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So hey after getting a little frustrated about some stuff, trying a new thing RPGuild!
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Cows are well known for their hissing.


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Since we discussed this before, accepted!
Ayumi didn't really know what was happening. But what she did know is that ringing the bell had done something to the huge skeleton. The gashadokuro looked like it was suffering, like it had become overcome with pain. Well... whatever something with no nervous system had instead of pain, at least. Ayumi didn't know what was happening. But she did know there was something that she could do. She didn't understand, or entirely notice, the electricity crackling around her hand, around the bokken, charring the smooth wood of the training weapon. The black-haired girl just ran, both hands on the weapon's hilt, as she made her way right for the yokai skeleton's head. She wasn't really thinking.

She was acting. There was a monster, and it could hurt people. So... so...!

The wooden tip of the bokken tore towards the skeleton's huge skull. As it did, the electrical crackling became powerful enough to ignite the blade, setting the sword on fire. Ayumi didn't understand anything about what was happening, but she had to hurt it...!
Amalie Georg Faust, Caster - Scandinavia

Edeltaud was satisfied, even smiling, when her fist struck the huge wolf. That satisfaction immediately faded when she felt the teeth piercing her arm, crimson, human-liked blood trickling from her wounds as they tore into her flesh. While it was trying to shake her, she held her ground, gritting her teeth. Having been given a body like a human's, she felt pain just as much, even as the wolf was shot in its hindquarters.

"Edeltaud!" cried Faust. Her new friend was in trouble! Her Master was trying to help, but it looked bad, those teeth were locked into her arm pretty tight... maybe she needed to ask Gretchen for help! "Ah, um, I'll help! Gretchen might help too! Just let me summon for friends don't worry!"

"It's alright, Mistress!" called Edeltaud, bracing herself... and pulling back against the injured wolf's grip. Two sources of incredible strength pulling against one another... if she could not dislodge the wolf's grip on her arm, nor turn to attack it effectively, there was only one logical choice for the demon butler girl.

The sickening sound of tearing flesh and snapping bone rang out as Edeltaud's arm tore free of her shoulder, blood spattering onto the ground. One eye shut with pain, the demon wasted no time in turning on her heel even as the wolf staggered from suddenly being freed from the opposing force. Her foot drove into the side of the beast's head, and the cracking bone as she sent fractures through its skull and snapped its neck was audible. The huge canine pitched sideways and toppled over, before laying still.

Edeltaud panted. Blood poured from her shoulder, where her arm had so recently been attached.

I'll get my post up today. ^^;
Oh right, I'd rather not triple post but I would also like people to actually notice this, um, your character does not have to be a regular user of the app but they do need to have seen it in action with the phone in their hands at some point.
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