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9 Apr 2017 10:42
sick again wtf...
6 Mar 2017 21:15
People say that I am very excitable. Don't know WHY THE FUCK THEY WOULD SAY THAT!?
3 Mar 2017 14:57
Time passes so fast man...
2 Feb 2017 16:34
Midterms? More like NoSleepterms!
18 Jan 2017 8:42
I'm sick q.q
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I've been roleplaying close to 7 years now, and was a member of the OldRPG. Being a newb at the time and with zero previous knowledge about RPing and its intricacies, I made a lot of mistakes, such as joining and abandoning roleplays in the blink of an eye without previous notification :| I've grown, though, and now I generally consider myself a competent Casual writer, while I have my occasional bouts with Advanced RPs as well. I thrive in Low/Medium & High Fantasy settings, while also possessing a keen interest in the Sci-Fi and Supernatural. I've always found Nation/Historical RPs fascinating to read, yet am always hesitant of joining one due to fear of not being able to cope with the necessary world-building needed in such RPs.

As for the me without roleplaying, there's not much to say really. Born on a rainy February 17th, I am an intellectual Aquarius which thrives in using his snarky & quite sarcastic sense of humour and encyclopaedic knowledge to mess with other people's heads. It's quite fun actually, you should try it one time ;) My lazy atheist ass usually does not give a damn about other people's religious beliefs. Usually. Ya.

I love reading books, all kinds of books, and yet I don't really consider myself a book connoisseur. I also love swimming, but where I'm from, you will be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't.



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100 might? I'd prolly do the same thing I did when I had 40 might: Sit on it until an idea smacks me in the head with a fly swatter, because that's how unimaginative I am.
@Slime There's no need for whipping unless its fire whipping. That is mandatory.

@Double Capybara

@Cyclone Here's my CS, hope I get accepted.

I've been cringing at my introduction ever since I posted it 1 year ago.
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