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13 Mar 2017 15:34
Current [@SouffleGirl123] I'd say that Wattpad itself is a disappointment. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
11 Mar 2017 12:02
Finally gave my bio profile an overhaul. Now it looks so much cleaner and more professional - without toning down my usual snarks.
10 Mar 2017 14:52
Still busy rushing even more articles because it's getting close to White Day - and Japan sure fucking loves their White Day. So RPs and responses may be slow, delayed or on hold for this 2 weeks.
9 Mar 2017 13:53
Over(work) 9000
25 Feb 2017 16:52
Added coding for tables into my BBcoding guide, go check it out. The table feature is very limited tho', so my good ol' advice still stays: just use image editors if you want fancy shits, period.



"Freedom is meaningless without a boundary called rules."

|| GMT+8 | Hemingyay | Gaming ||

「 M O I 」

Just a random Asian dude living in the (near) future well past the legal drinking age but still rotting away in college at the moment. Likes learning new languages and the culture behind each of them, though he only understands enough to get by everyday conversations that don't sound like automatic machine guns. By the way, English isn't his first language, and it's through shedding lots of blood and sweat that he's able to reach here, to this current level of crap writing you're reading now.

Still want to read on? He applauds you for your stubbornness.

A proud sarcastizen who is constantly suffering from insomniac eccentricity, and a curious soul who will try to give new things a shot whenever possible, but he's ultimately still as opinionated as you are (yes, you), with his own flair of weird taste in the kind of stories or settings he enjoys working with. Rumored to be a closet sadist who enjoys sitting back and let you despicable minions to try and humor him, entertain him with all your sex jokes and colorful insults... but few have succeeded to tickle him enough not to snort at you failures and blatantly ignore your worthless existence.

Other than having five years of roleplaying experience on/off under his belt, he's also a writing hobbyist with novel-quality writing that can put you all native English writers to shame. To rub salt further into your face, he's now getting paid for his shitty writing - yes, he is finally making money with his hobby and passion for the literal arts. Doing his dream job. And of course, to inflate his own sorry ego.

Forever busy - going through the Dark Ages of horribly limited internet access, and may disappear from time to time to wage war on retarded school projects. Mostly writes at an advanced level and highly encourages collaborative writing, even for 1x1s. Also, he's one of those shameless kind who would rather do so in threads and show the whole world his writing too epic for you people to appreciate his true worth.

He's lame, he's sarcastic, and he has been severely infected with Randomness Syndrome that he should be drowned in a pool of salt for his bad jokes... Hang on, why is being an innocent cinnamon roll a crime to humanity?

「 R O L E P L A Y S 」

Due to my busy real life schedule, I've made a personal policy of only taking up one active group roleplay each time. However, this policy doesn't extend to 1x1s, as long as the partners are flexible and patient with me going on hiatus constantly.

Baybridge Gaybitch: Halcyon Days | Group | @Mr Allen J
Shizuka is back to break the fifth wall kick moar asses.
(Because of my personal roleplaying policy, I'm stuck with the gayest group RP - again.)

Pokemon: Hoenn Fantasy | 1x1 | @Altered Tundra
"I've come up with a new recipeh!" #IgnisIsBrock
(For the sake of RPG I'm sad to say that I have to censor most of Yuffie's horribly awesome nicknames to cater for childish SJWs.)

Sekirei: Pure Sanctuary | 1x1 | @RyuHll
Still waiting for the day Hikari can bitchslap my Orinami... and another chance for Nagisa to greet a new friend with a sniper gun under their chin.
(I just have the knack of making yanderes. #SorryNotSorry)

Star Riders: Hoshizora no Riders | 1x1 | @Gowi
Currently having a dilemma to choose between a professional pervert and idol whore.
(You know what, let's just have them all be kinky with each other to save the damn world from killer lolis. Yay.)

Unlight | 1x1 | @Dusksong
First attempt at a romance-ish RP. Wish me luck - and make be sober over how I can only have fictional girlfriends.
(While I try my best not to turn Meyer's perfect vamps into assholes because I'm really itching to do that for the lolz.)

「 P E E R S 」

I'm not exactly a very sociable person, but feel free to talk to me. I can assure you that I'm a pretty cool guy - you can even ask around the site if you are skeptical about my pathetic reputation, lol.

@Altered Tundra
Pokemon x Final Fantasy = Us.

We're just getting started.

G.O.W.I. = Gundam of Warpugle Insanity.

@Mr Allen J
The gayest gay on RPG. Because he's too gay for the world, for anyone... except for his own swollen dick.

I'm so not sorry for turning your harem upside down. Orinami for best waifu.

*insert collage of glomping gifs here*

Honorable Mentions:

「 A R C H I V E 」

Tsukune Reservoir Chronicle
The graveyard where I dump all mah character sheets (and some lore notes because why not).

