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16 Feb 2017 4:58
Current Dippling crepression? Posteo-orosis?
3 Feb 2017 0:17
The definition of insanity? Finals.
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14 Jan 2017 5:50
When your crush takes months to get over their own, but they only give you three days to go back to the friend zone. MLK Jr. help me.
30 Aug 2016 7:07
So...anyone mind explaining me how buying a kitchen works?
14 Jun 2016 7:51
Anticipating in how high I can bring that Spartan Rage meter up when I get GoW 4. It even goes up when the kid frustrates Kratos lol
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Still waiting...

You know, what if Sabine went into real-estate?
anyone who hasn't already expressed interest in the RP, i'll have to deny until space opens up.

Did my post on the interest thread count? o.o
Contemplating putting in a healthy dose of communism into this RP...
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