiration strikes me I'll draw a doodle or two from our roleplay! You can follow my art and stuff on my deviantart account: The-Elvenqueen, or my Art Dump Thread here in The Gallery section of the Guild! :D

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Yeah, nearly! 11 months according to the counter things on the side since our first posts o.o

Stock photos sounds like a good idea for sure, can only make the pages look nice! :D

Ooohhh, I could put it on the homepage actually...I hadn't thought of that. Though I might work on a less sketchy version with proper colours for that he hehe. I'm gonna work on starting the archive/plot summary for Act I and II over the weekend and see what else happens there XD
Woohoo for Act III! and the (nearly...Like, a month short but pssh close enough XD) one year mark too! o.o gosh we've put them through so much in such a short time space haha

Sounds good to me! Gives me some time to finish up the stuff I started too :P I need to work on some bio stuff for the wiki as well :P I'll try get some doodles done for the planets and scenery as well so we can add some aesthetic to those :D

My hand is gonna hate me but dangit I didn't finish the speed-draw I started to mark the end of Act I (curse you unreliable laptop .__.) so I'm gonna finish this thing if it kills my hand haha XD
Awesome, no worries as always! I totally get that stuff gets crazy trying to get things done before holiday breaks XD Man am I glad I don't teach so I don't have to do that haha
It was bad enough being one of the students so I can only half imagine what it must be like when you're the teacher o.o my dad does teaching as well and he's always like "SO MUCH WORK HALP" XD
My baaaadddd, got distracted making some things for the wiki :$ But voila, ghost dad sass! XD

And also hopefully some new things for the wiki once I'm doneee <3 hehehe
It was good to hear most of their loved ones, particularly Neta and Yerbol’s parents, opting to stay the night in various available guest lodgings on Zinuthra rather than catching the very next transport off-world. The ceremony had been, despite all the stress, very pleasant. Neta had outdone herself when it came to the catering arrangement, the quality of dinner far surpassing the expectations Aria had subconsciously set. Like Yerbol, Aria was left incredibly puzzled by Neta’s cryptic message. When Yerbol frowned down at her and asked if she knew what the redhead had meant, the Champion simply shrugged and mumbled.
“I don’t know….very strange.” leaning into her partner’s side as he slipped an arm around her waist and suggested that they spend a considerable amount of time lying around like good-for-nothings in order to recuperate.
The half hour between the end of the celebrations and them finally arriving back at their room seemed to last forever. If it hadn’t been so restricting, she might have even considered just flopping onto the covers and sleeping in the dress (that, and the thought of the lecture she’d get in the morning for getting it creased, of course). As it was, she was very much glad to finally get out of the darn thing.
“I’m going to change. ” she mumbled to her partner, who had a MUCH easier time of shedding his formal apparel than she did, leaving the other Champion to make use of the bathroom while she worked on wiggling out of her dress and into her usual comfier sleep clothes. When the door was shut, she could have sworn she heard voices speaking though couldn’t quite make out who they belonged to at first. Before she could ask if Yerbol had been calling to her, she heard him ask her the same question. Frowning, Aria responded.
“...No! Did you?” though she wasn’t sure he had heard the question.

“Forgotten what my voice sounds like already, boy?” the voice this time around was clearer as it spoke to the Champion again, and unmistakably Roan’s. “I’m offended.” the Sith Lord’s apparition once again shimmered into view, his eyes just as sharp and cat-like as ever despite being slightly less pigmented and closer to their natural slate grey colour than they had been when he was alive, arms crossed over his chest to convey his apparent annoyance.
“I had expected you to have the courtesy to ask for my blessing first, Yerbol.” when the Champion responded with a slack jaw and an awkward stutter, Roan rolled his eyes and smirked, following up immediately with:
“Although I suppose not all of us have the luxury of summoning the dead at our leisure, eh?”
Roan paused as Aria’s voice, tinged with confusion, called from behind the bathroom door.
“Bol? Who are you talking to? Couldn’t they at least KNOCK before creeping in unannounced like that?”
Leaning (or floating?) closer, the deceased Sith Lord growled firmly.
“Just thought I would drop by to check up on both of you. I’m holding you to that promise, boy.” a ghostly finger was jabbed in Yerbol’s direction as Roan affirmed: “You had better take damn good care of her, or I promise you, you will find yourself in possession of a personal poltergeist for the rest of your life!” Roan’s features spread into his usual sharp-toothed grin (which Aria had inherited, the resemblance shared between the father and daughter in such a small gesture was uncanny). “And I don’t mean me. I mean her MOTHER. And trust me, that is something you do NOT want. That woman can nag the ears off of a Loth cat, make no mistake.”

“Bol?” Aria called again, the bathroom door whooshing open as Roan’s spirit dissipated with a final nod in his daughter’s direction. “Is everything okay?” she frowned, squinting as she plopped down next to him and rubbed her eyes, not sure what she had seen. “Was that...who I think it was?” the Champion sighed and shook her head, putting it down to being REALLY tired which was making her hallucinate...voices and apparitions. Yes, that was it. Probably. Right?
Sighing softly, she scooted closer to him, tucking herself into her usual place against his chest. “Must be seeing things...that was something I’m glad we only have to do once. I could hardly breathe in that dress.” giggling at the silliness of it all (in hindsight), she proceeded to explain the predicament of discovering the tailors had been misinformed of the measurements and the quick attempts to fix it had left the fabric a bit tighter than it SHOULD have been (which she also teased him “hadn’t been a bad thing because it had been kind of funny to watch him turn to jelly as soon as he looked at her”). Yerbol had made some other witty (and perhaps inappropriate, had they not been alone) comment in retort, which left both of them laughing until their sides ached.
“Anything of that sort of nature is going to have to wait until tomorrow. I’m far too tired now.” she smirked teasingly, planting another kiss on his lips before adjusting the pillows underneath them to a slightly more comfortable position.

“Is it weird that this feels...different? Even though it’s not really…” she mumbled, eyes fixed on the ceiling. “I kind of got used to sleeping with you holding me.” a faint flush of colour came to Aria’s cheeks as she mumbled. “Couldn’t sleep at all when you weren’t here.” she slipped her arms around him, hugging him tightly. “I really meant it. I’m not ever leaving you like that again, and don’t you DARE ask me to, you hear?”
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