Tsukune World Chronicle
Coding workshop for iChecks and OOCs, from sluggish actives to upcoming epics... and even dead failures.

The Art & Beauty of BBCoding
The most comprehensive guide to BBcoding on RPG. #NotBragging

"This silence is mine."

「 Q U O T E S 」

It's the origin to the greatest ideas ever known to mankind."

"Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, yet the highest form of intelligence."
Oscar Wilde

"Sarcasm is love. Sarcasm is life."

"If I don't get at least one sarcastic observation from you per day, I would think something was seriously wrong with you IRL."

"You are one known for some pretty fucked up stories."


Vivi, World of Final Fantasy

Anonymous Meme

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Granted, because you're already dead by then.

I wish for harmony.
Frank is secretly heir to the British throne and will bring back the Empire

@Zombiedude101's new character in a nutshell.

「 Point Blank 」

DOVE/RAVEN Joint Headquarters, White Coast_

Shizuka Takashiro was out at the shooting range again; only that this time, he was hanging out with pistols indoors. He was here for the past two hours or so, rotating between different types of handguns and filling the humanoid target boards with holes in all the vital areas.

The shooting range hadn't changed much since he last dropped by (before he was away on numerous missions overseas), other than a vague feeling that it was a tad more spacious now. It was also one of the few places in the Headquarters that got spared from the Intimidation Unit assault on that fateful night three years ago. Not like the Hound's puppies needed to raid the armory for weapons when they already had their own - and better? - guns.

Besides, he felt more at ease coming here to polish his marksmanship than cooping up in his office room with mundane desk work the entire day. Also, he could have the range all to himself - he needed some time to be alone, anyway.

Even after the fall of the Founding Family, there were too many loose ends to tie up. Too many bullshits to deal with in the aftermath. Europe was thrown into a state of chaos as the governments of the various European countries began to weed out the remnants of the Family's supporters still hiding among their ranks, fueled by their own people protesting on the streets. The Family's idea of bestowing every human on this planet with superpowers didn't turn out quite as they had wished - it only made the people feared the Metahumans even more.

Nobody could be trusted with a power. Because so few of them could use their power with responsibility; even fewer not to harbor greed for more power.

Let's not even mention those who can truly understand the devastating consequences that come with unrestrained power.

He was greeted with the sound of clapping when he finally took off his protective gears. Turning around, he raised an eyebrow at the low whistle from the arsenal guard on duty.

"You never fail to amaze me, young man," he began when Shizuka returned the gears and emptied guns at the counter. "You've just set another personal record."

"Hmm?" Shizuka replied, then he saw the tabulated scores scribbled in the guard's little notebook. He shrugged, though not without a hint of amusement. "Nah, the Taylors are still better."

The guard chuckled at the Asian agent. "Well, you'd probably reach their level once you're at their age. 'Sides, you're still the best sniper around - no one has ever come close to beat your current best so far."

"Right," was Shizuka's offhanded response as he was picking up his belongings from the locker. He frowned at the time on his mobile screen. "Damn. Sorry, gotta rush."

"Running late for a meeting?"

"Yeah," Shizuka said as he stuffed his phone into his jeans pocket. "And a very important one. Later!"

...What a drag.

Thankfully, he had arrived right on time - his intangibility sure came in handy to take those shortcuts. Even so, he wasn't spared from the looks of scorn from the other department heads at his inappropriate dress code (today he was in a black long-sleeved turtleneck with dark jeans and sneakers) as he took his seat. He ignored them, focusing his attention on the one individual at the end of the long meeting table.

Maximilian Cornell. The director of RAVEN - and his direct boss. Well, Maximilian was a pretty chill guy whom Shizuka had no problems working with (or under, technically). He was here in this organization thanks to that old man. He could still remember the day Maximilian offered him the chance to join RAVEN after the end of the Verthaven Disaster.

Though, his reason for sticking around here, doing something that wasn't in line with his personal beliefs and policies had changed over the years. No, he still didn't believe in stupid things like heroism, but sometimes he couldn't help questioning himself why he was still staying in this organization for so long...

The arrival of another familiar face pulled him out of his personal thoughts. Zhao Meifeng. He hadn't talked to her ever since her mother's - Lihua's - funeral, and her best friend Cindy Keagan was still MIA. He wondered how she was coping these three years, but now wasn't a good time. Not like they could catch up with each other later anyway, especially not how distant their friendship was compared to most other Verthaven survivors.


Meifeng wasn't the only latecomer. Another girl, this time an unfamiliar face, had tried to slip in as quietly as she could while Maximilian began to talk about 'ZODIAC'.

Disregarding those two late arrivals, he turned his attention back to the front of the meeting room.
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