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@Ryteb Pymeroce

That's an even worst answer.


Lets not get down to an argument, I'm sure it was an oversight by our GM, we'll wait for his call.
Drakon Dreadnoughts: Names after the home world of the Emperor’s Legion, these massive ships act as mobile fortresses in ship battles. Spanning the length of a small continent, these behemoths possess heavy firepower as well as equipment to facilitate long term battles, such as repair stations and medical bays.
Embla: The capital planet of the Xythae Empire had been turned into the flagship of the armada millennia ago. Though it doesn’t possess any world ending weaponry, it can house 20 Drakon Dreadnoughts as well as millions of smaller ships. At the centre of the planet is the Grand Palace, from which the Emperor can contact any of his subordinates instantly.

I have to admit, I didn't bother to read this far. Is this allowed?
@Ryteb Pymeroce Yeah... And? Still makes heat m8

@Sophrus I plan on allying you on the first post if possible anyways. Want to talk about it in PM?

Speaking of that, what about nukes? Seem like a potent explosive always available and easily manufactured. Can we use them?

Problem 1: Finding the base.

Problem 2: Make sure the railgun is powerful enough to go through all the asteroids on the way...

Well, that is of course if we play rule of cool like in those movies where asteroids are ridiculously close to each other.

If we don't play rule of cool, well, I'm sorry to say we literally have no chance against the empire because you know, irl, stealth in space isn't a thing.

Wargames like GDW's STAR CRUISER describe interplanetary combat as being like hide and go seek with bazookas. Stealthy ships are tiny needles hidden in the huge haystack of deep space. The first ship that detects its opponent wins by vaporizing said opponent with a nuclear warhead. Turning on active sensors is tantamount to suicide. It is like one of the bazooka-packing seekers clicking on a flashlight: all your enemies instantly see and shoot you before you get a good look. You'd best have all your sensors and weapons far from your ship on expendable remote drones.

Well, that turns out not to be the case.

The "bazooka" part is accurate, but not the "hiding" part. If the spacecraft are torchships, their thrust power is several terawatts. This means the exhaust is so intense that it could be detected from Alpha Centauri. By a passive sensor.

The Space Shuttle's much weaker main engines could be detected past the orbit of Pluto. The Space Shuttle's manoeuvering thrusters could be seen as far as the asteroid belt. And even a puny ship using ion drive to thrust at a measly 1/1000 of a g could be spotted at one astronomical unit.
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