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"Hurry yourself Sgrogbraogg, I'd rather not be late and be the last team to enter the atrium," Linas said, his daughter scurrying behind the unfazed scientist with the 16-foot monster giving large yet slow strides across the white polished floor. The ogre was quite impressed by the scenery before his eyes, it seemed to be built similarly to the underground fortresses of the dawi, impressively large yet sticks to a rather drab style compared to the great gleaming decadent cities like the Asur. The entire feel of this great building though seemed to emit the sense that this was built for and by smart people with its large yet practical designs. The only reason why Sgrogbraogg could have such a deep insight of architecture was due to the might of the Ogre Kingdoms and their tendencies to be hired as the vanguard of almost every army from the ancient Cold Ones to the shady Ratmen. The Ogre Kingdoms in on itself doesn't murder for the sake of murder, they murder and pillage to bring favor of the Great Maw and end their ceaseless hunger given by the very same god. If the time came in which villages paid the ogres on a seasonal basis to produce food for the horde rather than end their production entirely, the ogres would gladly take the deal without violence if the village stuck with the deal. In the end, ogres entirely have the keen sense of making deals with other races if they so choose to make it with the brutish race, but one has to remember if the deal gets too cumbersome for their greedy bellies it would force them to get a quicker meal of freshly grounded meat! Anyway, besides the history lesson, Sgrogbraogg also noticed the hasty reconstruction of the entrances as well, it was almost like it was quickly built for someone with a larger size than normal. Hehehe.

"Heh, you called this the Inquisitorial College? Well... It doesn't look too shabby by the looks of it, you eggheads always did have the tendencies to stick in groups to protect yourselves against forces like myself," Tyrant said, grinning a sloppy set of slabbed teeth towards the two humans.

"I can say for sure that we do have the greatest minds working on this little project here, and while it is true that we have congregated to solve, a little muscle like yourself can be of use to us 'eggheads'."

"Father, can you try not to be condescending to everyone? Especially to the 16-foot monster that can crush us to death with his pinkie toe?" Mary stated behind her gas-mask, clearly the more pragmatic between the father and daughter relationship between the two.

"Yes, yes. I'll be sure to try to heed the words of my assistant about the way I've been acting since before you were born. Anyway! If you follow me and my little girl here Sgrogbraogg I'll see it that we get everything ready for the start of the tournament."

Clearly amused by the banter between the two humans, Sgrogbraogg pushed upon the rather large doors towards a rather pristine and glorious glass atrium. The entire area proved to be some sort of meeting area, though at the moment seemed to be specialized for the certain occasion as there laid thirty-two podiums formed within an enclosing circle. Most the contestants have already arrived positioned within their according podiums to the dismay of Linas, but the group arrived with most eyes upon the largest being of the entire room. Sgrogbraogg was quite happy about the attention, it was normal to get looks of horror for his massive size, but each contestant within their respective podiums have been chosen as the champion of their world and would provide the ogre with an extravagant and exotic feast upon new races. In the end, Sgrogbraogg moved to his podium adjusted for his height with a strange contraption placed within the center, but it didn't matter much to the Tyrant as he scanned the smaller beings that would provide him a fierce competition for this 'wish'.

The Lady in White, she would provide a well preserved taste of beauty and lean flesh from the cold aura emitting from the lady.

The God Hand, the young supple taste would prove to be similar to a succulent juicy slabs of meat of well prepared veal.

The Fungal Knight, while most mushrooms in on itself carry a hearty meat-like flavor it seems that they would sadly only provide just a crunchy taste of a skeleton with no meat on its bones.

Smiley, this strange demon yet like all of its kind have taste beyond his palate which he just can't place but meat is meat to the ogre.

Queen of Terror, this one both combined two meats in one with their human body with the lean treat of lizard flesh which meant this one seemed the tastiest with its multiple textures and flavors.

The Blood Devil, quite a heavily armored shell of metal to protect their weak skin and flesh which makes a perfect built in boiling pan for that nice cooked human taste.

The Sentinel, yuck, mostly metal with a meak human inside means for a tasteless fight with too much effort for the feast at the end of the match.

