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Steve eyed the piece of paper suspiciously. The afterlife huh? He looked at the other patrons in the Tavern, carelessly drinking the night away. Steve wonders if all of them are dead. He glanced back towards the piece of paper thats supposedly his death certificate. Ahh, what a way to go. Steve thought, unimpressed. He could've at least choose a better way to die, like, say a wooden stake pierced through his heart or something. Steve sighed, just when he thought this day couldnt get any better.

He wonders what the other creatures back home would think of his dead rotting body. No one really liked him there, so they might not really care. He wished his body couldve at least served as food for the worms and flesh eating moth-flies.

Steve took the bog ale from the bartender, and then drank the content in one quick swig. "I suppose this is where you make us play a game, and whatever happens in the game is how you judge us whether we go into the void or be reincarnated, right?"
Uhhhhhh did I jinx anything?
Steve stepped out of his carriage, stretched his sore back and legs for god knows how long they've been in that wretched bouncing box. He eyed at the building standing right in front of him, it looks like a Tavern, music and laugher can be heard from the inside. Steve walked his way in, and was welcomed by warm light and the loud noise coming from all sorts of patron of the Tavern. He shook his head disapprovingly. He made his way to the bar, sat in the farthest stool, and gestured for the bartender, I" dont know what sort you serve here, but any ale will do."

As he waited for his drink, he decided he could use some information, and started asking the bartender things. "So what is this place?" Steve started to ask, "Edge of the World Tavern, I havent heard of it before." he said, reading the sign board right above a wine case in the bar.

Its a little strange, he cant remember how he got here. The last memory he had before waking up in the carriage was that he was walking home from the Screaming Willow, and then anything beyond that is just blank. It gives him a headache by just trying to think of it.
Since most of the characters right now are pirates we could use someone for the Marines. G-5 needs a captain.
Cool. I'm currently wriing up an OOC, so yeah.
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