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Sara blinked in her cockpit, Bill's bombastic response taking her a bit off guard. He sounded like an overenthusiastic video game character. She giggled lightly to herself as she joined Bill's training session, and was joined by Ian and Hamasaki shortly afterwards. Sara took a moment to look over her Valkyrie II, the white machine's weapons loaded in fairly easily- most of her blueprints had already been uploaded to the database by the manufacturer.

Sara listened as Bill addressed them again, her machine firing the various boosters around its bodies- testing her mobility in the sim. Sure enough, it was working fine. Her Valkyrie was fast- perhaps not the fastest in a straight on sprint- Ian's GEAR looked light on its feet and speedy, but her machine was built for rapid lateral movement, if done right she could string together half a dozen lateral dashes in different directions in moments, enabling her to juke past just about anything- one of the main reasons why she desired a role based on flanking instead of straight on combat.

Sara let out a small cough as Bill gave a speech that would've fit in a medieval fantasy RPG, sidling her machine up next to his, boosters allowing her to hover just above the ground. "I don't think computer programs understand the concept of fear or honor." she murmured to herself as she guided her machine into position.

She let the Valkyrie settle on the ground and readied her lance and claws. "Hayakawa, ready."
I'll take a look at it, but I won't be able to write until Monday at the earliest. Out-of state of a little R&R
ME:A has been a fun distraction ahaha.

I concur
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Gid was probably talking about specifics and logistics. Security detail and the like.
Sara's face fell a bit when Atlas mentioned her working with him in what were likely the frontlines. She felt much more comfortable in a flanking role, taking attacks of opportunity when they arose rather than scrapping it out in the front lines with the others. She resolved to mention this to Bill at a later time though, as he seemed intent on showing the rest of the team his machine. He seemed proud of it.

As they entered a hangar, Sara was quick to notice a crowd building up in front of one of the GEARs. She remembered that one- getting people out of the way so she could park hers was a small pain. It was black and shiny and almost looked more ornamental than functional, and it definitely had the vibe of 'cool' to it. Sara remembered her brother expressing the desire to take it apart and see what kind of gear it was functioning with 'under the hood' and asking Sara to find out who the pilot was. Sara was quite surprised to find that this machine was in fact Bill's machine.

The team already begun squabbling. Kiril in particular didn't seem particularly impressed with it, and asked about its capabilities. Hamasaki didn't seem satisfied by Bill's response and promptly chewed into him- with Atlas as expected, getting defensive and going off on the girl. Sara glanced over at Ian Laudat, the only other one not involved in the current argument.

"If they pilot anything like they talk, I get the feeling everyone's going to be getting in each other's way a lot today." She said with a sigh- not really expecting a response as she made her way over to her own machine in a slot just across from Bill's Exalted. Her brother had probably purposely parked as close to the exotic machine as he could so he could get a better look at it- and was likely in the currently dispersing crowd.

Her own machine, lovingly referred to as "White Hare", looked almost as pristine as they day it left the factory. It was a military-grade model- one of a test-batch of 12 machines built just a few months ago. Units 1-7 were currently in the field in some far off battlefield, while 9-12 were currently undergoing tests, hers- unit 8 was at Ace Academy for branding purposes. The machine quickly powered on as Sara slid into the cockpit. She opened up a private communication line with Bill.

"Ignore them Atlas. Actions speak louder than words. Respect is best won on the battlefield."
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