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I'm waiting for somebody else to post before I throw my next one in. If it doesn't show up soon, I will just carry on and post anyways.

@Ithradine, I'll let you fit in a post before I continue on. ^.^
Sara stood in the halls of the Shangri La in full tactical gear. When did I get here? Sara looked down each hallway. On one side, she could see her brother-in-law, and her team. The XCOM operatives were there as well. To the other side, Sara could see a dozen of the small gray aliens that she had come to know as sectoids. All was still, even the projectiles flying down the hallway. Sara breathed slowly, her body felt like it was weighted down with sandbags. She began to remove her gear, starting with her gas mask and helmet, then her vest, then her armored padding. It didn't help, she was still slow and heavy.

Sara moved as quickly as she could toward the ERT. Her movements were slow and disrupted nothing, not even the water spewed out by a triggered overhead fire suppression sprinkler. When she was only a few steps away from her team, a door slammed shut. Sara slammed into the wooden door. She looked over her shoulder and saw that there was no more hallway, she was in the room with the aliens. She opened her mouth to scream for help, no noise came. The bright lights from the UFO flashed and blinded her sight momentarily. When her eyes adjusted, there was a tall figure standing in front of her. It was regal, it's crimson robes flowing to the floor and beneath its feet. Sara realized the four armed alien was floating. A long, spindly hand stretched out from the red robe and reached for Sara's face.

Sara swung around, trying to smack the hand away from her. Her own hand passed right through the alien's. She tried to move out of the way, but they were too sluggish, the tall alien simply adjusted. Sara backed against the wall, her breathing heavy, eyes wide. Then the hand took hold of her face.


Sara gasped as she woke up and shot into an upright position. She looked to the noise that had woken her, a glass mug filled with coffee had shattered in the middle of the room. She breathed heavily, sweat drenching her hair and tank top. Her eyes darted from the shattered mug to the table she remembered she had set it down on. There was a five foot gap between the table and the mug. How did it get there?

With a deep breath, Sara slowly began to come down from her panic. She rested her face in her hands and rubbed her eyes. "Just a nightmare..." Sara mumbled to herself.

Sara pulled herself from her bed and stepped barefoot over to the bathroom. She turned toward the sink and noticed that her mirror had been cracked, like somebody had punched it hard. Sara studied the mirror, it wasn't that way when she first arrived in her quarters. Nevertheless, the mirror was broken now, nothing Sara could do would fix that without getting some other staff in for repairs. She turns the sink on and filled her cupped hands with cold water. Sara splashed the water on her face and ran her hands down her cheeks, her eyes staring into the cracked mirror. Each segment of the mirror reflected back a whole copy of Sara's face at different angles.

Sara reached for a towel and ran it through her shoulder length hair. She sighed, "Jesus, Sara... You see dozens of bloody massacres as a cop and you don't get fazed. One encounter with aliens and you lose your mind... Shame on you..." she says in a scolding tone to herself, "Get a grip, girl."

There was a knock on her door. Sara leaned back a bit and looked at the metal, featureless door before calling out, "It's open."

The door slid open with a hydraulic hiss and Hengeveld stepped into the room. He looked around, spotted the shattered much and coffee stain on the floor. "Sara?" he said.

Sara waved her hand from the bathroom door, "In here."

Hengeveld raised a brow and turned his back to the door, "Sorry, I can come back if this isn't a good time."

Sara shrugged and stepped out from the bathroom, the towel resting over her shoulders. "I spent two and a half days in a quarantine cell having to shower in front of at least thirty people. Not much can really bother me right now."

Hengeveld chuckled at that but kept his back turned to her, "Well at least you're optimistic about your situation."

Sara didn't respond to that. She made her way toward her dresser and pulled some cargo pants out. She let out a long sigh as she slipped them on. "Thank you," she finally said.

"For what?" Hengeveld responded.

"For having the decency to not look," Sara responded.

The dutchman shrugged, "I figured it'd be a bad first impression if I looked."

It was Sara's turn to chuckle now, "Right you are, Hengeveld. You're in the clear now."

Hengeveld smirked and turned around to face Sara. She was grabbing something to sweep up the broken glass. Hengeveld watched her in silence for a few seconds before she spoke again, "So what brings you here, Hengeveld?"

The squad leader blinked when he heard her, then finally answered, "Hm? Ah... Yes." He cleared his throat first, "The squad, we usually put money on our pool games. And since you thoroughly kicked our asses, it's only fair that you get the pot."

Sara glanced at him and shrugged, "I didn't buy in. And I was just shooting because nobody else was."

"Regardless, you're an Arctic Wolf now. No members are exempt from pool money." Hengeveld said as he simply set the money down on the table.

Sara glanced at the money for a moment but decided not to try and dispute the squad's rules. She began to sweep the glass onto a tray. Hengeveld watched her do it. "So. What's with the mug?"

Sara shrugged, "Wish I knew. The sound of it smashing on the floor woke me up. Big mystery. My bathroom mirror is messed up pretty bad too."

