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Full Name: Kora Mari Norrevinter
Nicknames/Aliases: The Berserker, The Viking, Red Sonja, That Ginger Lunatic
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Species: Werewolf
SCION Team/Rank: Wolf Moon, Field Agent with her eye on a leadership role.

Kora is, shall we say,a rather distinct individual. Over six and a half feet tall, with wild, wavy red hair and pale skin, she comes across as pretty intimidating at first glance. And for many she only becomes more intimidating from there.

Kora speaks with a distinct accent, closest to Norwegian, and is able to speak in English, Norwegian, and a strange dialect that is, in fact, Old Norse. She tends to shout when annoyed, or excited, or trying to emphasise, so she'd rather hard to ignore.

Clothing-wise, most of the time Kora has little interest in dressing up, only tending to don anything very feminine when pressed. Most of the time she exists in a T-shirt and cargo pants. However she is rarely seen without her mjolnir, a little pewter charm in the shape of Thor's Hammer. She wears it nearly all the time, and tends to toy with it when nervous.

Kora is defined mostly be being quite...intense. In pretty much all ways. If she is angry she is screaming and shouting and breaking things. If she's happy she's also screaming and shouting and breaking things. Most extremes of emotion seem to manifest in destruction of some form, and when she isn't doing any of these she's often listening to far-too-loud heavy metal music or drinking other staffers under the table. She can...grate on people a little.

Kora has a serious trouble controlling her temper, and struggles not to fly into a rage at trivial matters.

Kora has been raised to see herself as destined for greatness. The child of 100 generations of selective werewolf breeding, she feels that she is special, that she is just waiting to show the world something amazing. Whether this is justified or not, remains to be seen.

Stemming from this, Kora is a little bit elitist in regard to werewolf bloodlines. She tends to see herself around the top spot, other old bloodlines below that, other born-wolves below that, and turned wolves at the very bottom. She doesn't mistreat them, but she will sometimes condescend to them and neglect to understand why they might be irritated by this. Additionally she tends to mistrust vampires, her bloodline having had a long running ancestral grudge with them, dating back to the roman era.

Whilst she has many faults, Kora is, if nothing else, extraordinarily brave and unflinchingly loyal. She will take a bullet for anyone in SCION, several bullets most likely, and will still probably have enough fight in her to stove in the face of whoever it was holding the gun in the first place.

Kora is the inheritor of the bloodline's much prized and cultivated power, the Berserker Rage. She is able to vastly increase her physical ability and become impervious to pain for temporary periods, making even her human form dangerous and her werewolf form like a furry tank. When this is invoked her body temperature spikes so high steam begins to rise from her nose and mouth, and contact with her skin will begin to burn and blister a person's skin. This combination results in unrivalled destruction, but is severely debilitating in the long run.

The Norrevinter bloodline have been selectively breeding for the strongest and most dangerous werewolves for centuries. Unfortunately this sometimes involved marrying within the family. As a result a large number of health problems have been bred into those who inherit the berserker gene. Whilst most werewolves can live longer than the average human, the lifespan for her line is usually only around 30 years. Kora's blood vessels will often rupture in response to stress and power usage, and it's not unusual for her to vomit or cough up blood. Invoking berserkrgang only speeds this along, and puts additional pressure on her system, however the pain nullification effects of the ability often prevent her from realising this in battle.

Brief History:
The Norrevinter bloodline are one of the oldest unbroken lines of werewolves in the supernatural world, able to trace their ancestry back to a pack of germanic tribal werewolves captured by a roman general and transported to Britannia during their occupation for use as gladiators. Supposedly their captor, and keeper for many years, and general and lannister named Caius, was a disguised vampire, and, from this long-remembered act of cruelty, the family developed a long-lasing hostility to the 'parasites'.

During the dark ages, the family worked among humans as soldiers and raiders, becoming chiefs and heroes and sparking the historical accounts of the 'ulfhednar', the 'men in wolf skin', better known as the viking berserkers. They were revered among the norse culture as 'The Wolves of Odin' and remained in high regard until the pagan religion fell into decline, as more of Scandinavia converted to christianity, a faith with no place for their kind.

In the modern era, the Norrevinter still retain quite a bit of political sway in supernatural society. This is despite their rather drastic decline over the years. Plagued by ill-health, very few still exist, but they remain the main link to the more...savage nordic wolves.

