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— Shrine —

He only had a limited amount of bullets and the tide of skeletons was showing no sign of stopping. Donald stepped out and intercepted the arm of a skeleton before smashing its skull apart with the butt of his pistol. He really ought to have taken his bodyguards along.

Or a bigger gun.

"This talk of a talisman sounds as good as anything I could come up with. Let's have a go at it."

The old man aimed the pistol towards a further group of enemies and fired several spaced shots as he walked forwards.

"Stick together and watch eachothers backs."
I should be able to finish up my cs after work today.

— Candaeln —

"Ummmm... I thank you?"

She lowered Livius carefully to the floor before removing her helmet and facing down at Liliana.

"I am Salz, deposed princess of the Amarr kingdom come to follow in the footsteps of my lords youngest son and pledge myself to the service of the Iron Roses. I feel a great debt to the kingdom of Thaln for being a new home to my siblings."

The giantess thought that should easilly sum up who she was and why she was there. Salz then turned to Vizer, who seemed much more adept at dealing with other people.

"Is this a matter that requires the attention of the captain herself? Or is it that your master is the one that requires the captain?"

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