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10 Aug 2016 23:07
I'll be away on a trip for a few days so my activity will be low
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I'll be on vacation for a few days so my activity will be low


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@DarkspleenSemi-finished with my NS. How does it look?

Is there still room to join? If so I'd like to claim what's left of the west (southwest) part of the map (with the 2 islands)

I'll get to work on the CS as soon as I hear any confirmation. IF I'm still on time.
I'm the big island below you (sans the scorched area) so we'll be neighbors.^^

Anyways, if I participate I think I'll going to use elves.
12-13th century tech is strongly enforced even in terms of metallurgy? I mean knights in shining armor are commonish trope and fantasy metallurgy (dwarves, magical/legendary smiths, etc) should aid a lot in discovering these.
Not like my elves would wear heavy armor, mind you. Just curious.
I never understood how guns and fantasy are anathemas to each other. Seriously, not even D&D does that nowadays.
Especially in a high fantasy where "guns are worthless" could be a legit trope. Well, unless they are magic guns of course.
In From Sleep Awake 17 Jan 2017 7:02 Forum: Nation Roleplay
Not much progress compared to what I made in the Interest Thread but you can already see glimpses into the face of Sazaghony.
I hope I am not presumptuous that I equalize Solaris religion with Christianity here.
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