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Just so you know Gold I probably won't be joining this, mostly because 16th century and up is not really my jam. Maybe if it was steam/clockwork, but ya. Just so you're not waiting for me or anything.
Hey, I am playing as Knights Templar/Teutons in the Napolenic times. I am pretty sure there'd be even place for Mongol Hordes if you want.

Might as well post my claim. I said it in words prior but it's better this way:
Ah, so it isn't taking place in AU Europe?
Oh well, this way it'd be easier to make nations and plots from scratch instead of immersing in the actual history.
I can say this could have benefits.
Anyways, are all lands neighboring the Color are taken?
<Snipped quote by Willy Vereb>

I technically not the GM, but hey I'm pretty darn close ;) . The only issues I might have with any of this would be if the longevity was ridiculously long (so give me a ballpark).
Yeah, I was a bit worn down yesterday so I just forgot that.
So @Darkspleen, I know we used to talk about this but just to affirm.
+ They're sleek, slim and agile
+ They have superior senses to humans, especially sight and coordination/balance
+ They are gifted in magic and all elves have at least a minor potential to use it
+ They are more attuned to the nature, gifted with longevity and resistance to diseases and some poisons
+ They have considerable focus on air cavalry and conduct some of their travels/trade by air
? Omnivores that can eat both plants and flesh (albeit there are certain human foods they can't eat)
- Frail and at average physically weaker than humans
- They are more sensitive to noises and odors (ie.: smells that humans barely feel are already repugnant to elves)
- Elves are less fertile, pregnancy is riskier and longer and overall their children grow up slower
- There are specific poisons that work on elves and nobody else
- Longevity means elves have a much stronger attachment to life and survival (might occasionally seen cowards)
- Generational shifts happen in only every few hundred years thus elves are somewhat stagnant and conservative in comparison
- When growing elderly elves assume tree-like features and once they die of old age they turn into trees
- Elves understandably have a different view on lumberjacks than anyone else...
- Elves are weak to cold forged iron, it burns their skin, makes wounds heal slower and noises made by cold iron bells can be disarmingly painful

As for how long elves live? I thought the average would be 200-300 years with the maximum around 500 years if not occasionally more. The point is that entire nations can rise and fall under the reign of just one queen in Yllendthyr. They also have fairly decent records on history as for them even thousands of years is like a hundred for humans.
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