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@Lugubrious So, since I'm fighting a PC that dropped the game does this mean Tyrant is currently engaged in an NPC battle?
Exhale - Union Pacific Railroad

A door had soon begun to creep open, deep respirate breaths perpetrated through the strangely fresh air of the office signaling to the only other person in the room that their requested man had arrived to discuss some ideas. The person entering the office in full view was a cape, they were dressed quite peculiar compared to most everyday attire as they were sporting clothes that looked like they came straight out of some type of lab. As they took their first steps into the pristine area, the masked man took a few glances to understand that everything in the office had its designated place, the entire room actually looking like something from a display case rather than an office that someone had been working in for months on end. A few more steps in, the masked man soon began to focus his gaze upon the person that had called him up to his office. They seemed to be calmly working on whatever was on their desk, those gloved hands nimbly moving around the sparkling desk while the rest of the unattended contents while unused were also strangely crisp and clean. The man himself was also of similar attributes like the room, the tanned office worker in their white suit seemed almost too normal to be one of the up-and-coming crime bosses in the city.

It hasn't been long since he had been accepted within this crime-influenced business. It had been at most a couple of weeks within this new occupation yet the people treated him like he had been with them since the beginning of business. The entire process had been strange while entering this field of work, human interaction wasn't his strong suit after hiding away for a few years from the government, pooling his anger against the world as he practiced his newly-found ability. It was only until he couldn't bear the frustration of living his life in such a poor standard that he had decided to use this power to destroy the people that ruined his life and surely would end it if they got their hands on it as well. So, the man decided to use this supernatural power against his enemies, but battling against one of the strongest countries in the world by himself with little to no funds wasn't the brightest of ideas. So, through a little networking in the criminal underground that he had come to known from his years of skulking in the shadows, both with his knowledge and abilities managed to gather a few sources that would appreciate his services. Out of them, a certain business proprietor of the criminal organization making a name for themselves caught his attention as they both seemed to have the man-power and skill to be able to take this city as their own. The man thought this to be his best bet, a small skillful tight-knit group of professionals would beat going with gangbangers any day of the week for his plans. And so, after a bit of weeks going by, the man managed to make his way into this family and fast-forwarding into the future is where this person is where he is right now.

The masked man was now in a few feet away from his desk, standing straight with his clothes as clean as they could be before entering the spotless room. He looked towards his boss, calm, and soon after a few bits of silence the masked man finally spoke through with a strong, yet muffled voice. "Boss, 'Exhale' is here, what do you need of me?"
As Tyrant shifted his eyes from shadow to shadow, his muscles tensed up to react to any sort of odd movement, the ogre was simply waiting for the opponent to make their first strike. The Ogre found some hilarity from the College's rather coy nature from choosing their locations, being placed within the very same blood drenched arena that made him Tyrant was going to be his first battle in this soon to be blood drenched city-wide arena. Gripping ever so tightly to his Giant Eater, Tyrant had finally heard yet another subtle movement within the shadows with his entire mass shifting to the noise. And ever low-and-behold, within his ever-growing vision was soon set upon his soon-to-be enemy. Tyrant sized them up almost instantly as they surprisingly helped him with first revealing their position, walking into the dim light, and in a general sense was without bloodlust in their posture. They were obviously trying to be non-threatening, well, as non-threatening as one Jester could be with a ceaseless grin and clothing sporting several human organs. The clothing reminded him of an agent of chaos, nordic bastards that pillage and raid their money pots from time to time, and one of the armies of the Old World that threaten the regular quota of wartime and bloodshed. Tyrant still eyed him with suspicion, his muscles were tensed up for a beat down, but within his knowledge this Jester wasn't within the atrium with the rest of the opponents which meant it was some type of monster if that wasn't obvious by their appearance. So, Tyrant simply watched as the Jester monster spoke with an eerie sing-song voice.