Hengeveld raised a brow at that and went to go check. "So somebody was in your room then? While you were sleeping? Talk about grade A creepy. You gonna bring it up to the commander?"

Sara finished sweeping the glass up and set the tray aside. "If it happens again. Then yes."

Hengeveld nodded slowly. "Hey... You said you were widowed, right? Who was he?"

"Master Corporal Adam Lancaster. Served a tour of duty in Bosnia as a peacekeeper before transferring to the Patricia's Light Infantry Regiment. He did two tours in Afghanistan from there." Sara said as she leaned back against her kitchenette's counter, her arms crossed.

Hengeveld took that information in, "How did he... Y'know... If you don't mind me asking?"

Sara shrugged, "Officially, it was a roadside bomb. But I'm a cop, and I can tell when there's a fabricated story."

Hengeveld raised a brow at that, "You think there's more to it?"

"Yeah. But I'm afraid to look further into it. It's easier to think he just died in Afghanistan, far simpler that way." Sara looked away from Hengeveld as she said that.

"Yeah, I hear you on that. But nothing is ever that simple, sadly." Hengeveld said, running his hand through his blonde hair.

"Not if you make it complicated." Sara said.

Hengeveld smirked at that, "Good point."

There was a sudden beeping coming from a device on Hengeveld's belt. Then a similar device on Sara's dresser started beeping as well. Hengeveld took the device from his belt and looked at it, the device had one word on its screen.

I'm actually quite impressed you nailed nearly all the nationalities of your squad members. Hengeveld is Dutch by the way. So far loving the personalities you've given them. What do think of your team's insignia? (the picture above their names)

Thank you! You'll be happy to hear then that I was originally going to write Hengeveld as saying 'Stront' instead of 'Shit' when they all realized Sara was there. Stront is Dutch for shit. :P

I like the insignia too!
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Sara was doing sit-ups when Colonel Grenbridge came around. She was wearing a simple black t-shirt and black cargo pants. Sweat dripped from her chin. The colonel tapped on the glass, "Good news, Lancaster. You've been cleared from quarantine. You'll be out in about two hours."

Sara continued her set while she spoke, "Good. I can finally take a shower in private."

Grenbridge looked up at the simple showerhead that stuck out from the corner of the quarantine cell. "If it helps, Sara, everybody in here is a professional."

Sara kept doing her sit-ups, "That doesn't help."

The colonel nodded and looked away for a moment. After a few seconds of silence, the colonel spoke up again. "How have you been sleeping, Sara? Scans have shown abnormal patterns in your brain activity during your REM cycles. Nightmares?" he asked.

Sara stopped at the peak of her sit-up and hugged her knees as she thought on that. She looked forward, her breathing heavy from a long work out. "I'd question anybody who'd come out of what I went through without them..." she said.

In truth, Sara's dreams had been extremely vivid and on repeat. It'd start at Shangri La, the entire mission a play by play of what actually happened. But around every corner, she'd see the tall, regal figure standing in place and staring at her. It'd also be unmoving, disregarding the gunfire and plasma bolts all around it. Then, when the UFO was pulling her in, the creature's long arm would reach from the light and pull her in. She'd wake up drenched in sweat every time. She had tried to sleep six times in her two and a half day quarantine, each time yielded the same result.

Grenbridge tapped on the glass, "You know, Sara. If you just answered the psychologist's question, it might help you sleep. What are you dreaming about?"

Sara stood up and took a towel from her cot. She run it over her head, "I told you already. My abduction on repeat, over and over and over again. I'll get over it, alright? It's still just fresh, after all."

Grenbridge sighed and nodded, "Alright, forget I asked. Look, I'll see if I can get you out of that cell sooner. I'm sure you'd like to meet your team. I didn't tell 'em your name, figured you'd want to introduce yourself personally."

Sara nodded to him and went back to cleaning herself up after the workout session. She gave certain onlookers a steely glare, a reminder that she'd be out very soon and she'd like some privacy. It would appear she got the message across.
1 hour later...

Sara stepped into the base's bar and looked around. She was already settled into her personal quarters, and she was told her new squad often enjoyed their spare time over a few rounds of billiards. Sure enough, there was a gaggle of men and a single woman standing around the pool table. They were laughing, having drinks, and generally just letting loose. One man was leaning forward, lining up his shot on the pool table. He stroked the cue and missed his shot. With a collection of laughs and taunts, the blonde man straightened out and chuckled, "I'm horrible at this game, man! I don't even know why I keep saying yes to these get togethers."

The woman, Japanese by the looks of it, laughed and leaned on the blonde's shoulder. "Face it. You come so you get to see me bending over a table." she said before sticking her tongue out at him. That elicited a few cat calls and laughs from the others.

The blonde man chuckled a bit before retorting, "Yeah but I'm attracted to a good personality. And unfortunately for you, Katsumi, your attitude is as ugly as your shooting."

