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Alright, upon consulting with Khan I decided to also participate in this game.
My exarch will be known as Obould Many-Shot and he'd lead a band of Uruk nomadic warriors from the Shattered West.
He'd be in the employ of the Archon of War. So @Goldeagle1221 you'll finally get your desire to interact with them. Even if in a different NRP.
Hmm, so it's 1500 now, huh?
well, I suppose that makes for a nice round number. Speaking of which, what would be the seasons in Albion be like? Four seasons and preferably Northern Hemisphere style?
@Willy Vereb

"And with the king beheaded, England entered a most unusual phase in which it was called the Commonwealth. It was effectively a republic! Of course, all this ended a few uears later when the Puritans stormed into Parliament with a monarchyand banished any pretences of democracy. Then we entered a period called the Protectorate!

Oliver Cromwell was Lord Protector (that means dictator) because the Puritan army backed him, and all was stable and well until the Puritans banned Christmas and closed all of England's theatres. Then the people got upset."

<Snipped quote by Willy Vereb>

Sometimes dictatorships work.

It's peaceful now but just wait untill someone else tries to 'free' your people and 'fix' your nation.
Stable dictatorships aren't stratocracies or anything similar. They are just enforced political parties with an army backing them.
> Insert Austrian proverb about the bayonet here...

To be fair though just as my "poor" navy this can be spun into something more sensible with ease. For example like an extreme version of Sparta and have the military rule as well as a relatively recent government united by a warlord. I just love how the two rolls strictly contradict each other. Please don't spoil my fun.

Government Type:
5. Your nation is ruled by the sword, and the cogs of its "political system" are oiled with blood. Though they might put it more eloquently in order to conjure an image of legitimacy, your nation is quite frankly ruled by whatever warlord(s) are currently at the top of the food chain. This chaotic military dictatorship has the potential to perhaps transform into something more like a monarchy, but for now birthright means nothing and the man with the most soldiers at his back is always the man that lays out the law.
Political Stability:
5. You enjoy the benefit of having a serene and peaceful nation. There's barely any crime and you don't have a rebellion brewing, so rejoice!
Gdi Cyclone, there must be always something in the rolls that trip things up.

The chaotic tribal military dictatorship ruled in complete peace and stability...
This is better than my grand professional army fed by a levy system.

To be fair Albion is supposed to be the smallest continent. And to kind of the British isles to the Commonwealth side of the world.
There will indeed be a larger world map which should improve the sense of scale, so ill hold off major edits till i do that.
The other two continents are indeed larger, with Albion being relatively small.
The map is honestly supposed to feature only the larger things on it. I'd imagine there are indeed way more islands or smaller rivers and mountains in the world. But are far too small to be drawn of the world map. I guess the art style does make it seem like they should still be there (as it is a realism style, as opposed to a old hand drawn map style where this would be obvious).
Mountains Irl can also be rather large irl, i think the issue here is that this continent is indeed small, but the sense of scale is almost non exzistent as i haven't mapped the rest of the world.
I will indeed keep trying to improve this map till the RP launches, and even afterwards albeit with much less major changes.

I do indeed also have a blank slate map which will have it's own degree of use.
Thanks for the advice mate.
Hm, if the Commonwealth is larger than us then how in the blue hell we aren't conquered yet?
They are more advanced, they are bigger and they are in the colonizing biz earlier than us.
Heck, why they haven't colonized the New World yet?
If we're so inferior then we don't really have a place in this whole imperialism idea aside from playing second fiddle and hoping we earn a few crumpets from the bread of the Great Commonwealth.
Combined we're the equivalent of Japan at best and more likely something even less.

At least if our continent is bigger than the Commonwealth with combined military might enough to challenge them we can reason away why the Commonwealth don't literally own the entire world yet.
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