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23 Jan 2017 4:23
Current Back to classes for the last time tomorrow. Should be interesting.
21 Jan 2017 2:19
Okay, so I took a turn into something I never intended to create but the interest check for Job is now up.
18 Jan 2017 23:12
So I started watching Hell on Wheels and reading the Parasol Protectorate. I am now divided as to if Knighthood is where I should be putting my efforts currently.
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10 Jan 2017 1:07
ITS ALIVE MUAHAHAHAHA. Knighthood's Codex is complete, ha. i'm only 9 days late. Interest checks will go up this evening after I punch a bag and watch something mindless. Link is in my profile.
8 Jan 2017 0:55
Timeline is complete. Npcs, geopolitics and a map


Martial Arts, Writing, Reading, Coroner, Video games, and my friends. There: My life in a nutshell.

I do the Sci-fi, fantasy, urban fantasy, Dark fantasy and steampunk thing when it comes to roleplays. I'm pretty straight forward

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I'll post today. Sorry I work all week
@Genkaiwelcome to my life.
@GuntherI will leave your character in the RP, if you want to rejoin us at any time just let me know. I can if you like let you know when the next mystery begins that way you have a freshish start. Sorry to see you go
@BlackPanthernot a problem
Alright, sleep is calling me so I will get a response in tomorrow. Take care
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