The Japanese woman gave him the middle finger while the rest of the squad hollered and hooted at that burn. Despite that, there wasn't any sense of tension between them. The team was clearly cohesive and bonded. Sara made her way to the counter first, she didn't want to interrupt their game and display of camaraderie just yet. She ordered a drink from the bartender and waited there as she watched the game of billiards continue. Another man took the cue and leaned down for his shot. "Let me show you how we play pool in Russia!" his accent was thick.

He stroked, miss. The big man pulled a confused look while the rest of the team laughed. He ran a hand over her mohawk, "You don't understand! This table must be tilted." The Russian nodded, clearly convinced with his own excuse.

The blonde man spoke up again, "You know, Valentin, that crash and burn attitude might impress our new recruit whenever she comes out of quarantine."

Sara froze upon hearing that comment. Crash and burn? She eyed her drink long and hard before taking the rest back. The bartender rose a brow at that. He quickly refilled it. The Russian responded to the blonde man, "Shut your trap, Hengeveld."

The blonde grinned, "Are you ordering your team leader?"

Valentin threw some cue chalk at him, everybody laughed. One of the other men spoke up, he had a British accent. "I heard some stuff from the science guys over in quarantine about our FNG. Apparently she's got a rockin' body. I can't help but think we're being awarded a warrior angel who fell from the sky. Y'know, to make this ass end of nowhere base a bit easier on the eyes."

Sara stared at the back of the man's head. That's when the Japanese woman looked past him and straight at Sara. The rest of the team, save the British man followed Katsumi's gaze. The British man leaned over the table and shot, he also missed. Hengeveld planted his face firmly in his palm, "Shit, Lewis..." he sighed.

The British man pointed to Valentin, "Y'know I think he's onto something. This table might actually be tilted."

Katsumi cuffed him upside the back of his head. "Baka! Not the table..." she snapped at him before pointing to Sara, she was still looking at Lewis.

Lewis cleared his throat and placed his hands on the edge of the table, "She's behind me, isn't she?"

Sara took a breath, then the new glass of liquor. The whole squad, except for Lewis, watched in silence as she drank half. Sara made sure to set her drink down with an audible noise, glass meeting polished wood. She could see Lewis wince from that sound. Sara quietly cleared her throat before standing from the stool and making her way to the pool table quietly. Lewis continued to look forward. She studied the pool balls on the table and then glanced to the others, "Who's shot is it?" Sara asked, finally breaking the spell of silence that overtook the bar.

Lewis let out a long breath of relief. Hengeveld took the cue stick from him and handed it to Sara. "Nothing has gone down yet, so fly at it."

She took the cue stick and rounded the table, taking up a position next to Lewis. Leaning over the table, she gave a glance back at Lewis, "You're not out of the fire yet," she said before taking her shot. She sunk the ball.

With that first shot, the rest of the team began to talk like normal again. Most of them were directing their questions to Sara. Katsumi's came first, "Where'd you serve?"

Then Hengeveld, "How long in the military?"

Valentin, "Regiment and rank?"

Lewis came after the Russian, "You single?"

Then the Greek man Sara would later learn to be Kostas, "You still gonna hurt Lewis?"

Sara rounded the table again and answered the questions in the order they were asked. "Vancouver, Canada." Sara shot, sunk.

"No time spent in the military." She sunk another ball.

"Canadian Emergency Response Team, Corporal." Another shot, sunk.

"Widowed," she answered Lewis and put down the next ball.

"Eventually," was her final answer to Kostas as yet another ball rolled into a pocket.

The team pieced it all together. Katsumi spoke first, "Great, our FNG is a cop. Should we give her the arc thrower so she can arrest resisting aliens?"

Sara sunk another ball and looked to Katsumi as she rounded the table again. She looked to Hengeveld for a moment before leaning down again and saying, "Well the aliens definitely aren't getting stunned by your looks."

Hengeveld burst out in laughter, followed by Lewis, then the rest of the team. Valentin patted his hand on her back and spoke in his thick accent, "I like this woman! She's quick learner!"

Lewis raised his bottle of beer, "Well I for one welcome Crash to our band of warriors!"

Sara raised a brow and took another shot. Success. "Crash?" she asked.

Lewis nodded, "Well you did come down from the sky in a flaming UFO. It's a fitting nickname. Besides, we still don't even know your actual name."

Sara lined up her last shot and sunk it like the rest. "Sara Lancaster."

It took the rest of the team a moment to respond. Lewis cleared his throat and walked over to Sara, putting his arm around her shoulders, "Welcome to the Arctic Wolves, Sara."

The rest of the wolves raised their beer bottles and cheered for her. Sara nodded to them all, "Thanks. I'm gonna go get some rest in a real bed. See you around." She handed Lewis the pool cue and made her way out of bar.

When the door closed behind her, the squad stood in silence. Kostas stepped next to Hengeveld, "Should we tell her?"

Hengeveld turned his gaze to the memorial wall and shook his head, "Give it some time. She's been through enough these past couple days."

"Holy shit." Lewis suddenly said. Hengeveld looked to the British man as he went on, "The bloody table is cleared! Do we really suck that much at pool, or is she just that fuckin' good?"
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