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Walks out a few minutes later. He walks up to her and says.

"Alright, I am ready."

He walks out, wrist band still on. He walks out the front door and out to his car smirking.

"Lets see how many alarms will be set off this time."

He says to her as he opens her door. He walks around to his side and starts climbing inside. He gets buckled in and his door shut. He pushes on the brake and turns the car on with a roar. Several car alarms getting set off, he laughs and checks to see if she was ready before shifting into reverse. He backs out and takes off down the road, driving the quarter mile back to the casino itself. He drives around a long sweeping road under the covered entrance to the casino then turns and takes the first parking spot just outside the entryway that isn't handicapped. He turns it off and pulls the key from the ignition, before unbuckling.

"You will have a visual overload when you step in here."

Tyler says with a smile before stepping out. He walks up to the building with her and comes in the main entrance. Standing before them is a 30 foot tall entryway with beeping and bright flashing lights. He looks back at her and nods towards the left.

"Down this way."

He takes off to the left walking around the outside of the gaming floor, passed a bar and down the path, coming up to Siniikaung. He looks in and realizes they are still closed.

"Well now. That is new. Guess we will go to the Water Lily. Bit more expensive but they are amazing."

He continues walking, they come up to a corridor that takes them down to a dimly lit restaurant. The hostess walks up to them and says.

"Welcome to the Water Lily, do you have a Reservation?"

"No we don't."

She looks back into the restaurant and says.

"What is your name?"

"Tyler Richardson."

She writes his name down and nods.

"Give us a few minutes please. I need to see what tables are available. You are welcome to wait at the wine and champagne bar while we check."

"Sounds good, thank you."

He walks over to the bar with Ele.

"Place is worth the wait."

He pulls out a bar stool for her with a high back and comfortable seat on it. He sits down after and looks over at her.
"Oh yeah it is."

He laughs.

"Just imagine, this place is not even the biggest indoor water park in the state, not even close."

He climbs out finally and walks out of the pool.

"Now food time."

He turns and heads to the locker room to get changed into some dry clothes and use the hand dryer to dry off his legs and stomach.
"Yeah, it really is. Cuz you can see into the darkness."

He laughs.

"Just hold onto the handles tight."

He climbs in and sits down, his ankles rest just over the divider. The operator sends them off once again on their way.
"The length of the seat back there is meant for somebody 5'6" or taller to sit back. If you are under 5'6" but taller than 5' they will make you hold on and yeah, let's go get something to eat."

He says with a smile.
"But with my height, I will sit all the way to the back."

He smiles and makes his way up to the slide again with her.

"They have 3 other slides here that we should try later."
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