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Sophia Lemane
Her goal, lying under that bed, was to try and do nothing. Try not to panic, try not to let anxiety get the best of her. Try not to think too much. Just breathe. The crashes, the yells, the screams. All of it was... very scary. Some part of her said she shouldn't be scared, it was just training.

But there had been a scream.

As time ticked on, she found out that trying to do nothing wasn't possible in this situation. Her fists stacked on top of each other and her head resting on top to keep it out of the water, she could feel that her hands were cold, while her face was hot. Sometimes she was able to disregard things going on around her and be pretty much emotionless, but this was not the case today. She supposed that she was lucky to not have been assigned to fight as part of one of the teams.

It was kind of strange, that all the noise was coming from upstairs. The teams must have figured out that she and the other healer would be put on the top floor and worked from that information. Maybe someone could fly, like Sparrow, and was able to carry their team up. And the other team had some other useful power for transportation as well. She had thought that it was a bad thing to be hiding on the first floor, but now she was glad that she had decided to move after all. If she wouldn't have, then she probably would have ended up being caught in whatever was going on now.

Another of those crashes that sounded like something had been broken. Accompanied with a sound like a loud thud, though there were a few ways describe it. But she didn't have much time to think about what had happened to create such a loud noise, for within a minute something else happened. Someone was breaking in through one of the doors. She wished that she had gotten a power that made her invisible somehow, then she wouldn't have to face whoever was coming in.

Shortly later, the chopping stopped for a few moments, and then, soft voices. Two of them... and did she recognize that voice? It was hard to make out words, but was that Savannah's voice? That girl that she had met at the mall.

With no good way to escape, Sophia listened as footsteps came closer and closer, ready to be discovered at any moment. Still, she started when a boy peered under the bed and discovered her. Letting herself be pulled out from under the bed, she didn't resist. She now stood with the boy, Savannah, and another girl near her. The most awkward part of this was that Savannah was here, when Sophia had hoped she never would have to interact with the girl again. What was she supposed to do now, say hello?

Actually, Sophia did nothing of the sort, for the group seemed to be in a hurry as they exited the bedroom. That was fine with her, she felt some sort of relief that she didn't have to decide anything by herself anymore, she could just follow. But they hadn't reached the exit when a sound behind her made her turn, and everyone else did the same.

Was that some kind of giant dagger in the new arrival's hand? Judging from the reactions of the people around her, the group that had found her and the single girl must be on opposite teams. The boy soon proved that her assumption was right by charging the girl. Once she realized that he was attacking, she took a step backwards, though she kept her gaze on the scene. Seemingly to counter the attack, a strange swirling dark creature appeared from nowhere between the boy and dagger girl, and-

Sophia didn't see any more, for at that moment, Savannah pulled her away from the scene and out the door. Behind her, she could hear someone proposing a truce, but soon she was too far to hear any more words. She let herself be led until they stepped into a circle that was marked "Safe Point 4", the words glowing. Seemed like she was supposed to stay in the circle. Looking towards the house as she wondered what was going on, she made out a figure heading towards them through the dim light.

Was the person someone from Savannah's team, or the opposite team? Sophia began to form a question, but before she could ask, Savannah seemed to collapse on the ground. Eyes widening, she immediately knelt on the ground beside the fallen girl. "Savannah?" No response. And most of the girl's clothes were gone... meaning that the stranger had worked some power on the girl?

Just to make sure, she reached over and checked Savannah's pulse, relieved to fine that she could feel a heartbeat. She stayed there crouched by the girl's side until her cuff beeped, announcing the end of the game. Stepping back to let the newly arrived guard move Savannah to the group of people that was now forming, she followed. Though the light was dim, she could tell that many of the people were unconscious. What exactly had happened?

A few more minutes, then more guards arrived with a boy in their midst. Sophia watched with fascination as a strange mist enveloped them all after the boy was commanded to heal. She didn't feel any changes, but then again, she wasn't really injured. A few minutes later they were escorted to a room.

