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23 Apr 2017 21:01
Current I finally saw Rogue One last night. I really liked it. It was the perfect movie to be made between 3 and 4.
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23 Apr 2017 15:40
Ew! Sorry to hear that Anime Freak. Feel better.
22 Apr 2017 0:50
My favorite pen ran out of ink! WHYYYYY MEEEE!!!!
19 Apr 2017 3:09
The only stupid question is the one not asked. :)
19 Apr 2017 2:07
"Oh YAY the spam bots are back!" Heavy on the sarcasm



I've been roleplaying since 2008. I've always been an avid reader. I love to write in many genres but romance and adventure are my favorites. I can play either male or female and I usually play at least one of each in most of my rp's. I like to play OC's because trying to live up to someone else's interpretation of a character is strenuous. I don't do anime as I have very little history with them.

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Okay, I'm unsure of how they will interact with each other. At this point they barely know each other.
Sorry I took so long I got distracted with Kili and Tauriel and Thranduil videos from the battle of five armies.


Do you work during the day or is it school? I'm home all day so I can write anytime. Just say when. :)

Oh and if you ever want to collaborate on a post I'm cool with it too.

Irime Greenleaf

Irime nodded at Ithithara's orders. She looked at the scouts. They were younger than herself and Kreneas were. She knew they had been trained to fight. That happened from the moment you could walk as an elf. She just wondered at their battle worthiness. There was a difference between fighting for a win versus fighting for you and your partner's lives.

Irime went to her tent which was across from Kreneas'. She hurried to grab extra arrows. As she walked over to her horse she saw the scouts look at each other more than slightly worried about this excursion. Irime walked over to Luthien and helped him to gather his weapons. Irime showed him how to put them on and make the most of his clothing. Finrod came over to Luthien and he seemed much more put together and prepared than his cousin.

Irime strode over to her horse and mounted up. She looked around to see where Kreneas was and she waited for him to get to his horse. Kreneas was very good in battle she had noticed.

"Irime!" Her ears recognized her Grandfather's voice. Looking up she saw him and smiled reassuringly. Thranduil walked towards her with purpose and he went to her and gave her a dagger to add to her belt. "As a last resort that you might find yourself in need. Come back to us safe and whole."

Irime nodded. "Thank you Grandfather. I shall do my best to."

I would sort them by species first then go from there.

Elves: Elders

Humans: King

Orcs: General
largest by size
all others

kinda like that and give details as to who they are.

Ok I'm watching a movie. I'll reply when it goes off at 9:30.
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