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— Hollow Space —

All at once she took a couple of steps forward and cuffed Keita on the back of the head.

"Nobody goes to jail for a little shoplifting."

Haruko paused for a second, thinking.

"If you get arrested they might kick you out of school though. Then you'd have all the time you need to sort this out."

She mulled over the other things that were said. There was no telling what form these powers might take or what kind of opposition they might have to face.

"So is this an all or nothing deal? I can't see you bringing all of us here if only a few will do."

— Candaeln —

She stood aside. Wherever they were going and discussing certainly interested her but Salz decided that it would be more prudent to remain in the main hall. Seeing the other knights made it plain that whatever they had gone to do had not ended well. If a solution had been reached at all. It was only after a long look around she realized that she did not see the one face that she would recognize.

Salz panicked for a moment. His last letter had said that he was on his way back to Candaeln. Had some thing happened to him? Was he hurt on this latest mission?

She calmed down after a few seconds. Maybe he was just outside seeing to his horse or something. He was always a man of action and even at home he was never a person that was content to sit and talk. This thought improved her mood greatly and she went outside to take a look around.

— Modern Fantasy, School —

This was a strange world for sure, but recently Tamas had come up against everything from those twisted creations of the Kez to living gods. He kept an open mind and took things as they came. Until he was confronted by one of the students. Tamas squared his shoulders and clasped his hands behind his back.

"Not a teacher, no. I'm an investigator from overseas looking into a criminal organization that might be operating in the area. Maybe you've heard something that might be useful to me."

That was pretty good, maybe even something inspector Adamat would have come up with.


— Italian Resturaunt —

"I don't really do much. I read and browse the net but I don't think I have any special skills."

This was easier than she expected. Maybe it was because Kuroe knew The Major and it wasn't at all like talking to a stranger. Maybe it was a good time to get some information.

"Kuroe had a shout out to this new dragon girl on one of her accounts today? Have you heard anything about her?"

It was as good a way to find something out as anything. There was no way she would be as lucky as to actually bump into this new girl or something silly like that.
@VitaVitaAR@HeroicSociopath what if it were a bet with other students or from his class? Maybe he was seen as letting them down in a group fight.
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