Inari, beauty between his victims actually do provide a different taste, generally peeling and eating well managed skin beyond the dainty meat provides a good but not so filling meal.

Knight Sylvestre, similar to the Blood Knight, but with the handy halberd could provide a handy rotisserie knight like the pompous Bretonnian knights.

Gaben's Chosen, salty and sugary screams from the child, a good snack to eat but multiple versions would be rather unhealthy.

Captain K. Runch, a balanced breakfast that would provide a part of a healthy and nutritious meal but might provide a hint of salty flavor within its meat.

Seraphim, another warrior clad within a personal meat container but this one seems to have a personal roasting device strapped to their back which would provide a portable device for cooking up humans on the go.

The Apex Hunter, a most likely gamey meat which would be prepared well with other animals mixed within a hearty meaty stew fit for a filling and heavy dinner.

The Angel, yet another heavily armored knight, but this one provides the interesting development of bloodied wings which can be eaten fried for a tasty and juicy meal paired with a nice meat inside of the armor.

Blackjack, another fully armored character with a strange design that was completely foreign to the ogre. Anyhow, they look like a bipedal creature so they will most likely taste of human.

Angry Dragon, sadly not an actual dragon who's meat is actually some of the best meat the ogre had ever tasted in his life. A meager human that doesn't pack much meat on itself so another scrawny unfulfilling snack.

Mika, another child solider with soft and underdeveloped flesh which would provide tasty and soft bites of a young human.

With those 17 accounted for, Sgrogbraogg was just about to judge the rest of the contestants with his good eye for detecting how well an opponent would taste before he was rudely interrupted by a figure above the contestants. It was strangely just an unimpressive old lady, Sgrogbraogg was hoping for a more better tasting looking leader, but these eggheads tend to have leaders that don't have much meat on their bones. Anyway, with a strangely booming voice most likely produced by the strange machines propped right before her lips provided some vague information pertaining to the mysterious tournament and the arena which all these other-worldly beings will fight to the death over to get their apparent wish. The talk of other unknown dangers excited Sgrogbraogg slightly as well, more unknown meat with some treasure to boot was always another good incentive for brutally murdering other sentient beings. And finally the old woman gave some information about the strange devices before the contestants, the little trinket apparently handled their souls which was most likely impossible! The tiny contraption wouldn't be able to handle such a wide and girthy soul of Tyrant Sgrogbraogg Gaintbreaker Wallcrusher Mountaineater Drakedestroyer Gatecrasher Hoardmaster All-Maw the Large and Strong! Still, it was his to take so even if this trinket could somehow absorb souls it was most likely in his favor to keep it away from others. The ogre manhandled the small figure with his large hands, clumsily tying the trinket to his over-sized neck.

"Hmm, this tournament better be worth my time and effort human. If not I'll be here sooner or later and eat you and all of your friends personally,"

"Don't worry about it Tyrant Sgrogbraogg Gaintbreaker Wallcrusher Mountaineater Drakedestroyer Gatecrasher Hoardmaster All-Maw the Large and Strong. I'll be sure whatever you find will be beyond your expectations! Remember though, I'm betting some of my money on you, so try your best not to die."

"Hurr hurr hurr, human, you're a funny one. When I win in the end, I'll be sure to remember your name when I conquer the Old World." Sgrogbraogg cockily said, hefting up his great weapons once again, adjusting his gut-plate, and with a toothy grin was soon enveloped once again in a thick white fog to enter the blood bath of the Crucible.

The apocalypse was nigh, fire consumed the hiding, blood runs through the streets like a rapid, bodies littered the landscape like leaves, and the few screams of the living perpetrated through the smell of defecation of rotted bodies. It truly was the end for the denizens of the land, however, this was a paradise for the greedy and hungry. These powerful few were collectively called the Ogre Kingdoms, a nomadic race of conquerors that raid, pillage, and eat everything that doesn’t bow beneath their mighty girth. The few that try to defy these giants are quickly quelled with absolute force, an army with each soldier on average more than twice the size of a human while they march with malicious eyes and grins to the demise of a defiant people. At the moment, this was the case for the proud dawi people, an ancient race of dwarves with the voracity and strength to survive since the beginning of this eternal conflict of the Old World. However, with Karak Krak’s underground city desecrated beyond repair, the powerful tribe of the All-Maw after a several month long siege planted their corrupted flag at the throne room of the dead dwarf king of the mountain. Ogres were then laughing as they strolled through the destroyed city, gathering and snacking on strewn bodies like candy as the monsters were pillaging the last of what they had came for to collect from these proud Dawi, their beer.

