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5 Mar 2017 22:51
Current @Andreyich, sounds like you are planning something either interestingly stupid or just plain old stupid. I can't tell which...
5 Mar 2017 3:18
I have limited myself to one roleplay (and planning on doing one more 1x1 roleplay) because of midterms and Spring Break coming soon.
27 Feb 2017 3:28
Correction, I only have one midterm this week and two midterms the following week. Sorry again.
27 Feb 2017 2:59
To the RPs that I am in, I have to take three midterms this week (since my teachers thought that it was a good idea to start them early). So, I will most likely not be on here a whole lot.
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25 Feb 2017 22:18
Because of you guys, I am going to reinstall Shogun 2.


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"Do you walk in the meadow of spring?
Do you talk to the animals?
Do you hold their lives from a string?
Do you ponder the manner of things In the dark?" ~ Glitter & Gold - Barns Courtney

"I’m alive, I’m alive, oh yeah
Between the good and bad is where you’ll find me,
Reaching for heaven.
I will fight, and I'll sleep when I die,
I’ll live my life, I’m alive!" ~ I'm Alive! - Becca

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I just had to rest in peace the recipe
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If you're up right now, hope you hear what I'm saying (Hope you hear what I'm...)" ~ All My Friends - Snakehips (feat. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper)

"Chemicals rushing in,
I know it's you that I belong to
I'm burning like a cannonball in the air
Crashing into who I belong to" ~ I Know You - Skylar Grey

"I want to tell you that everything will be okay
That everything will eventually turn itself to gold
Keep pushin through it all
Don't follow, lead the way
Don't lose yourself or your hope" ~ Jump Rope - Blue October

"Cause we've got futures to unfold
And there are stories left untold
And when it feels like coming home it's you and I,
And our dreams we have are coming faster
Circles that we follow
And it feels like coming home it's you and I." ~ Circles - Audien (feat. Ruby Prophet)

"And now all your love will be exorcised
And we will find you saints to be canonized
And it's an even song
It's a melody
It's a battle cry
It's a symphony" ~ Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine

"Darling we will sing until we die,
we'll never waste these tears on fears and cries
and now the world is ours to take
and every single move is ours to make" ~ Until We Die - Gentle Bones

"Was it for redemption?
Was it for revenge?
Was it for the bottle?
Was it for the ledge?
Was it for the thrill of pushing my hope to the edge?
Why did love, why did love put a gun in my hand?" ~ Gun In My Hand - Dorothy

"Such a funny thing for me to try to explain
How I'm feeling and my pride is the one to blame
And I still don't understand
Just how your love could do what no one else can" ~ Crazy In Love (Fifty Shades Of Grey Version) - Beyoncé

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"You would have done the same, to save the ones you love..." ~ Uberto Alberti - Assassin's Creed II

"If you kill me your soul will be as cursed as mine." ~ Reed - GUN

"In a world without gold, we might have been heroes!" ~ Blackbeard - Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

"My face will be the last thing your pathetic eyes ever see." ~ Ripa 'Moramee - Halo Wars

"I was trying to make you a great warrior..." ~ Ares - God of War

"You never understood what I did! Fifty of me, and this town would be okay! I took the trash out! I DID! And I'd do it all again..." ~ Officer Frank Tenpenny - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall." ~ Confucius, 551-479 BC

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"I have mangled the minds of millions! I have tempted forth torrential tides of tears! I have reduced the richest republics to rubble and ruin! Because I am the greatest in all the galaxy!" ~ Lord Hater, Wander over Yonder

"Love at first sight doesn't exist. Love takes time, and love takes work. At the very least you have to know the other person..." ~ Garnet, Steven Universe

"...To find balance, you must understand your feelings. To understand your feelings, you must see them clearly without running from them." ~ Garnet, Steven Universe

"If history only remembers one in a thousand of us, then the future will be filled with stories of who we were and what we did. But until that day comes, we will stand, we will look death in the eye and we will fight!" ~ Unknown,
Battlefield 1

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I decided not to advance the story until your character gets inside the house and investigates. Also, you can control the crowd and the police as well as the EMTs if you want to.
Officer Callum Lewis knew that things were going to get worse after he shot his best friend. He heard the neighbors talking about the dead body and the police sirens got louder as Callum tried to patch his other friend's wounds. Despite all of his hard work, Benjamin passed out because the amount of blood lost was great. Lewis kept an eye on his friend while he heard a car approaching the crime scene. He went over the details of what happened inside Ochoa's house. From the dead dog to Ochoa tearing a piece of Benjamin's neck, he tried to make it sound sane enough. No matter what happens, he will never forget the events inside that house.

"So, do you want to go over the story again?" someone asked while Lewis was still looking at Benjamin.

"Isn't it simple enough? One of my friends was bitten by another friend of mine while investigating his home. He was eating his dog when we found him and he just lost it." Lewis started to recall the events of the afternoon, "We left and he soon followed us. He looked like that he was going to attack the neighbors. To prevent that, I fired my gun at his chest, hoping that would stop him. However, it didn't do anything. So... I fired another shot at the head and that killed him."

He looked at his friend's lifeless body and sighed as he went back towards his wounded friend. That was when backup arrived as EMTs and police officers got to work. They closed off the crime scene and pushed spectators back while EMTs rushed towards Benjamin and got to work on him. Lewis stepped back for the EMTs and looked at the whole scene. It was going to be a mess for the department even if his actions were proven to be in the right. He did not know how long his future with the police force was going to last but he started to plan for early retirement. Maybe spend more time with Benjamin once he recovered, if he recovered.

"I wish that the story was insane and fake, but everything is inside that house. I had to protect my friend and everyone else within the area." he proclaimed his innocence towards the detective.
It is good enough. I have started on writing a response. Should I wait before I advance the plot or just go ahead?
For me, the story is interesting enough that I want to play it until the end. Other than that, the game should of been delayed until July or early September. And there are no quarians to be seen in the game so far.
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