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21 Apr 2017 11:47
Current @Hostile Get the flamethrower! Burn them all! Panic!
21 Apr 2017 11:26
Buddha's mental instability becomes more and more evident every day...
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28 Mar 2017 7:41
Playin' old video games I loved and remembering baby me missing all of the important details in the narrative and actually understanding it this time and making it even better
24 Mar 2017 15:24
@ The Kid Lantern all I hear is more assumptions. How do you know I'm not either?
24 Mar 2017 14:32
@ The Kid Lantern Did you just assume my state of being?


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I edited the thing

As in I just cut half of it out and will paste the rest later, so I guess I had a much easier job than anyone else and still took the longest time to do it

<Snipped quote by The Fated Fallen>

Unfortunately yes. I'm not trying to make peeps feel bad and I won't pretend I've never made this mistake. So I'm not penalizing anyone for it this once.

But what people could do is 1) describe where they hold up, because it is a town with buildings to barricade themselves in, 2) do they stay in the street and get into any formations, 3) are they watching the alleyways, 4) Have they faced Rogs yet and if so, do they know anything, 5) do they ask anyone if they have any ideas, so on and so forth. I mean, it's an advanced RP and I've let peeps take liberties a fair bit so far. But yeh, y'all can fight a few Rogs once they attack and you can describe you taking a few out if you justify it well enough, but I'm supposed to describe them entering the town proper, and I also have surprises too.

Urrrrgggh, effort!

I'll sort it out tomorrow (age old excuse)

You should have known better than to invite me to an advanced rp!

@POOHEAD189 Is it too much of an issue that they can't be in combat yet? Are you sure we can't take it from here? I mean, it's alright for Alice to be preparing, she had stuff to do but what else can other people say than "I ready my weapons and get ready for a charge."
So how is everyone?
That was a longer post than I thought it would be. I suck at writing combat :S

*realises it's half past midnight*

Well that explains a lot, night y'all!
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