Cheers! The sentiment echoing throughout the canyon, ogres of all size celebrating their hard-earned victory over the stubborn dawi. A feast of enormous size was happening outside the bashed gate of Karak Krak, ogres of the All-Maw tribe wandering about drinking and eating their fill of tough dwarf flesh and mouth watering alcohol produced by these dead brewers. In the center of all of this commotion was one giant ogre, they towered over even the largest of the tribe and had enough power to crush an entire city with the wave of a hand. Tyrant Sgrogbraogg Gaintbreaker Wallcrusher Mountaineater Drakedestroyer Gatecrasher Hoardmaster All-Maw the Large and Strong was savouring his victory the most, as the leader of the All-Maw it was plain to see that he would be partying the hardest of them all. This was quite apparent as Sgrogbraogg was firmly grasping an entire tank of ale between his two meaty hands, the giant metal container of alcohol would have most likely crushed any person that tried to lift the object, but Sgrogbraogg was no mere person. “Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!” screamed out the surrounding ogres, watching in amazement as their leader was not only lifting the tank of ale but was simultaneously drinking all the contents with one single nasty slurp. As these great ogres were chanting with blood, meat, and spit escaping out of their slobbering mouths, the tank of ale had just reached an angle in which it was now perfectly vertical over Sgrogbraogg. Only silence was heard at this pivotal moment, the gluttonous slurping had been quelled and soon with concentrated strength of the Tyrant, the giant metal tank was soon violently crushed between his two meaty arms and slammed onto the ground with a grinning leader standing on top. The All-Maw clan then erupted in cheers, laughing heartily at the amazing feat that their Tyrant had just pulled off, this act cementing once again why Sgrogbraogg was the leader of the All-Maw.

“There are two thing that these Dawi can do right, give us tough meaty flesh and good ass tasting ale!” Sgrogbraogg yelled, the surrounding ogres toasting to their leader before resuming back to their endless feasting of the dwarven flesh. With that stunt over, the Tyrant walked his way over towards his personal hut. All ogres cheering and toasting their leader as he passed by the various soldiers of fortune. “Ugh, I think all that ale I just drank is heavier than what I am right now,” Sgrogbraogg thought to himself, the slurry of food and drink sloshing through his enormous belly as he stomped his way through the bloodied landscape.

Entering his abode, Sgrogbraogg looked around the hut to check if anything had moved but it seemed that everything was in place. Loosening his gut plate revealing a giant jiggling belly, Sgrogbraogg went over to his private ditch to take a mighty shit worth of being the leader of the All-Maw. Squatting near the trench, the Tyrant soon noticed his hut mysteriously fogging up as the misty clouds soon became thick enough which rendered his sight to just beyond his hands. “What’s this then?” Sgrogbraogg questioned, his voice booming across the hut yet was still squatting near his private trench. The Tyrant tried waved his arms, checking if anyone was near the leader finding that no one was stupid enough to get close enough to the towering monster. “C’mon, I don’t got all day. I’ll kill ya while I’m shitting and use your dead body to wipe my ass if you don’t speak up right now.”

A few moments of silence continued before a stranger’s voice perpetrated through the fog. “Calm yourself, Tyrant Sgrogbraogg Gaintbreaker Wallcrusher Mountaineater Drakedestroyer Gatecrasher Hoardmaster All-Maw the Large and Strong. We have come far to find you and offer up an opportunity that you don’t want to miss.”

“Heh, not a lot of people keep up with my name… What’s your offer? My men are itching for another fight, so if you’re hiring us then this better be a good price or your body will be sticking all the way in Hell when I’m done with you.”

“We do not offer this deal to anyone, Tyrant. Only to the few that we deem strong enough are able to participate and your strength has greatly peaked our interest. We offer you not one physical object to satisfy one desire, but we serve you an opportunity to satiate all your desires with a tournament to fight for a single wish of your choice.”