"You, Fool, while I see that you aren't one of the contestants in this tournament of the strong. You still dare tell the Tyrant what to do with his time, and have the gall to threaten a giant like me?" The Tyrant said, his booming voice echoing across the torn down Maw-Pit. The both of them eyed each other down, the tension within the air high as the Tyrant flex his fingers around the bone of an extinct giant race as the Jester playfully wielded their knives. Only a few more tense moments passed between the two before the Tyrant made his first move against the Jester as his muscles began to form into a... slab-full grin.

A hearty laugh soon escaped from his greased lips, his fat folds giggling with the consistency of gelatin with the air being cleared up from the near deadly battle. A few more seconds of this laughter soon brought the Tyrant, raising his Giant Eater to rest upon his shoulder as his other hand started to scratch what was left of his neck. "Fool, I see that you are not here to fight. Whatever you may be, while you smell and look delicious, I'll see to it that we fight on a later date for I have another fight waiting for me and I need all my strength to assure a complete stomp with a gory feast. I best hope you don't reveal yourself like this once again, for if you do I'll splatter you in this bloodied hall without another thought." With a toothy grin on his face, the Tyrant passed by the Jester with his long strided walk towards the ladder. As the ogre sheathed his Giant Eater, his Sound Eater clanking against the club, he placed his grubby hand onto the large ladder with a firm grip. "You best not die before I come back down, it'd be a shame for your flesh to go to waste," Tyrant remarked, the ogre finally climbing up ladder towards the upper lands of the city.
A familiar white fog had enveloped Tyrant once again, the first time this happened it resulted in him being transported into another world by his guess which made him curious about this soon-to-be new location. However, first thing was first, beyond fighting to the death for a "wish" he wondered what this new world would provide him in both entertainment for his fighting spirit and taste buds. The contestants, all in all, looked like they could handle themselves within a fight for their lives but what Tyrant really wanted to learn is the foreign objects within this new world. The leader of this organization talked about various treasures and beasts scattered throughout this dangerous land, treasure was something always on an ogre's mind since everyone in the Old World could speak through money and lots of money provided lots of meat! Monsters on the other hand didn't say much, depending on this world the most ferocious monsters might as well be chew toys for the Mournfang. The Old World is a very dangerous place that Tyrant had been accustomed to, not many can survive a place that knows no peace which is then constantly torn through wars of the various races that has known only to survive through violence. So, within this new world, Tyrant could only expect that by sending in the strongest warriors meant that everything will provide him a good fight and a good eat which excited him as this new land shall be explored and subsequently conquered single handily by the Tyrant of the All-Maw tribe!

Eager in anticipation as the fog started to dissipate, Tyrant pulled out Giant Eater in the case of any surprise attacks once he exits the fog, but before his eyes could adjust to the scene his other senses could almost instantly detect its familiarity. Tyrant was confused, wasn't he supposed to go to a new world? This place smelt and felt exactly like the old grounds, the Maw-Pit, but that place was all the way back at his campsite which was worlds away! Did they manage to trick him somehow? Slightly angry at the fact of this probable bamboozle, the ogre soon swatted away the remaining fog to discover that he was right in a certain senses about the scene. By all accounts it was the same except for two facts, the first one was a giant hole in the middle of the grounds to the surface and another giant hole on the side of the pit with only darkness filling up the void. Scratching his chest, Tyrant was still just a bit confused about his surroundings, but with his Giant Eater still in hand he slowly walked over to the seemingly bottomless pit. He looked down to the ceaseless darkness, this sight reminded him heavily of the tunnels across the Mountains of Mourn built long ago by the once prosperous dawi, and even in the distance his eyes could recognize a glowing city. Skaven? Those rat bastards always did like building cities under cities but the glowing was quite abnormal... Warpstone? The veteran warrior looked at the glowing city for a few more seconds before shrugging his shoulders at the sight, there was no possible way to reach that city without climbing the ninety degree cliff that would most likely result in his death. So, with sightseeing done, Tyrant decided to leave by the rather incredibly large vertical tunnel which would provide him an escape from this familiar setting. However, before all of this could be executed, the ogre's ears managed to detect something within the dark pit.

