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12 Jul 2016 20:33
Dang it. I can't get Pokemon: GO to work on my cell phone. WHY???
20 May 2016 16:16
Where are all of the Xmen games? Deadpool just came out on video and Xmen Apocalypse is about to come out. I was expecting more hype.
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@LetMeDoStuffAlso, what do you think of this idea from earlier in the thread?
@LucidnonsenseNow that I think about it, you could also be the one that takes it too far, and gets in fights with the other cell members. We'd keep you around because we need you, not because we agree with your actions.

@LetMeDoStuff Any one in particular?
@Lucidnonsensewhat do you mean by "morally grey"? I don't care if we aren't the good guys, as long as we aren't quite on their level. It's hard to balance the two sides, so if we are just not quite as bad as them (maybe we won't target innocents without a good reason), I think we can balance it a be better. For example, we are Saul's group in Rogue One. We can, however, have a "good" cell of NPCs in the story for contrast. Maybe they attack a military base as we are slaughtering everyone in it, no quarter given.
@Lucidnonsensenot necessarily good, but I don't want to just be some crime lord's lackey that's fighting a war against the military.
If you want to be the kind of resistance that most people assume are terrorists, and use torture, kidnapping, and assassinations to fight our enemy (who's still more evil than us), I'd be willing to hear any ideas you had on that. Not many people would want to play that, though, so I didn't post ideas for that kind of resistance.
@Burning KittyWhat about this plot:

Before the Clone Wars Taris (a non-racist somewhat rebuilt form of the one in KOTOR) left the Republic. The people believed that the taxation and regulations placed on it by the Republic far exceeded the benefits of belonging to the Republic. When the Clone Wars began, however, they refused to join the CIS, believing it would be the same with them and wanting to remain neutral.
The CIS didn't like their refusal to join, and decided to try and "persuade" the leadership the join. When bribes, threats, and assassination attempts failed, they launched an invasion. They didn't count on the fact that the old ruins would provide ample cover for the locals, and faced far more resistance than they'd expected.
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