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<Snipped quote by TheSovereignGrave>

Very British name I thought it lended somewhat well but he does sound more like some sort of frozen food manufacturer.

It's not a bad thing. I mean, I don't imagine that Germans looked at the name 'Adolf Hitler' and thought 'now that's a name that makes me think of a fascist dictator' before he actually got into power and, you know, became a fascist dictator.
I have got to say, when I hear the name 'Oscar Wellington' I don't think 'founder of a fascist state'.
Still a WIP, but it's a start.

<Snipped quote by TheSovereignGrave>

Marches are just a term for the border between Imperium/Nagath. There's some flexibility there if you want to put a faction along those mountains or along the southern unnamed inland sea.

Cool, since I'm planning on putting my kingdom along the northern border of the southern inland sea. And this is the claim at the moment:

Just gotta think of a nice orcish name.

EDIT: Oh, @Flagg should I post a WIP sheet here on in the Character tab?
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