A subtle noise of sorts fell within his ears, the ogre gripped his Giant Eater just a bit more before eyeing his dark surroundings of any nearby threats. Tyrant was subtly cursing the fact that his eyes couldn't adjust to the darkness as well as some of the other races, the filthy rat-men, the ugly goblins, and the stubborn dawi have always had superior night vision which are constantly used to their advantage once entering their dark tunnels and cities. Still, the ogre could see from a fair enough distance to fight, but he needed to be cautious as something was lurking in the darkness with him. Taking a few steps away from the bottomless cliff, Tyrant continued to scan the area with the giant bone club tightly gripped within his grubby hands, "Come out and fight, the Maw-Pit dictates that once two people enter only one can leave with the other in their belly, do you dare refuse this challenge?"
Arsenal - Highway Robbery

Arsenal had to admit, still didn't mean he was quite angry, but he had to admit that he has been pranked pretty hard right in the middle of combat. It took way too long than the boy would have liked to admit, the bullets seemingly phasing through the airborne threat which reminded him of Sophia's power while Morales for some strange reason wasn't reacting at all while being set on fire! "Fucking holograms," Arsenal muttered to himself, cursing at the fact that he had wasted precious time and resources firing at basically dummies while the real versions could simply be closing in on the... Before he could finish he thoughts however, a loud ping crashed into Arsenal's ear as he flinched on reflex dodging the resulting sparks and fluids spraying from the wound. It took him under a second to produce return fire, but Arsenal wasn't the happiest camper as his one of his arms was failing in its duty to fire out a tonne of bullets in the general direction of his enemy. "God damnit! Who told these idiots that they could use live ammo! Look at me following our fucking orders to not murder these chucklefucks while they are trying to murder me!" Arsenal angrily complained, hating the fact that he was using rubber bullets while the 'good guys' were using live ammo on their enemies. And if this battle wasn't getting any better, in the corner of his eye, the boy could spot that the tear gas that he told to get rid of was only half-assed as the gas canister's content started to escape within his direction. Arsenal could only grit his teeth at the moment, pissed beyond belief, but at least he wasn't dead or whatever happened to Lovely.

Arsenal definitely needed a plan, something to get him out between the constant fire from the grunts, the unknown locations of the heroes, and the freaking tear gas approaching the car. He was just about to decide to use lethal force on these grunts as they were doing the same, rockets to their cover would probably stop them from ruining his handy work, but before he could finalize this plan something in his brain somehow told him to stop? Huh... It seems that Morales was taken down as Arsenal soon felt the effects of his power drift away from his mind freeing it up, letting him think rationally once again in the middle of a god damn fire fight. "Thank god someone is doing something around here," With the cowboy's mind free, and thankfully the soldiers being less bold in their attacks which gave Arsenal back the advantage of people being afraid of getting hit by a bullet. Arsenal soon broke from his soon to be useless cover, running and gunning with his five arms towards a cover that would let him get closer to their cargo, Gamble, and hopefully let him get some lucky shots to hit one of those god damn idiot guards using live ammunition. However, Arsenal did have to stop his cover to cover constant fire as Noble had let their presence known, and by luck her position being in range of Chatterbox's vocal range! Hopefully the hero would allow the villain to sweet talk his way out of this predicament, preferably with Noble unconscious with her stupid guards with the rest of the group running for the hills with their target Gamble.

Artificer - Denver Skyline

Well... That was strange, besides the fact that the creature could talk to without a mouth while calling itself 'Outsider' and also saying that it wasn't a threat to everyone in the city. Artificer was still quite cautious, staying on his fly, ready to bolt and probably fly and save at least three people if Furnace could keep it distracted for a few seconds. The beads could come in handy, but it would cause too much collateral damage if used irresponsibly against these other heroes and mercenary or could miss and explode down below on the street! Artificer rubbed the back of his head, unsure of what to do until the monstrous Endbringer looking thing managed to revert into a human! Instantly he saw G4M3R walk up to the humanized version of Outsider, trying to get him to join the Minutemen, Artificer's heart skipped a beat as it was mentioned with his face filled with unsure thoughts. "I mean... Are you sure you want? I mean, ok, since you're the boss."
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