Entering, the first thing she noticed were the large screens, recognizing what was being played on them as what had happened during the game. She looked at them curiously after taking a seat, but had to turn away after two acts of violence were shown: a red-haired girl doing something that looked like melting the other healer's face before they both passed out, and the boy that had found her driving a splintered piece of wood into the eye of another girl.

That was what happened during the game? Dropping her head into her hands, she ignored everything and everyone around her as she waited for them to let her go back to her room. That's all she wanted to do right now, go back and sort things out in her head.
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Laura Tilney
Infirmary, Chroma Knight Base
December 19, 2016 - ~8:02 am
Brian's teleportation into the infirmary left Laura feeling disorientated and dizzy for a little while, for even four years of being teleported to where ever a monster showed up somehow hadn't made her immune to the side effects. But even before the effects finished entirely fading, an Asclepian on duty was already hurrying towards them while a younger one trailed behind, and the older Asclepian helped Brian and her unload Connor onto a nearby empty bed.

Brian hurried out of the room soon after, and though Laura heard him go, she didn't even glance at him. He was undoubtedly going to retrieve Darius, and she didn't feel the need to go with him. She had seen that he had kept a level head and knew that he knew basic first aid measures. He and Amelie would be fine bringing Darius over without medic supervision.

At the moment, she had more urgent things to tend to. The black haired Asclepian man in the room was already preparing what was needed in order to reattach Connor's arm. Moving around to get the last thing needed, Laura held up a hand to stop the man as he reached for Connor's arm.

"Wait. Is it alright if I do it while you supervise?"

The man stopped, looking over at Laura. He pressed his lips together for a moment, before nodding and stepping back. "Go ahead."

Laura stepped up to Connor's side, taking the place where the man had been before. As she began the procedure of cleaning the arm and wound, she added, "For the experience."

It took a few minutes before Laura was ready to do the tricky part of putting arm and body together. Picking up the arm, she aligned it with the stub of arm that remained on Connor's body. At this point, the man came forward to help her hold it in place, leaving both her hands free to do the healing.

Wrapping her gloved hands around the point where the detached arm met the stub of arm, she concentrated and turned on her magic. Her powers now activated, she could feel the delicate strands of magic flowing from her hands and into the wound, though nothing changed visibly. Narrowing her eyes as the process began, she concentrated hard with her gaze fixated on her hands.

Moving those strands of magic so that they focused on the bone, she began to meld the two pieces together. First, the bone. Then, the arteries and veins. After that, she began to work on tendons, muscle tissues, and nerves. The work was painstakingly slow, and as she worked beads of sweat formed on her forehead. While she was working, Darius was brought in, but Laura didn't notice.

Instead, the younger Asclepian helped Brian and Amelie move Darius onto another empty bed, before going to check the bandaging on his eye to make sure that it had been done properly. However, the healer made no move to begin healing the wound by herself.

Even at her level, it took Laura around six to seven minutes before she was done, knitting the skin together as a last step. Where there had previously been no arm, was an arm, hopefully well connected. At last removing her hands from around Connor's arm, she took a look at the area beneath. A scar where the arm had been connected remained, but she had done what she could. He was lucky to have his arm back and functioning. Hopefully functioning, if she had done it correctly.

Saying that she was just tired would have been an understatement. She felt totally exhausted and was sweating all over, and now that she came out of the trance she had slipped into while healing, she could feel her hands shaking slightly. But she still wasn't done. Now that the most important wound had been healed, she reached over a placed a hand over the cut on Connor's face, healing that much more easily. Last of all she checked Connor's pulse and breathing, and finding that all seemed as normal as it could be under such a circumstance, stepped back.

"Done. Can you check?"

The man stepped forward once Laura spoke, placing his hands on Connor's arm just like Laura had done. Running his magic through the area, he checked for anything internally that Laura might have missed. Nothing had been missed. Turning to face her, he spoke. "I can't find anything that seems to be off. I'll check up on him once more after he regains consciousness, but you did well." Taking in her obviously exhausted state, he continued. "You should go change and rest, I'll keep an eye on him."