The Norrevinter reached an agreement with SCION back in its early days, to offer up their heirs for service with the organisation. This allowed their sons and daughters to prove themselves on the field of battle without having to disguise their true natures...and without them having to start wars with other packs or species...something they weren't above doing in the past.

As such, when SCION was revitalised, the organisation found themselves saddled with the newest addition to the family, a gangly, shouty and entitled teenager by the name of Kora. Over the next ten years said awkward teenager because a pretty impressive asset to the organisation. Kora was loud, uncouth and a stubborn as an ox, but she was also fearless and principled and an incredibly good fighter. She stands on the verge of being made a squad commander, something she's pretty keen on, but other things are also occupying her mind.
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Aaaand Cyrus is up, so that's the first of my characters done.

Full Name: Cyrus Ezekiel Fox
Nicknames/Aliases: Cy, Eeyore, Cyrus the Virus
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Sorcerer
SCION Team/Rank: Blue Moon, Trainee

Cyrus is notable for his floppy hair, leather jacket, and almost permanent slouch. He is rather on the tall side, and actually fairly athletic, though his form is generally concealed under layer of jacket and shirts bearing doom metal album covers. He's scruffy and awkward, but when he is using his magic, his posture and way of carrying himself seems to immediately change into something quick, confident and decisive.

An experiment gone wrong a year or so ago ended up scorching off Cy's fingerprints. He's not totally unhappy about the loss.

Cyrus is known for being, at best, kinda serious. The young man is surly, and humorless, tending to alienate most people he encounters.

Neither him nor his sister have the greatest respect for convention, and the young sorcerer is a law unto himself in many ways. Fortunately, they have the sense not to push their boundaries too far, bur he tends to be off working on his own little projects, tinkering with grimoires or mixing up something unstable in the HQ basement.

Despite this he can often be heard. Mostly arguing with his sister. Dinah tends to make a sport out of trying to wind her brother up, and they seem to communicate mostly in insults.

Whilst they bicker almost constantly, Cyrus is extremely protective of his younger sister, and has both the attitude, and the necessary skills to threaten swift and terrible retribution to anyone who might hurt her, something she seems to regard as more an annoyance than any kind of protection from the world. The two are, despite this, very close and tend to know exactly what one another is thinking.

Cyrus, while appearing rather antisocial, does care about those around him and wants to protect his group, he just hates having to admit to any form of affection.

Magical Knowledge - Despite his young age, Cyrus seems to be in possession of an alarming amount of practical knowledge in black magic, both in casting it, and how to ward against its uses. He's very cagey about this however, and will only tend to openly cast when needs must.

Divination Power - Cyrus has inherited a skill at divination from his father's side. Whether it's water, gold, or demons, he can usually construct something that'll seek it out.

-Stubborn Independence - While he may be a trainee, Cyrus does not like to receive help. This tends to mean that he ends up digging himself into deeper trouble while attempting to get himself out of it.

-Family Ties - Having lost much of his family, Cyrus is very preoccupied with concerns about something happening to his younger sister, and this persists even though their antagonism. Threats to her are one of the easy ways to get to him.

Brief History:
The Fox siblings descend from a long line of magic-users on both sides of their family. On their mother's side European ritualists all the way back to Celtic Britain, and on their father's side was a bloodline of Algonquin diviners. Cyrus' pedigree was pretty impressive.

So, how was it that SCION came to find a young Cyrus and his sister living alone in the wilds of rural Wyoming? The return to the Fox farmhouse to investigate was something that the agents investigating have never repeated to other staff. Whether it was classified or just something they never wanted to relay was up for debate. It was speculated, though not confirmed as the children had confusing accounts about what took place in the house, that Morgana Fox's ritual research had summoned up...something that had been the Fox family's ultimate downfall.

The two siblings were adopted by Saffiya Elmessiri, one of the organisation's higher-ranking officers, and contemporary of Matthew and Morgana Fox, who hoped to honour their memory by giving the Fox children the best possible start in life.

As such, for over ten years Cyrus has grown up around SCION, and started his training to become a researcher for the Blue Moon team at sixteen. Cyrus is undoubtedly an intelligent and talented young man... but his heart seems to be somewhere else much of the time. The shadow of his parents' fate has never quite left him and he still feels he has some bone to pick with the dark cosmic forces of the universe.
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