“A wish? A tournament? BWHAHAHAHA! You expect me to fall for such a poor ruse? I don’t know why you think I’m as stupid as an orc, but unless you are Gods, I’ll be getting up right now and pop you in my mouth for a crunchy treat!” Tyrant laughed, raising himself from his latrine as he finished his nasty business with cleaning the mess with several books of the Holy Book of Sigmar.

The Tyrant slowly stumbled through his home, waving his arms around being careful to not accidently destroy his stuff searching for the mysterious guest. However, this person seemed to avoid his fatal grasp at every turn while calmly continuing his elevator pitch to the man-eating monster. “I’d advise you to reconsider my offer Tyrant Sgrogbraogg. I know you are an ogre of great desire like others, but your desire is far greater than any other which allowed you to gain such strength and will. Heed my words once again, if you are able to crush this competition of blood like your earlier days, you will find yourself able to rule this world.”

“Bah! You have done your research well human, but what gives you the right to dictate what I can and can’t do? My strength is mine alone, I don’t need your stupid magic to give mysel-”

“Magic and gaining power? I wonder why that sounds so familiar Sgrogbraogg? Does it mean that the dark magic didn’t turn your frail body into the ogre you are today? Please, think of this like another upgrade of your strength provided by your glorious god, the Great Maw. I must say that it will be hard earned as the greater power you receive must be met with a greater trail. Through your unlikely survival to your adulthood you gained the power to rule over your tribe, and to receive the power to conquer worlds you must face off against the greatest powers across the worlds!”

The final words stopped the Tyrant in his tracks as his brain started to churn with thought, the stranger’s magical fog soon faded away revealing a gas-masked stranger with a seemingly smaller version of the human standing behind the masked stranger. The mystery man then gestured to the various weapons laid across the room, and with one look towards the masked human Sgrogbraogg began to laugh at the antics of the masked man. “I must say, you do make a compelling argument… Bah! You’ve made your case stranger, you’ve peaked my interest which means I won’t eat you… For now. Let me get my stuff ready.”

“My name is Doctor Linas Richards for future use. I must say it was my pleasure to convince you to join me. Most of the recruiters didn’t want to risk themselves to your high-risk profile, especially my daughter Mary here, but seeing and talking to you in person has enlightened me about your unique profile.”

“Heh, you talk funny human. Now, you best sneak off wherever you came from, I can say for sure that one of my men will try to eat and your little assistant if you reveal yourself to them… Like me,”

“No need Tyrant, just follow us out and we will be on our way to the Inquisitional College. You might want to watch your head at the door ways when we arrive, we never accounted for 16-foot tall people in the construction.” As Linas made his way out of the hut, Sgrogbraogg was slightly confused by his words as it would take some time to get out of these treacherous mountains, but as the Tyrant exited his home the ogre was suddenly flooded with new sensory information.

Wincing at the sudden brightness, he was confused for a few moments as the great feasting was at the dead of night, not in the bright afternoon. Sgrogbraogg further found himself in an unfamiliar situation as buildings of strange architecture crowded the Tyrant and in the distance was a city almost as large as Altdorf! In slight amazement, he looked behind him to find his hut was gone as well with Linas and Mary beckoning Sgrogbraogg towards the college with a pathway paved with brilliant white stone. “Hmpfh, maybe these guys are Gods,” Tyrant mumbled to himself, hefting his mighty weapons strapped to his back and readjusted his gut plate before stomping his way towards his next great adventure.
Macavity - Macavity's Bunker

Wow, Macavity was sure... not tired! Please, this hasn't been the first time he had spent night without sleeping stealing stuff across the entire city. However, as Macavity wandered around city with his little red wagon filled with a variety of sketching, fabrics, and other junk that even closely related to something about clothing and costumes. It was still amazing that he was trying to do this for one little girl, true interacting was a bit of a chore but going this far was something quite different, and maybe he would have to work on not revealing too many things to a literal random stranger that he had only met a couple of hours ago. Still, these were things to think about later as he toted his large bag and little red wagon, hidden beneath his parahuman power as he crossed the cool night street under the moonlight unnoticed by any passerby who would have normally have detected the energetic fellow.

