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8 Mar 2017 22:03
Current I love Taiga Aisaka, she is the tsundere queen :D
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30 Dec 2016 2:43
I am craving some potato chips and onion rings right now.
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24 Dec 2016 2:58
[@Metadude] that's true. I have seen lobster bisque ramen but it is not just soy sauce. :p
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1 Nov 2016 6:01
It is Officially NaNoWriMo.
31 Oct 2016 6:58
Almost NaNoWriMo
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Holy crap, about 10 years ago I started working on a tcg. The name I gave to it was Empire, it is cool to see a similarly designed and named card game. I will keep watching this thread, see if it is something I would be interested in.
wrong forum to post this. You posted in guild news, there is a bugs area down near the bottom.
aren't you adorable?
Egg fried yakisoba with red argentine shrimp or reuben panini with green goddess dressing.
I knew you couldn't drink but yeah, I am the resident chef.
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