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18 Jan 2017 23:12
Current So I started watching Hell on Wheels and reading the Parasol Protectorate. I am now divided as to if Knighthood is where I should be putting my efforts currently.
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10 Jan 2017 1:07
ITS ALIVE MUAHAHAHAHA. Knighthood's Codex is complete, ha. i'm only 9 days late. Interest checks will go up this evening after I punch a bag and watch something mindless. Link is in my profile.
8 Jan 2017 0:55
Timeline is complete. Npcs, geopolitics and a map
7 Jan 2017 20:17
Magic section. Done. Woohoo
7 Jan 2017 18:32
We are doing this today people! Knighthood is being finished today!


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I Gm this:

Knighthood: Rebirth

Knighthood's Development is complete!
Knighthood is officially in development:

Development Check list:
Lexicon-okay this one is just going to happen organically, I tried and I don't know where to start
Map- one day. For now the geography section will suffice
Species Gallery
summary of geopolitics
New Plot line
Npc Cast

I Play a character in this/these:
Essence of the World: Cadence

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Time line

The Beginning of time- No one is sure quite how long the entirety of the universe has existed but it predates the Elder Gods and Orieon quite significantly

The Birth of the Titans- Orieon, Therax, Sirxrian, and Noxrion formed in the vastness of the Universe.

A Light in the Dark- Orieon formed the cosmos; seeding it with the progenitor races.

Galendar (0 Cycles)- Orieon forms the whole of Orius and creates his twelve children.

The Terror (120 Cycles)- Noxrion appears and wipes out the first populations of Orcs.

The Outer Door (121 Cycles)- To protect his Children Orieon seals Galendar, Arcadia, The Divine, Fate, and Elemental Planes alongside eight other worlds behind the Wall of Light. Orieon creates the Outer Door.

Oreion is Slain (2558 Cycles)- No one is sure what killed the Titan Orieon but his death Shattered the world of Orius within the wall of light leaving it a magically contained and partially destroyed world with only four continents. The other eight worlds remain unaffected but largely separated from Oriusr due to the Titans grave and lingering life force.

The last of the True Dragons Die out (3003 Cycles)- With the death of their Creator the True Dragons quickly die out as Orieons light fades.

The God’s Walk (6 atf)- The Gods Orieon created discover that they are not the only Divines present in Galendar and the War of the Divines begins.

The End of Divinity (256 atf)- The Gods of Galendar finally end their conflict with the other Realms of Orius. Galendar is confined to part of the largest continent. The Gods of the Southern and Northern Kingdoms are born and the Empires of Lethes, Stygian and the Glimmering Isle consolidate into fledgling nations.

The Aberration Wars (3354 aft)- 1100 years after the death of the Titan; Orius is invaded by the Aberrations after the Outer Door is breached. The war rages for nearly 70 years leveling the Kingdoms of Galendar as they other nations of Orius refuse to come to the aid of the Middle Kingdoms. When the Aberrations manage to Curse the Binders and Seal the Twelve Divines in the Divine Plane the Northern and Southern Kingdoms finally come to the aid of the Middle Kingdoms and with their combined might they manage to wipe out the Aberrations forces which had started the process of converting large tracts of what is now the Shadowmarch into toxic volatile swamps. The Aberrations succeed in creating the Everwinter on the border between the Middle Kingdoms and the Southern Kingdoms effectively obliterating the Southern Kingdoms forces. This effectively isolates the Southern Kingdoms from the rest of the world for the rest of history. The rest of the defenders manage to wipe out the Aberrations scattering the last of them and sealing the breaches into Galendar before finally closing the Outer Door.

The Middle Kingdoms recover and the First Avatars appear (3372 aft)- With the Gods sealed beyond the mortal realms the Gods opt to transfer their powers to Physical Vessels and the Avatar Mantles are created. After the Avatars are created Galendar’s kingdoms form into their current map lines.

The First Stygian War (5010 aft)- After over a thousand years of peace and prosperity in the Middle Kingdoms The Stygian Empire invades. Quickly sweeping across half of Galendar the Stygian war front is halted after it crushes the defenders of Angel’s Landing and burns Westhaven.