As morning brought upon a new day with Macavity struggling to pull the wagon up the steps of the apartment building, Cassidy had already woken up by that time eating his food, and as he entered the lobby to do the intricate steps to enter the secret bunker she was still lying in his expensive bed probably mooching off of his items stashed around the area. Macavity regretted at times the two sets of puzzles set around the area when he was either tired or drunk, but in his mind he knew that these things were still cool as hell and anyone should be proud of what he managed to make in the real world. He managed to think happy thoughts to himself as he managed to shove the wagon down into the second puzzle and after a short time in the second puzzle room opened the door to his cool ass secret bunker. "Hey Cassidy! Guess who has all this stuff that I have no idea what to do with!" Macavity said, completely forgetting the fact that he was still under the influence of his parahuman power, and embarrassingly enough turned it off to find Cassidy slightly amazed at the goodies that he had behind his own lonesome self.

"Dang! You would not believe the night I had! I think I almost triggered seven alarms that night but I think I got out pretty safe with all this random stuff," Macavity boasted, kicking off his shoes as he sat down on a nearby coach with Cassidy moving out of his bed towards the array of objects to visualize for her little pet vigilante project. As she started to barrage him with details about her suit and other various details, Macavity slowly got out a sketch pad with a brand new pencil from his large tote bag and started to design something akin to what Cassidy seemed to be describing to him. Now, Macavity wouldn't boast that he is the top artist in the region, but he has stared long and hard at other artist working their magic unaware of his presence. So, this thief has basically got this down to help out his little vigilante hide her identity to kick and harm the bad people. "Ok, so I heard red somewhere in that sentence, wait a second, red and white costume with something something light weight as well. Some relativity modest jogger shorts for running for your life, maybe I can add in some long boots or leggings to help cover up those gams since you don't want to be a "slut"," Macavity muttered this all to himself, quickly sketching out a basic frame for the costume hoping that it would look good enough for his contact to somehow make in such a relatively short period. He would only look up to her after she raised her hand, barely hearing that she was about to use her power, and was suddenly under her parahuman ability.

Macavity was frozen in time, his body unmoving with a sort of ugly look that his face had frozen upon, and suddenly time resumed for the thief as the person he was glancing over teleported over to the other side of the room. "Wait... What? That's your power? Uh... looked a lot more menacing when you did it on those goons, but still a pretty cool power if you manage to get the jump on anyone!" Macavity paused as Cassidy continued to talk within her excited manner, remembering the message of kicking people in the balls while time was frozen and suddenly went through his tote bag. After a few moments, Macavity pulled out two objects for Cassidy to hold, one was a taser and in the other hand a can of mace. "Here, if you use these things on a person that would be pretty funny. I can't imagine getting kicked in the balls, maced, and tasered all at the same time," The thief laughed at the prospect, he then picked up the sketchbook and nodded at his perfect creation of a costume. "Cassidy, look at this brilliant design for Chrona. I didn't think I had it in me to create such a masterpiece, but it looks beyond my expectations," Macavity said, smiling at his exaggerated words as he showed off the basic sketch of her costume.

The masterful artist would allow Cassidy to view the sketch for as long as she wanted, Macavity knew that she would admire the sketch but still waited for her approval over her costume. Afterwards, Macavity pulled out one of his many untraceable phones before dialing in a couple of random numbers. He stood around, a silent Cassidy hovering near him, with the phone ringing a few times before someone had finally picked up his call. "Ah! Yes, hello, I assume you people are still doing your custom costume production line? Hm... Yes, that is great to hear from you. I would like to order one light and strong costume, discretion and time would be appreciated, and price is no question just get this product out the best quality and fastest time. I'll send you a fax of the measurements and design right now... Ok, thank you, have a nice day." Macavity shut his phone, grabbed the sketching and trugged along over towards the fax machine placed in the corner of the room. "So, now we wait for you costume to arrive. What do you want to do to pass the time?"