All the time that the man had been checking Connor, Laura had stood by anxiously, biting her lip. She breathed a sigh of relief as he pronounced the job well done, as far as he could tell. The moment of truth would come later after Connor woke up, when they would see if he could use his arm. Though tired as she was, she still made no move to remove her gloves or head out of the infirmary. "There's still Darius."

The man shook his head. "I will deal with that. You've done enough for today." To make his point, he walked over to where the younger healer stood by Darius. "Go on."

Laura was visibly reluctant, but she peeled off the dirty gloves, discarded them, then cleaned her hands. "I'll come back later if they haven't woken up by then." Exiting the infirmary on shaky legs, she stopped once she was a few steps down the hall. Looking down at herself, her gaze narrowed in on the blood spots on her yoga pants. The spots showed up nicely against the medium gray color. She must have accidentally knelt in some of Connor's blood.

Looking at those spots reminded her of the training room. The floor would still be covered in blood, unless the next person who had gone there had seen it and cleaned it up, instead of rescheduling training for later. She should check to make sure the floor was clean, just in case.

Making the detour to the training facility, she pushed open the door that now seemed much heavier, and entered. Scanning the floor for any sign of blood, she found none and turned to exit. Glad someone had the initiative to clean that mess up.

The next destination was her dorm, and once inside, she grabbed something clean to wear and headed for the showers. She didn't like the feeling of being covered in sweat. Her shower was a long one, and she came out feeling refreshed, though still tired. The clothes she pulled on were quite similar to the ones she had worn before, except this time it was a dark red elbow length shirt and a black pair of yoga pants.

Scrubbing her pants under the tap and using a large amount of soap, she was dismayed to find that a light red patch still remained. Argh. And this was all because of the two of them. Hadn't they set down any terms for how violent they were willing to have the spar become, and how they would determine the winner? That's how she would have done it. But Connor had turned out to be too reckless, and Darius too experienced and too easily excited. She would sooo give them a talking to later.

Wringing out her pants and hanging it up, she left the shower area. She'd deal with the stain later, but for now she didn't feel like it. Entering her room once more, she sank down into a chair and leaned backwards. Thinking back on the recently transpired events, she ran over what the reactions had been. Brian, surprisingly, had arrived on the scene quite quickly. He had no doubt been watching the spar from afar, too lazy to even walk to the training facility.

But at least he had remained calm. Amelie, on the other hand, had not. And for herself, well, Laura supposed she had done alright with tending to Connor and helping to get him to the infirmary. Though she really needed to work on her healing. It had taken her too long, and she hadn't even been able to heal Darius. The problem was that she could only practice whenever there was an injury, and she didn't want accidents or battles to happen more just so that she could practice. So most of what she learned was theory.

With a soft sigh, Laura got up and switched chairs so that she sat at her desk. Her textbook still lay there, and she opened it. Scanning down the page to see where she had stopped, she began to read again. But she was still too tired to focus properly, and she found that she kept reading the same paragraph over and over as she fought to keep her eyes open. After ten minutes of this, she closed the book and lay down in the middle of the floor.

A short nap before returning to her studies would be alright. But just a short one.
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Laura Tilney | Amelie Kendrick | Brian Campbell

It wasn't long before Laura reached the training facility, and pushing the door open, she stepped inside before immediately looking for Connor and Darius. They weren't hard to spot, for both wielded weapons and had already begun the fight. Without her supervision. Eyes locked on the fighting pair, it was only a few seconds after her arrival that she witnessed the first injury of the duel.

With Connor's skills still being at a lower level compared to Darius's due to the former's short time in training, the time slow that Connor performed still didn't give him enough time to doge Darius's attack. Thus, Connor sustained a gash on the face. Laura was too far away to be able to make out the depth and severity of the cut, but since Connor was still fighting, she hoped it wasn't too bad.

Still keeping her eyes on the pair, Laura quickly made her way over to the set of bleachers at the side of the training room. To protect the viewers from any mishaps that the people training might cause, the viewing area was separated by a low wall with wire fencing above it, a swinging gate placed where there was a small break in the wall and fencing.

