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In From Sleep Awake 18 Jan 2017 3:20 Forum: Nation Roleplay
@DeadBeatWalking@TheSovereignGraveI mean, I was maybe toying with the idea of going a mediterranean route initially and using the ancient greeks as a model for some of my nation, who had legitimate military academies. I changed my mind before I read that bit, but I didn't know my initial idea would have been outlandish or odd, say.

Gonna be perfectly honest here, my original comment about outlandishness was just a joke. I actually agree that it's not that odd.

EDIT: Plus I have about as much actual authority as anyone else.
In From Sleep Awake 18 Jan 2017 2:34 Forum: Nation Roleplay
@POOHEAD189 A bit of both? Seeing as none of the countries are self-sufficient, I doubt they would have enough available resources to send young men away to learn tactics/ninja skillz/double sword bullshit. I'd prefer armies have interesting details about stuff they're willing or not willing to do, or perhaps a geographic strength or prevalence of a kind of formation or weapon than a division of "special" soldiers.

Well they could still theoretically have a war college, even if it's just the nobility who can join (since they're the only ones with the time and money to). And speaking of military, I finished up with my military section and I was wondering how it is.
In From Sleep Awake 18 Jan 2017 0:11 Forum: Nation Roleplay
<Snipped quote>
I'm confused by this. Do you mean you're against marty sues or is military college a bad thing

I think it's just a tad outlandish that any warriors would actually hold a degree.
In From Sleep Awake 16 Jan 2017 21:18 Forum: Nation Roleplay
I should get my sheet complete this week too; weekends can just get a tad busy for me.
In From Sleep Awake 16 Jan 2017 6:51 Forum: Nation Roleplay
@DeadBeatWalking Is there a chance I can claim that small island chain at the bottom right of the map?

Sorry, I've kinda claimed that for my nation. The map just hasn't been updated yet.
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