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Fanilly approached the map and carefully, quietly looked it over. She wasn't entirely certain, without explanation, what it was meant to be conveying beyond the obvious map of the countryside. At least, until her former mentor provided a rather quick explanation. For a few moments, the smallish blonde girl was silent.

"... I'm... I'm afraid I don't understand," she began. The idea of such a cult acting in such a matter was quite vile, but at the same time... "Wouldn't it make more sense for us to simply go in force and quickly eliminate them, before they can commit any other terrible acts?"

She couldn't understand the need for an army to be brought to root out a cult, unless the cult was an army itself. Let alone two armies. As Fanilly understood, Velt and Ithillin, the countries included on the map, were quite militarily strong themselves. She had to confess her knowledge of their neighbors was limited only to what could be learned from her tutors, as she had never traveled beyond Thaln's borders. She could not, therefore, confirm all that she had heard. Though at the very least Fanilly was certain that the pastries of Ithillin were absolutely lovely, as indicated by the party she had attended when she was younger. There had been an Ithillin baker there, and what he had created...

Regardless of how hungry she suddenly felt, however, Fanilly could not be certain she knew why such a plan would be required here.

Agenon let out another sigh.

"I cannot argue with you on that matter, to say the least," he responded. "Look where keeping secrets has gotten me. A stolen shard of an evil artifact, and a divided faculty who fight over what to do with it should it be returned.

He took a deep breath, stroking his thick beard.

"I can't make any excuses for my continued secrecy," he continued, "Aside from perhaps that I foolishly feared retribution would come upon some of those who work here. The men and women who believe they can re-purpose the shard are misguided, not evil. They think that using such a thing would be the ultimate rejection of its original purpose."

He sagged a little.

"And so, my affection for this school's faculty betrayed my common sense. From this point on, I pledge to assist in the shard's recovery however I can."

The carts outside seemed like, well, carts. There was nothing particularly strange about them.

What may, however, have been noticeable is the rope in the back of one cart. Any close inspection would reveal that it had somehow been severed...

There was no-one in sight.

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Her surroundings were... strange, to say the least. But no matter what surrounded her, Ayumi was hardly about to stop for too long. Though... when the others spoke to her, she did pause for a moment. Satonaka-san never really strayed particularly far from her home, nor did she stray from a specific path from her school to her house. The girl was friendly, but also fairly shy, and so she got nervous about going anywhere alone. Therefore, Satonaka Kotomi had picked a very specific route to and from her home, and tended to stick to it. As a result, it wasn't terrible hard to guess where the other girl might have been.

Ayumi turned to face the people she had selected to be her party.

"Satonaka-san has a specific route she likes to take to and from home when she's alone," she explained, "She takes the shortest route because going out alone makes her nervous. So if we just take that route we might be able to find out where she was taken."

With that, Ayumi hurried off once more. The others would follow her, but if they didn't... well, it was her classmate. Her responsibility. The street wasn't too far off, either.

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Chiba Chinatsu


Of course those tanned idiots noticed her. Of course they did. The last people she ever wanted to talk to were now paying attention to her. Worst of all was that obnoxious Student Council member and the president of the fashion club. She just pranced about, walking around her like that. Hmph. And then she started laughing? As if Chinatsu cared about whatever those idiots thought was fashionable. They were free to dress up however they wanted, and she was free to ignore it. Of course, the small girl's glare only intensified when she saw 'Suzie's' chest sway right into her view. Of course she had to flaunt those.

... And she liked her twintails!

Regardless, now it seemed like the head bimbo was sending one of the other stupid bimbos to fight her, on account of her needing more points. Fine.

"I just came in here to get a drink, but fine, I'll put up with you," Chinatsu commented, one hand placing itself on Ryu's hilt. As she drew the straight-bladed katana, the red glow suffused the hilt and blade, light flowing from the metal as the dark-haired girl took a ready stance. "You'll leave me alone after this, won't you?"

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The seconds between what that huge boy said and the student council member's response were nil.

A set of brightly-colored pastel drones, sloping and graceful forms colored with blues and pinks, almost immediately appeared around her, in an arc over the tiny black-haired girl. They titled inwards, built a blazing light up within them, and with a high-pitched whining sound fired. When the beams came into contact with one another they twisted into a single blast, which tore forward and struck Ryuji squarely in the chest. The sheer force of the blast sounded like a shot from some sort of anti-air cannon, and the brilliance of the blast made the entire world seem a bit darker for the briefest moment, before it faded.

The huge student was sent careening across the courtyard, stopping only when he hit a wall on the opposite side.

"... Oh?" Emiri asked, cocking her head to one side, "Were you trying to ask Emiri something? I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over the my music."

Apparently, the laser blast had been her 'music', insofar as anyone might be able to tell.

"The next one to touch Emiri without her permission will get worse then that, by the way~" the tiny girl added cheerily, "And don't even think about talking down to me~"

She clapped her hands together, the drones above her lightly turning over themselves.

"So, will you take Emiri's advice, or not?"

Akane glanced up when she heard Katsura-senpai's laughter. It was... pretty, really, but she suddenly felt even more self-conscious. Had she said something silly? She hadn't said anything too silly, right? The redheaded girl fidgeted in her seat for a few moments, braid swaying back and fourth as she did. But the older girl's words were reassuring, at least. It was something abrupt and unplanned... and... and she almost never did those kinds of things on her own! In fact, thinking back on her past, Akane was quite certain she'd never once done something like this before... so perhaps becoming a magical girl really had boosted her confidence?! Oh, she could only hope so...

"Ah, um, well, then... that's... i-it's good we're doing this!" Akane finally concluded, fidgeting weakly in her seat. Ahh... this was difficult, but... if she was a magical girl she could push through anything, right?! Right!

Go Akane-chaaaaan! You can do it!

... Having to be cheered on about it was still kind of pathetic, though... but... little steps, right?

"Um, so, um... what were you planning on doing today?"

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