Eyes still on the pair so as not to miss anything in the fast-paced fight, she took the few steps needed to take a seat on the bleachers without needing to look where she was going, and took a seat, placing the coffee mug in her lap.

Leaning forward slightly with her brow furrowed, she inhaled sharply as Connor's knife found it's way into Darius's eye, or rather, Darius's eye socket. "Shit, shit, shit," she muttered under her breath, now ready to spring up at any moment should things get worse. I think I better stop this soon. Biting her lip, she subconsiously brought the coffee mug to her mouth and began to drink, her head turned sideways to still keep an eye on the fight. How far should she let things go?

But just as she was swallowing down that mouthful of coffee, Darius lept at Connor. Eyes widening, Laura's immediate reaction was to try and yell at him to stop, but the mouthful of coffee she had taken caused her to choke. Slamming down the mug, she tried to force out a "Stop!" in between coughs, unsuccesfully. Daruis's sword swung, severing Connor's arm.

Amelie had just finished swallowing her coffee as quickly as humanly possible right as Darius lunged for Connor. "HOLY SHIT, STOP!" she stood up and screeched. But she was too late, as Connor's arm flew off. She pulled at her hair, her panic showing on her face as both of them wiped out. This had been a horrible bad idea. A newb Temporean fighting an old Hammer? That was a horrendous idea, and she should have put some reason into the two of them.

But lo and behold, she had not, and here they were.

At the moment, the most eloquent word Amelie could muster up was "FUCK!" Amelie usually didn't curse, so she was quite obviously panicking.

Not good. Really not good. As fast as she could, Laura began making her way along the bleachers and to the gate, noticing Brian's presence as she did so. Reaching the gate, she ran through and across the floor, where both Connor and Darius lay unconsious. Because of his wonderful teleporting, Brian had made it there first, already working on stopping the blood flow.

Trusting that Brian was capable enough of performing the first aid measures necessary, she only glanced at what he was doing quickly before snatching a pair of gloves from the first aid kit and running towards the nearby severed body part as she put them on.

Years ago Laura might have balked at even the thought of picking up a severed body part, but years of practice on the battlefield had made it so that she had no choice but to get her hands covered in blood. Bending over to pick up Connor's arm, she grabbed it around the elbow before turning and heading back, putting the arm next to it's owner.

It would be easier to transport the two of them to the base's infirmary rather than just treat him right there and then on the floor. Quickly checking to make sure that Brian had treated Connor's wound correctly, she decided that it was good enough for now, at least until she could reattach the arm at the infirmary.

"Brian." Laura spoke briskly. "He needs to be moved to the infirmary."

Brian nodded and quickly retrieved the stretcher and laid it down on the ground next to Connor. Carefully, he rolled Connor onto his uninjured side and nudged the stretcher under him.

Amelie rushed down the bleachers, flinging open the gate and rushing to their side.

Fidgeting anxiously, she asked "Is there anything that I can do to help?"

Brian glanced over at Darius then made eye contact with Amelie.

"Apply a pressure dressing to Darius' eye. Check him over for any other wounds and do what you can to deal with them, alright? Laura, I'm going to teleport us three to the infirmary."

His eyes flicked over to Laura, and then back again at Amelie.

"Amelie, I'll come back and help you carry Darius to the infirmary, okay?"

Amelie snatched the first aid kit, rooting through it until she found the gauze. She quickly layered it into a single, bulky patch the size of Darius's eye (and a bit of extra skin) and used some medical tape to tape it down firmly onto his eye.

When he saw that Amelie got to work immediately on dealing with that damned Hammer, Brian returned his eyes to Laura.

"You ready?" he waited for a sign of assent. "In three. Three, two, one." And he teleported all three of them to the infirmary.

Laura let Brian do the talking when Amelie finally calmed herself down and arrived at the scene. She wasn't happy with the way the older girl had freaked out, but now wasn't the time to think about such things. Double checking first to make sure that Connor lay correctly, she picked up the stretcher with Brian, then nodded to show she was ready. Together, they were teleported into the infirmary.