Integration (5418-5426 aft)-The eight years following the conquering of Angel’s Landing are followed by a tenuous cease fire. At the end of eight years the Angel’s Landing Resistance force opens into open revolt against the occupying forces in Angel’s Landing

Reclimation (5430-5432 aft)- In the two years following the open revolt of Angel’s Landing a force of Scarab Lord soldiers and exiled heroes from the Stygian Wars led by the newly created Lord of Storms, Christian Highfell, in conjunction with the mysterious assassin Lord Umbral and the original Masters and Mistresses of the Knights of Stars reclaim Angel’s Landing. In the ensuing battle Lord Umbral kills the Twilight God Shezranod using a blade made from a fallen star and the blood of the Titan Orieon. Lord Umbral is dubbed the God-Killer before living Angel’s Landing where Christian begins the process of building the Tower of Stars.

The Second Stygian War (5801-5804 aft)- Almost 400 years later the Stygian Empire returns to attempt to reclaim their hold on Galendar. This time the defenders of Galendar manage to hold Angel’s Landing against the invaders even though much of the Western half of Galendar rally in support of the Stygian empire as much of them are descendents of the original invasion force. Christian Highfell and the Knights of Stars earn a reputation as sell swords as they fight for both sides of the war repeatedly selling to the highest bidder. Neither side is able to dispense with them due to the fact that once they took a contract they fulfilled it.

The Treaty of Angel’s Landing (5805 aft)- The Stygian Empire finally signs a lasting peace accord with Galendar after the death of the Stygian God-King. Kevin’s Watch issues a decree of absolution and province on behalf of Christian Highfell giving him a tract of land outside of Angel’s Landing where he had originally begun construction of the Tower. The decree also prevented any action against Shard or his Knights for their operations on behalf of the Stygian Empire.

The appearance of the Stygian Blade (5902-present aft)- not even a hundred years after the treaty of Angel’s Landing a terrorist group calling themselves the Stygian Blade appears and begins carrying out ‘missions’ on behalf of the Stygian Empire. The Stygian Empire has made no comment on the actions of this group and have refused all envoys from Galendar since the Twilight Blades emergence. Two years after their appearance Christian Highfell disappears and Clarisa Silversun inherits the title of Mistress of Stars from her husband. Shortly thereafter the last of the Original Masters leaves as Master of Sight Urthar takes almost all of the Old guard and disappears leaving the Tower of Stars to fight the Twilight Blade in the streets of Angel’s Landing with few veterans and to find the Master of Stars Christian Highfell.

Character Gallery

Original Knights of the Tower

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Geography, Geopolitics, and Culture

The Provinces of Galendar


One of Galendar’s most Northern provinces much of Zarinda is actually the outer edge of the Northern Waste. The province’s capital is Theridal a trade city on the Western coast which trades with the Glimmering Isle and the Jewel Coast. Zarinda was the primary province of settlement for the Djinn tribes when the Northern Kingdoms formed. Currently Zarinda is still the primary province through with trade with the Northern Kingdoms flows through as much of Galendar’s exotic trade goods still come from the Northern Kingdoms.


Korvan takes up the South Western corner of Galendar and is the primary source of raw resources for the rest of Galendar. With the constant growth of the Black, a forest that sits at the border of Theodar and Korvan. The province has a labor shortage for harvesting the dark Iron Wood trees that make up the primary growth of the forest; this is largely due to the fact that Korvan has borne the brunt of the previous Stygian invasions. Korvan’s capital Korval has been wiped out twice and its third rebuilding has only recently been completed. Consequently Korvan is no longer a monarchy.


Much of Theodar is covered by rolling plains of golden grass where you can find a diverse culture of nomads which trade with the settlements scattered across the lower Golden Plains. In addition to the settlements and nomads the area near the mire on the border of Shadowmarch and the area surrounding Westhaven are home to large waterfarms where the golden grass has been cut back and the flat land has been converted to flood paddies and massive structured orchards over standing man made pools of water.

After the second Stygian War the people of Theodar rebuilt Westhaven; a city sitting on the top of a single massive cylinder of rock which juts up from the plains with little to no change in the surrounding terrain. Westhaven sits at the center of a massive set of water farms which feed the city built into the upper rock of the formation. In addition much of Theodar acts as a breadbasket for Lorrath and Titan’s Rest.


