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In Crestwood Hollow 18 Mar 2017 1:02 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Tyler Ready to collab when you are

I'm working til late tomorrow, and then I have company in the evening. Could be Sunday or Monday before I get chance to start something, but as soon as I do I'll push it your way. Excited!
In Crestwood Hollow 15 Mar 2017 20:42 Forum: Casual Roleplay
A I D E N M c K E N N A

Monday 26th September, Mather Memorial High School

Aiden looked around the room, having so many questions for the mysterious man, yet something within him denying his will to ask them. It was as though on some instinctive level, he knew better than to leap right into this situation. There was just such an unplaceable quality to Kit Renard that unsettled Aiden, and so he shifted in his seat and scanned the room, hoping that one of his peers would speak. Despite Kit's warnings, Belle obliged.

"What do you know?" she asked. She was assertive in posture, but... Aiden knew her well enough to detect an ounce of trepidation in her tone. He didn't berate her efforts; she was braver than he, and he couldn't blame her for being weary of the stranger. He looked towards Kit for a response, but all the man did was smile. It was not a kind smile.

"Why, Abelle," he sneered. "Who knew you could be so naïve? It's rather endearing, actually," he laughed to himself, though the rest of the room was unamused. "My dear, I know all sorts of wonderful things. I take pride in my homework," he grinned. "Which, according to Jonas, is more than can be said for some of you."

It seemed to Aiden that it was the mention of Mr Lehrer's name that pushed Sebastian over the edge, because within seconds the boy was on his feet and throwing furniture around the room. It was becoming a fast tradition amongst this particular band of misfits for things to escalate decidedly quickly. Seb's body was practically vibrating with rage; and Aiden had faced this particular strain of Sebastian's anger on more than one occasion. The latter of which, he noted, wincing at the memory, had almost cost him dearly. Aiden knew what Seb was capable of in this state, and he wanted to call out to Mr. Renard; urge him to back off, less Sebastian let loose. They didn't want the classroom to become a murder scene, not with Jonas already incarcerated.

But he couldn't. Something - perhaps fear - had him frozen in place. And yet, it didn't seem like Kit needed all that much emotional support. As Sebastian unloaded accusations and threats in Kit's direction, all the substitute teacher could do was smile. It was the faintest of smiles; his lips curled ever so slightly that it might not even be noticed, were it not for the mischievous glee that twinkled in his eyes as he watched the boy explode.

Aiden couldn't decide whether Sebastian had valid points, or whether he was being paranoid. The latter was understandable, given the combined gravity of the events these last few weeks. But the conviction with which Seb spoke at least made it clear to Aiden that the boy believed what he was saying, even if nobody else did. It seemed that Sebastian was convinced Kit was a Draoi, or here to harm them at the very least. Aiden's attention was captured, as the wild boy ordered him to fry the teacher should the situation call for it. Aiden didn't respond to that at all... He didn't want to make any empty promises. Finally, the room fell silent, save for the heavy breath of Sebastian Scott, and Kit's smiled widened, becoming more pronounced.

"Now, now, children," he chimed, seeming completely carefree in his delivery, as he eyed the students that had been ordered to attack him. "That won't be necessary." he said firmly, taking a graceful step towards the makeshift barrier in defiance of Sebastian's warning. He seemed content enough in his assumption that the students would not follow through on Seb's plan, and for now he seemed to be correct. Locking eyes with Sebastian, Kit walked closer still to the barrier, gently picking up one of the tables with ease, and setting it upright. He made a display of dusting off its surface with his hand. All the while, his eye contact with Seb was unwavering.

"It's a pity you can't focus that wild imagination into a more productive outlet, Mr. Scott," he chastised, staring Seb down as he approached the boy, who for now seemed pacified in the moment. Eventually, the two were almost nose-to-nose, as the taller man looked down at Sebastian. There was a fierce energy between them, despite Kit's pleasant demeanour, as though static electricity were bouncing between their bodies. Aiden noticed that Sebastian was practically growling in his rage, whilst Kit bore an air of bemusement. And then, in a decidedly puzzling move, Kit inhaled deeply, as though he were sniffing the boy. He chuckled to himself. "Very interesting. Very interesting indeed."

He brazenly turned his back to Sebastian and returned to the front of the room, leaving the boy seething. "Unfortunately, Mr. Scott, the truth is so often far less interesting than whatever we dream up in our heads," he said, sighing as he once again slouched back in Mr. Lehrer's seat. "Alas, I am no Draoi. Though, that would be an awful lot of fun, wouldn't it? Marching around, burning down whatever took one's fancy," he paused, looking obviously at Aiden. "Though, I'm sure Mr. McKenna over there can tell us all about that." he grinned, meanly. Aiden went white.

It was at this point that Sebastian spoke up once more, though this time it was to Winter, whom he seemed to be guarding. "Does this guy look anything like the one that attacked us?" he asked her, and once again Aiden found himself the unwilling centre of attention. According to Winter, Aiden had gotten close enough to the Draoi to get the best look beneath his hood, and now the girl wanted to tinker around in his thoughts; an effort to unlock his memory of that night, he assumed. But of course, there was absolutely no way Aiden was letting anyone in his head.

Or so, that's what he thought...

In Crestwood Hollow 15 Mar 2017 19:46 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Tyler I eagerly await Aiden's post

I had something but ended up scrapping it. Will get something up when I can. It will mainly be a Kit post, I think, and will end with an opening for the two of us to collab Aiden and Winter. If that sounds good to you? I just think a collab would be best for the memory thingy.
In Crestwood Hollow 15 Mar 2017 19:12 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Mwahaha I finally finished

._. sorry abt the lateness... did I earn back some points with length/detail at least?

Awesome stuff. My favourite Brynn post yet, and well worth the wait. I feel like she's really beginning to come into her own. Great job Dusk.
In Crestwood Hollow 14 Mar 2017 0:58 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Aaaaaaaaaaaaa @Lord Wraith and @FantasyChic your posts were both so good I could die~

I'll post tomorrow. I have the day off work unexpectedly.
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