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In The Gifted World 23 Apr 2017 7:17 Forum: Free Roleplay
Kora pressed her back against the weather-beaten brickwork and listened intently to the sounds of her assailants.

Now this was just getting unsporting.

And even if she hadn't been doing he best to follow any conversation, she'd still not be too keen to go rushing into an area where two enemies had guns. Even though, if the one behind the counter was Ingram, one couldn't see her.
"ORIN. Think I've located both targets. Can you get me a confirm and some data on the third hostile?"

"Get me visual and I can tell you whatever you need to know. Just try not to get shot." was the response.

Kora had no intention of getting shot.

Unfortunately her options became a lot more limited when the wall behind her was suddenly hit by a wrecking ball.

Or at the very least it felt like one when she was pitched forward into the dirt by the force.

Kora rolled with the hit and was able to scramble herself up to face the attacker. A few bruises and a bleeding lip, nothing major. In hindsight, probably should have seen that coming.

"Confirmed. It's Lazos. Ingram won't be far."

As ORIN spoke to affirm her claim, Kora scanned the surroundings. One close range. Two long range. It was far from a fair fight.

"Three on one? See it didn't take you two long to get into the ashland mentality." Kora growled through gritted teeth as she planted her feet firmly into the dusty ground, placing one against a sizeable crack in the old sidewalk so it could not slide back.

What she was about to do had one hell of a kickback.
"Guess I'm going to have to get serious."

For a moment the woman splayed her fingers, and around her hands red, glowing particles began to swirl and crowd together.



She threw her arms up before her and a wave of heat and force burst out of her like a bomb had exploded from the knight's outstretched hands. A wave of superheated air rocketed across the ruined building, tearing up the floor coating, flinging the remains of furniture and tearing fixtures from the walls. The water from the sprinklers was no match for the heat at close range, evaporating into steam as the wave it, filling the air with a thick, hot fog.

The force hit the walls, cracking the brickwork and tearing off the paint. What little glass was left in the windows burst out forcefully in all directions.

Kora stood at the epicentre of this chaos, the ground around her scorched black, and bits of her glove's heat-resistant fabric smouldering faintly in the dusty air.

Well, back to the drawing board on the gloves.
In The Gifted World 21 Apr 2017 21:49 Forum: Free Roleplay
@Framing A Moose Right side.
In The Gifted World 21 Apr 2017 21:23 Forum: Free Roleplay
@Framing A Moose She moved across the doorway setting the floor of the doorframe on fire as she passed across it, and ended up net to the door with her back to the wall.
In The Gifted World 21 Apr 2017 10:13 Forum: Free Roleplay
Yeah got to say if I only osted things I was happy with I'd probably never post at all. I've now put myself in the mindset of 'Don't second guess it just post' in order to speed things along.
In The Gifted World 21 Apr 2017 8:28 Forum: Free Roleplay
As soon as she heard the unmistakable sound of a cocking firearm, Kora's weight swiftly shifted onto her back foot, her trained reflexes compelling her back more than any conscious thought. She sprang back as the man flung himself forward, and then, feet skidding in the dust, dived behind the doorframe moments before bullets splintered off the wood. The shots might've missed her head had she stayed. But that was a big might.

The knight pressed her back against the wall of the building, and lifted her hands up. The metal plating of the adapted gloves flared red as heat started to manifest around them. The air rippled and blurred.

"I just want you to keep in mind:" Kora called back through the entrance, still stood parallel to the frame in order to avoid the hidden gunner.

"That you instigated the fight here.
We could have handled this in a civilized way.
I want you to be completely aware of that when everything that's about to happen, happens."

She sprang across the doorway, trailing one hand across the threshold of the wooden door and by the time she'd cleared it a fire had spread all across the dusty wood, blocking the entrance.

She didn't imagine metal guy was going to be too worried about it, but whoever was shooting at her in there was. With any luck she could split them up and deal with them one at a time. Trying to take out the big guy whilst under fire was not a great idea.

She'd learned the hard way about the kind of setup.
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