The central province of Galendar; a small valley surrounded on the Northern side by high mountains. Lorrath is also the location of Angel’s Landing which prior to the second Stygian War was the capital of all of Galendar. After the war the provinces officially became sovereign with their own monarchs and governments agreeing to a set of accords which govern trade and agree to non hostility and free travel within all of the provinces. Beyond Angel’s Landing Lorrath is largely a metropolitan center of commerce and culture for most of Galendar; they are also the technology center of the world with most of Galendar’s tech companies taking up residence in Angel’s Landing.


The central Northern province of Galendar is home to the majority of the Fae who live in Galendar as Morinmaul, the forest which separates Kinerath and Eldratch from each other was gifted to Titania by the Avatar of Thandarilasad after the Aberration Wars as thanks for protecting it from a wasting curse. Beyond that Eldratch’s capital Eldrafen is the destination of choice for those crossing the Northern Wastes. As a result Eldrafen continues to be a center of production for magical armaments for the rest of Galendar.


The most Northern province on the edge of the world right between Eldratch and Titan’s Rest. Much of Kinerath is highlands before it turns into the jungles on the eastern edge of the Northern Wastes. Kinerath’s only export of note is the emerald lotus refinement, a potent sedative from the Northern jungles of Kinerath. Beyond this Kinerath is known for its mercenaries, oddities and powerful mages. Veilhome, Kinerath’s capital is home to the midnight catacombs, the burial site of the Aberration generals from almost three thousand years ago.

Titan’s Rest-

The Western Central province of Galendar is the province of Rivers. Sitting right on the edge of the world Titan’s Rest is the intellectual center of Galendar with Kevin’s Watch standing on the edge of the world as its capital. This province was the capital of Galendar after the first Stygian War after the fall of Angel’s Landing. While it may be the academic center of the world in Galendar it is also a heavily agricultural province due to the massive water shed which feeds into no less than five major rivers which flow into the province from the Shadowmarch, Kinerath, Theodar and the edge of Lorrath. Kevin’s Watch is also the ancestral home of the Warders, a group of incredibly skilled soldiers whose job is to protect the whole of Galendar from the influence of the Aberration who have survived in Galendar since the Aberration Wars or have since slipped into Galendar through spatial rips or born from a Void surge from the outer door.

The Shadowmarch-

Much of the Shadowmarch is farm land for a hardy black grain which the natives have cultivated since the aberration wars. As the center of the Aberration stronghold in Galendar, Shadowmarch never recovered as a center of magic and thought, even after almost 3000 years. A by product of the Aberration invasion is an almost constant state of mild rain across the whole province, the edge of the Everwinter actually skirts over the bottom of Shadowmarch and when it hits the lowland warm air the Everwinter’s storms are converted to milder rains which keep much of the province in an almost constant state of rain. Consequently the province is home to the largest variety of marsh plants and sentient plant life in all of Galendar. The Shadowmarch is also home to Kortcal and Blackmire. Kortcal is a thieves den and center for illegal activities across Galendar where the biggest players in much of Galendar’s illegal dealings make permanent residence. Blackmire is the traditional home to the Necromancers of Yishreenok and as a result the city has a constant stream of visitors and pilgrims which keeps the cities Economy sluggish let moving.

Other Nations of Note


The Continent nation of Stygia is located on the Eastern side of the Azure Wastes the ocean which buts up against Galendar’s Eastern shores. Stygia is a massive Oligarchy nation that worships the corrupted Pantheon of gods know as the Twilight Council. Little is known of the nation as no military engagement or trade attempts have been made with the nation. Due to the vast nature of the Azure Wastes it is not practical for Korvan or Zarinda to attempt trade with the nation. In addition relations have been strained with Stygia from the moment that they discovered Galendar’s existance.

The Northern Kingdoms-

A conglomerate of semi independent Kingdoms to the North of Galendar on the other side of the Northern Wastes. These nations produce a wide variety of products and magics which trickle into Galendar. Much of the Northern kingdoms are still stuck in the industrial age in terms of their production with some lagging even further behind due to a more traditional view of the world and the legality of slave labor in the Kingdoms. The Northern Kingdoms like the Glimmering Isle

The Glimmering Isle-

A series of Island nations to the North East of Galendar. Very little is known of the Island nations due to their distance and a more xenophobic nature. The Islands produce a large part of the salt, coral and pearls that pass through Zarinda.

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Magic and Will

@Arya10108909hey sorry I closed it :/ i had a few other things on my plate at the time. Shall I let you know if I do any future rps?
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