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In The Coalition 29 Mar 2017 16:26 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@MalchivoOkay, that makes more sense! Just making sure.
In The Coalition 29 Mar 2017 15:51 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Malchivo did a quick once over, I think your ages are off? If he's 40 and his parents died in their fifties, then he would have been born when they were ten?
In The Coalition 29 Mar 2017 15:18 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Room for another applicant, @Universorum?

Whoever wants to can apply.

Do we have to play someone that still looks like a human. Like with skin.

You can do what you want, fab -- barring line Legion, or Franklin Richards tier powers.

@Jacobiteinitial review from my part says this looks fine. Will take a deeper look after work.

Question for when one of you wonderful GM's is online. Would it be acceptable if I posted without the Family & Relationship section at first? I have completed most of the rest and that section will take me a little while. It is fine if I cannot, but I thought I would ask so you guys could see the character sooner rather than later.

Edit: Everything is finished besides the Family section. If I'm not tired when I get home I'll finish it.

What lovely said basically.

My sheet should be put up on Friday!

Can't wait :]
In The Coalition 29 Mar 2017 6:04 Forum: Casual Roleplay
In The Coalition 29 Mar 2017 6:02 Forum: Casual Roleplay


This story explores controversial, mature, and dark topics.
We will not stray away from subjects like: homicide, hate crimes, assault of any variant, substance use, terrorism, and many others.
Please do not join if you do not want to be in a harsh reality superhero roleplay.

⋙: I n t r o d u c t i o n

The Enhanced had first appeared almost three years ago. They were a group of people, friends before they were heroes, and local to the area. They had decided the moment that their powers manifested that they would not use their powers for evil. Like the characters they had read about in comic books, the ones that had been in their movie theaters constantly for almost a decade now, they too would be sources of happiness and inspiration for the people around them.

And they were. They became pillars of the community, helping to drop crime rates to the lowest that they had ever been. Within a year of their sudden appearance, they were working closely with the mayor, and their town loved them. There were a few zealots who thought they were freaks and wanted them gone, but… there were always zealots. The important thing was that they kept their home safe. They called themselves the Coalition of Heroes. It was coined by one of the members, and it stuck — for better or worse.

Within two years, they had a headquarters that was all their own, and paid for by city taxes. They lived in the building, which was outfitted with bleeding edge, state of the art technology to make their job easier. The police force grew lazy, and the team handled almost everything that cropped up, though only the impossibly brave or the impossibly stupid stepped up against the team of people that possessed powers that made them gods.

By the third year, their popularity was higher than ever. The people loved them to the point that other cities around the nation, even the world, were growing jealous. There were merchandising deals, people wanting interviews. Popular. Beloved. And then… it happened.

⋙: T h e R e a l i t y

⋙: T h e R e p e r c u s s i o n s

Unbeknownst to the Coalition, the video was being played on almost every television station broadcasted in the city. They ran to find him, to fight him, to fix this like they always did. Of course they ran. And they did find him, their nameless villain did not make himself hard to find, standing atop a building that, almost in a cliche, was in the abandoned industrial portion of town. He was waiting for them.

They fought him. They expected it to be one and done — like every other fight that they had fought up to this point — they had almost sent merely a single member of their team to apprehend the villain… but something was different about this one. He, like them, was Enhanced. He, like them, had power. He, unlike them, was not good. He, unlike them, used his powers for evil.

He destroyed them, thrashed the team in a battle that left portions of the surrounding area… gone, decimated. It was only by sheer luck that they had fought in the abandoned section of town. After the battle, the villain stood there, virtually unharmed, and the heroes laid on the ground in pain and shock at the realization that they were no longer the only ones who had power. Standing over the Coalition, the villain spoke once more.

“I have a rule, a code of honor. Whoever appeals to the law against their fellow man is either a fool, or a coward. For a wounded person shall say to his assailant: ‘If I live, I will kill you. If I die, you are forgiven.’ That is the rule of honor. I am not dead, and you are wounded. What will you do?” And with that, just like he’d appeared, he vanished in thin air, without a trace.

Leaving nothing but chaos behind, just like he’d promised.

In a matter of days after that, the people no longer loved or trusted them. They didn’t know if the Coalition was involved in the murder of the mayor, but some thought it. They were afraid, they didn’t want them anymore. The Coalition didn’t know what to do anymore.

Would they stick to their morals, and continue to fight for good? Or would the sudden showing of another enhanced person, someone who showed them quite bluntly that their powers could be used to obtain whatever they wanted… would it break them?

Only time will tell.

⋙: O . O . C . I n f o r m a t i o n

Hi! This is yet another SUP Productions RP, this time one that I (Universorum/Jordan) really wanted to do. The premise is a team of superheroes who already know how to use their powers, and who are already in the public eye. What I want to do here is something different from the standard roleplay about learning to embrace and utilize powers. I want to write about characters who know how to use their powers, who know what they can do and who can recognize that their limitations are... nearly non existent. I want to write about characters who have formed a team together because they know what is right, and what to do to keep their world safe. I want to write characters who are suddenly forced to deal with the repercussions of more people like them, people with power, who are cropping up around them and who, unlike the PCs... aren't inherently good. I want to write characters who are learning that with great power doesn't always come great good. Sometimes, it comes with great evil. Characters who were once beloved by their community, who are suddenly hated and met with vitriol from the citizens that they once protected, because they can't always stop people who are Enhanced like them. Normal criminals? Sure. People who are basically gods, like the heroes are, it isn't that easy. People die. Citizens are harmed. Things change. There is fear and hatred. I want to write characters who, despite their best efforts are forced to make a choice: in the face of adversity and hate, do they stay on their path of righteousness, and protect those who deserve it... or do they fall to evil and the allure of the control that their power can give them?

There will be future battles, and they will be catastrophic, and have rippling effects on the city. People will die.

This is going to be an extra small roleplay, even for us! We’ll only be accepting about eight player characters in total for it, all being Enhanced members of the team. But… if this generates a ton of interest, my colleagues and I are not opposed to trickling more people in as time goes on and characters are situated and the story moves along.

⋙: Rules

Regular site rules: No Godmodding, No perfect characters, No cybering... etc, etc.
There is no set posting order, but give other people a chance to respond to your characters.
If it's been awhile since the last post, don't hesitate to post.

Quality over quantity - High Casual RP
Real face claims in a modern setting.
If you have a major event in mind that can affect the entire mood of the roleplay, ie. a major death
PLEASE contact us before you post it in IC. For the most part, our writers have plenty of creative liberties.
We just need to make sure your idea doesn't drastically disrupt the roleplay.
Be warned, our roleplay is a SUPERHERO (or action-packed adventure and drama ) roleplay.
We will cover controversial topics.

Let us know if you're going on a hiatus - Try to be active. Don't just disappear. Communication is key.
Post C.S. in the OOC and wait for approval. Do not post anything in the character tab until accepted.
Did you read the rules? In the Anything Else section of your Character Sheet put a superhero or villain you really like.
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