Brian felt a wave of dizziness when he teleported. He gulped down a couple deep breaths and steadied himself. His disorientation was less than that of his passengers, but in the end the effort he put into his jumps more than made up for the lack of disorientation. His clothes were sticking to his skin, already damp with sweat. He helped settle Connor in the infirmary before taking the stretcher and hurrying back out the doors to return to the training room. He paused just around the corner to close his eyes and catch his breath for a moment.

His complexion had simultaneously paled and reddened from the exertion making the dark shadows under his eyes stand out a little further. He used the trip back to the training room to cool down a little. It didn't take too long for him to arrive in front of the door to the training room. He put the stretcher aside just long enough to get the door open before grabbing it and going inside.

He quickly returned to Darius' side. He gave Darius a once-over, and then set down the stretcher and, with a little help from Amelie, got Darius situated on the other side.

"Amelie, you take that end of the stretcher, and I'll take this one. On the count of three, we'll lift the stretcher and walk to the infirmary, got it?"

Amelie nodded, heaving the stretcher to a place where it was comfortable for her to hold it.

Brian began his count down, and they managed to lift the stretcher with minimal jostling of their passenger. They began cautiously and deftly picking their way to the infirmary. The doors were a bit of trouble, but they managed to handle the doors at the training room. A few turns this way and that way and they found their way to the infirmary. It was a relief that the infirmary doors were wide open to receive them.

Amelie and Brian carried Darius in, and helped settle him down in a bed in the infirmary so the Asclepians could fuss over them.

Brian habitually gave the scene in the infirmary a once-over and, reassured that everything was well in hand, he left.
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Helma Jade Berger
The announcements rang through the place where she was being held, some kind of undersea craft. The sack over her head made things unpleasantly stuffy, not to mention that she hated the feeling of not knowing what was going on around her. But the announcement had told her all she needed to know; that she had arrived at the prison where she was going to be held. Yes, she did deserve to be held. After what she had done before being captured, she supposed she deserved it. But that didn't mean she had to like it.

Standing up when instructed, she began to walk forwards, grudgingly letting the guard guide her so she didn't trip. After the check-up, she accepted her meager belongings. The sack over her head came off soon afterwards, letting her take a look at the place that was now to be her "home". She couldn't help but snort at the artwork on the wall. Was that supposed to make them feel better about the fact that they were in prison now? They didn't even care.

When it was time for her to be escorted to her cell with the other girls, she kept her head high and her face emotionless. However, inside she was struggling to accept the fact that she would be living here now. Part of her was to tempted to try a hopeless escape, but she knew that escape from here was nearly impossible. Instead, she let herself be pushed into her cell.

The door closed and locked behind her, leaving her with her cellmates. It was hard to ignore the wailing of the girl that in the same cell as Helma, and it was even harder to hold back on shouting at the girl to just shut up and keep her self pity to herself. To drown out the girl's wails, Helma threw herself on her cot, burying her head beneath the thin pillow. She lay awake for a long time even after the wailing stopped, falling asleep in the early hours of the morning.

The announcement later in the morning woke her up at once from her fitful sleep, though she didn't fully process whatever the announcement was actually about. Having slept a grand total of three to four hours, there were dark circles under her eyes. She didn't want to get up. But after laying there for a few minutes, her mouth twisted into something that seemed half a grimace and half smile, though one without joy. Right, let's do this. I'm going to get up now. Now. As in now.

It was still another minute before she got up, in time to exit her cell as the doors buzzed three times before opening. She didn't try to make any trouble that morning, not when she was half asleep on her feet and probably would have a hard time throwing a good punch. Accepting her tray of what was supposed to be edible food, she simply found the nearest available seat and sat.

She eyed her food with obvious distaste before picking up the utensil provided and taking a mouthful. Blech. It didn't taste anything like food, but she needed to eat something. Lifting another spoonful of food to her mouth, she continued to eat.
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At last, I'm putting a post up! It's kinda short and dry since I'm mainly just trying to stop holding people up and cap over what's been going on in the rp, but the ones in the future should be more detailed.
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