Arsenal - Highway Robbery

Ah, this felt pretty great. Firing his impressive load in the face of unsuspecting victims... Wait, that sounded wrong. Anywho, it was all going to plan afterwards as the resulting pileup caused by the unassuming Sophia with the help of their sharpshooting friend managed to completely wreak the entire day of these basic soldiers. Outgunned and confused, they didn't realize the situation that these people were in until it was too late as Arsenal let down a rain of fire while Headhunter dealt precise shots to pick off the panicking grunts. The other two parahuman escorts were still MIA which was slightly unsettling, but with the way things have been going this plan should go off without a single hitch! With this covering fire, Headhunter's precise aiming, Sophia's unbeatable defense, and Chatterbox's... Car? Wow, where is all of this confidence coming from? He feels as if he can just run up to those stupid soldiers and punch them in the face with these awesome robotic limbs!

Wait... Hold up, that is a fucking stupid plan. Where did that come from? Arsenal thought to himself, trying to not get hit by the other two functioning soldiers and the two determined injured soldiers. It was only until Arsenal could spot something near the wreaked van, a person flew high into the air! Ah! One of the parahuman escorts... But where is the other? Arsenal's question was asked as in the corner of his eye spotted an object fly through the air and in between Sophia and Chatterbox. "Shit! Gas grenade! Get that away from us!" Arsenal yelled, screaming at the obvious course of action at the two, as his extra arms started to whir into place according to the new threats. The commando was quickly encroaching on the position of Headhunter with most likely hostile intent, the flying lady above had an advantage of height over the group, and suddenly the soldiers started to move from cover to cover closer to the Jacks! Arsenal smirked to himself, it was a combination of Morales's power and a bit of arrogance from Arsenal, but he felt that these enemies will be riddled with rubber bullets.

Staying in cover, hoping that either of the two would do something before that gas grenade could ruin their only cover, several extra arms come into play in the gunfight. Torrents of rubber bullets escaped from his poncho, ripping it into shreds revealing his masterful creation of the six shooter. The top two arms were already tracking the movements of Noble, acting as anti-air guns to knock her out of the sky with some extra strength rubber bullets. The other two facing his backside already had the poor grunt moving from cover to flank him was most likely on the pinned or writhing in the ground from the sudden counter measure of being flanked from behind with even more firepower. Also, as Arsenal continued to fire bullets from his right hand trying to pin down as many people, Arsenal's left arm started to make funny noises as it started to shift into a flamethrower released by the palm of his hand! The gorgeous flames spewing towards Morales in an attempt to make him back off from surprise enough for Headhunter to take another debilitating shot on the two parahumans. Though, things could have been better as the suicidal confidence had seemed to affect everyone including Lovecraft as they got enveloped in some white foam that encased the androgynous child.

Artificer - Denver Skyline

Well, it seems that Artificer wasn't the only one who had reacted appropriately to a sudden appearing man among the group. Kyoshi and the hostage seemed unfazed, but as Artificer lost his footing getting off his fly, Furnace had another idea as he attacked the man by reflex with his unfurling batons. It looked like the attack did little due to it just being mostly out of reflex and that tough looking armor deflecting most of the blow, but in the end everyone was just left standing awkwardly with everyone ignoring his earlier question thankfully saving him from the embarrassment. Still, it was strange that the hostage had literally no reaction but every parahuman that he has met has been pretty weird.

Afterwards, Artificer found himself just a bystander as this Jaunt character was determined by Furnace as some type of mercenary figure, and hoped that no one on this roof had some type of hit on their heads. The parahuman boy started to slowly backaway from the figure, still on edge, but noticed that Furnace started to walk over to some random direction but soon noticed why everyone was starting to stare off into the distance. A decent way away, there was some large serpent-like beast almost squirming its way over to the group ahead. A cold bead of sweat ran down his forehead, Furnace took a pose as he said something to try to deter the beast, but Artificer was frozen in fear. "Oh geez," he mumbled to himself, the mention of it being an Endbringer scaring him even further as being brutally obliterated by giant monsters was something that was not on his to-do list today. "Uh... We should... We should probably get out of here. I don't want to die by a giant monster today," Artificer said, already climbing aboard his Ebony Fly ready to bolt the moment something bad would happen to the group exposed on the roof.

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