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Current A lone warrior surviving hundreds of battles, when it comes to losing, I'm the strongest.
19 Apr 2017 12:17
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17 Apr 2017 9:51
Another character? Or anoth- shit.
10 Apr 2017 10:09
30 Mar 2017 1:42


Bio means life.

Boi means here come dat boiii. (o shit waddup!)

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I WANNA FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the damn backstory always kills me.
juss wait. plz.

Fasuto stayed silent anyway, having no reason to talk. He was genuinely confused and have shot a few glances at Fasuto, who shrugged in a spider way. He gripped his daggers and readied himself to throw it, if necessary.
whay r thier so mani sunz?

i'm hi.


im consufed.

bring the dark.

Day/Time: Day 2, Morning
Location: Mario's Funeral
Tag(s):@Guardian Angel Haruki @Holy Soldier @Lmpkio @Lugubrious @Bright_Ops @DracoLunaris @Zarkun @Nerevarine

Bartz started looked around for any possible eavesdroppers or a goblin or a moogle or spiderman hanging upside down or johnny with the axe or someone nearby that can hear them and totally make a ruckus or something he doesn't want to happen now that he don't really know ho Mario is. 'Whatever, won't get any answers by stalling and waiting something to happen anyway.'. He snuck a glance at Boko, who gave him a confused look that can also be compared that the big yellow bird looked surprised, it squawked at Bartz for attention, and Bartz flinched at Boko's afflicted noise like it was a shotgun blast outta nowhere, making the tall man a bit mortified. Bartz raised his hand and gave the bird a shushing finger, then glared at the yellow bird, which glared back playfully, rolling his eyes he looked back at Frisk, then smiled at the kid. Bartz' forehead started sweating.

" As I was saying, I wanted to ask you for uh, ... Who's Mario?" His voice was barely above a whisper for the last part. Bartz expectedly waited for the kid to answer in a big 'WHAT?'. He quickly left and right then looked back at Frisk. Before the kid even say anything Bartz leaned back on his chair in panic and anxiousness. His face was frozen in a sheepish smile with a few nervous chuckles and his brown eyes started travelling practically everywhere."N-Not that I don't know him, or a-anything. It was just because I heard of him and he was cool with a hammer and all and I am at his funeral doesn't mean I just wanna sit around because I'm tired of walking and I can't find a chair or something to sit around to and I found these chairs and I got curious-" Bartz stopped his rant when he realized he was giving much of his weight on one side of the chair, making it tilt and crash to ground with Bartz still on it.

With a loud thud, Bartz have toppled the whole chair over, and Bartz was down there petrified, his eyes wide in mortification and he expected to be yelled at and be pierced with cold glares. Bartz shuddered, placing his palm on the ground and pushing himself up in a very quick motion, his face tells he was very nervous by now and he quickly lifted the chair and placed it on the ground and sat on it, staring at the crowd. " Gotta show off a little, right?" Bartz muttered, grinning sarcastically. "I really overdid it.." He muttered to himself once more. As he was constantly glancing at the crowd, his eyes suddenly trained on Frisk and remembered he asked something and have done something very disrespecting. " Uh, sorry about that, it was kinda windy today. He lied and he knows it was obvious, he still gave Frisk a big smile.
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