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4 Feb 2017 16:47
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And we're done- reworked my Avatar/weapons completely to be a more melee focused fighter- not a 'tank' by any stretch of the imagination (I imagine a dex-fighter from d&d), but I imagine a bit hardier than Archimedes and Urkwia. Something a bit meatier for the foes to focus on while Acrhimedes goes for them sneaky flanks and Urkwia blasts them with magic.

btw, is there a team leader/shot caller/point man? Or are we just a collectivist team?
I should have time tomorrow to post as well- I can have Rio lance the last one, unless someone else wants the kill
I'll be done sometime tomorrow
In Spiritum 19 Apr 2017 20:30 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
Once I finish my research paper... Still plugging away. Skip me if necessary as well.
I would've thought we'd still have a bit of experience here and there- like being a level 5 character instead of level 1, ya know? Just a thought.
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